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Any suggestions on how I can support myself while sailing internationally?

I am ready to untie the dock lines and sail into the sunset! From Canada to the Caribbean then the Med! How can I earn a living?? My boat is pretty self sufficient, I only need about a $1000 a month living expenses. (I have a boat maintenance/repair emergency fund) I'll rent my house out but that will only pay for mortage and upkeep. Other then that I'm debt free! I could stick around for a couple of more years, but I want to take my doggy with me. If I wait that long, he might be getting too old to make the trip. BTW I am told there's no work for teaching english as a second language where I'm going & I refuse to charter. internet pyramid marketing scams or surveys! I've been desperate enough to research them all! . But I am open minded about legit online business. Unfortunately there would be times that I will be away from the net for 3 to 4. I have been pounding my head against a wall for 3 years looking for answers!! SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!

Build up a buzz abut the journey - discover something/follow some route etc - anything to have a newsworth purpose to your journey. My suggestion is sponsorship. Ellen Macarthur got around the world with it and got a knighthood (called dame for females)

Also arrange with local radios, magazines etc to make reports etc. Follow the exploits of "Around Ireland With a Fridge" and "500 Mile Walkies" for the kind of ideas.

Just make it an event instead of a bum around the Caribbean.

Also could you get your expenses down a bit - they still seem a bit high!

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