caribbean resorts for sale

caribbean resorts for sale

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5 star luxury caribbean resorts

5 star luxury caribbean resorts

A colourful pastiche of culture, fun, frolic and natural splendour, Goa is the land of gleeful carnivals, masqueraded bashes, verdant hills and gorgeous sun-kissed beaches. Incurring the highlights of the state, Goa hotels create a refreshing ambiance filled with serenity and serendipity. Staying at luxury class hotels are always a treat for they pamper their guests with a horde of arrangements taking care of all their requirements. Well fashioned and updated to latest technology, five star hotels in Goa are name for class, charming elegance and sophistication. The five star resorts located on the beach-front however, brings the best of Goan spirit to one's doorsteps. Wake up to sounds of surf crashing on the shores and the silvery sands embroidering the azure waters of Arabian Sea as you book five star beach hotels in Goa. From the view to the interiors, services and ambiance everything is top-notch.

Bogmallo Beach Resort

Tourists booking for the hotel can look forward to submerge in an ambiance of beauty and serenity. The surrounding mysterious little islands, shipwrecks in the silt and ceaseless expanse of the sea create the magic which is further enhanced with the silver lining of the sandy beaches at the end of the cove. The hotel nestled right next to the ocean is also known for its refined sophistication and gamut of dining, wining and recreation amenities for a leisurely stay.

Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort

For your personal cottage by the sea head to this resort where you can stare at the horizon for hours and indulge in the tranquilizing effect of the beach. Imparting various aspects of Goan architectural style, the design of the hotel exudes a vintage charm. Like most five star hotels in Goa, Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort is also replete with luxurious comforts, exquisite décor and offers excellent services.

Majorda Beach Resort

The grandeur of Majorda Beach Resort is only enhanced further with its lush manicured landscapes and the ideal location by the sprawling stretches of balmy white sands. Choosing from a choice of 120 plush rooms one can enjoy access to ultimate luxury and tranquillity. From private balcony one can feast their eyes on the breathtaking views of the ocean and the lush greenery that surrounds them. The hotel caters to A-list clientele and showers them with all the creature comforts starting from updated in-room amenities including International Direct Dialling, mini bar, Wi-Fi access and other recreation, fitness and business amenities.

Fort Aguada Beach Resort

Built on the ramparts of 16th century Portuguese fort, Fort Aguada Beach Resort is a part of a magnificent fortress complex overlooking Arabian Sea. Its grandeur and splendid is unmatchable and the hotel treats its guests with a range of spacious villas, exotic tropical beaches, nine restaurants producing delectable delicacies, Jiva Spa offering rejuvenating therapies and more.

These beachside beauties are incredible oasis of comfort and elegance. Their timeless sophistication blended perfectly with a contemporary flair and a classic dynamism adds a distinct character to them rarely found elsewhere in the world. These hotels in Goa assimilate the latest trends and fashions new and innovative ways of hospitality leaving the guests with a refreshing expression of Goan holidays.

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Iberostar Riviera Maya Resort - 5 Star Eco-Luxury

caribbean resorts family

caribbean resorts family

There are many all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages that are available to tourists worldwide. The typical cost of an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation can range between $700 and $1000 per person for a four-day trip. There are many options that are offered by travel agents and you should browse your options thoroughly before making a decision.

All inclusive Caribbean vacation packages

Travel agents often perform many promotional activities in order to further their business, especially during holiday season when competition is highest, and it is this time that you can find the best deals for all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages. Since these packages are typically announced close to the holiday and fall seasons you really need to be careful with your planning so that you can get your tickets booked and everything mapped out in order to cover as many places as you can visit in the short duration of your all inclusive Caribbean vacation package.

Depending on the type of package that you opt for, there will be different kinds of concessions and facilities offered to you. For example, some packages might include sailing, kayaking, and tennis at the place where you stay. Some other packages would go a different way and offer more options for kids. Yet others would offer casinos, spas, health clubs, temporary golf memberships, and so on. And there are always the extra offers at an additional cost that might include water-sports, fitness centers, piano bars, and so forth. It should be clear that the greater the options provided within and all inclusive Caribbean vacation package, the higher will be its cost.

Fine Print

Most people just look at the broad details of all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages but that is a very bad idea, you should look at everything in detail, especially the fine print (or items that are followed by a *), because these are the hidden costs that no one will tell you about until you get the bill. You are going on a vacation for a pleasant time, so do not let something as silly as a hidden cost spoil your fun. Most packages will include the air fare and accommodation costs but you should read to be sure whether the meals are included or not and how much, if anything, you will have to pay for the local activities once you are on vacation.

Resort choices

Do not select an all inclusive Caribbean vacation package solely on the merit of cost and features. Check out all the facilities that will be available at the resort you will be staying and whether it measures up to your requirements. Different people have different needs. Some need fitness centers, beauty shops, sports activities. Families with children have different kinds of requirements so you should be sure that you will be comfortable where you are going.

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What are some great family resorts in the Caribbean area?

I f you could give me a link that would be great THANKS!

There are so many that cater to families
Club Med Punta Cana
Franklyn D. Resort, Jamaica- with your own nanny
Beaches Turks & Caicos
Beaches Negril
Starfish Resort, Jamaica
Breezes Curacao
Sunset Beach Resort, Jamaica - with waterpark
Coconut Bay Resort, St. Lucia
RIU Hotels in Mexico


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caribbean islands resorts

caribbean islands resorts

Are you planning a Caribbean holiday? So, what do you expect to see once you are there? What do you want to do? In other words, what is your dream Caribbean escape?

As the expanse of the region is really wide, with over 7,000 islands to go for, it is surely not an easy task to make a decision as to which island to pick. Then again, the best thing about Caribbean is that, it got something for everybody. Whether you are into water sports, partying, etc., there is the perfect island for you. So, before you pack your things and head on to the region, here are a few tips for choosing the right and best Caribbean Island for your holiday:

1. For couples' retreat

If you are going there with your lover, /Bermuda is the best island to opt for. It got stylish resorts, excellent pubs and restaurants, and nice amenities.

Jamaica is also worthy to be considered if you want an all-inclusive resorts that specifically cater to couples. Another paradise for couples is the Sta. Lucia where the cliff side hotels and resorts are really spectacular as its surroundings.

2. Solo flight

If you are flying in to the Caribbean all by yourself, choose Bermuda where you can safely enjoy your vacation. Transportation is also not setback because it is organized and accommodates lone travelers. Then again, you might not fully enjoy the nightlife here if you are alone.

Grand Cayman and Curacao are another two destinations that are ideal for single vacationers, especially women as these islands are reputed to be among the safest tourist spots.

3. Touring with the family

When travelling with your family in tow, there is no place like the Bahamas. Both the Lucaya and Atlantis on Paradise Island are the most all-inclusive resorts in the area so they are ideal for families.

Aruba is also a family friendly island that has a lot of fun activities to offer which are apart from the usual lazing around the shorelines or resorts. There are activities that are suitable for every member of the family even for kids so the vacation will surely be a memorable one.

4. For beach lovers

Go for Barbados as it is famous for long stretches of sandy coastline and it where you can find some of the most luxurious resorts for families such as the Sandy Lane. And if your family wants to try out the different water sports and mild surfing, then the Palm Beach in Aruba is best choice.

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which is the best caribbean island to go to during February ?

i want to know which one of the islands.. and resorts would be the best for February break which one is the hottest and i would get the most tan!(: any suggestions ?

Well must people come to ST Barth that is if you can afford it, but if you are on a budget
I say go to St Maarten and Island hope
From ST Maarten you can get the ferry (Navegante) to ST BARTH the same ferry go to ST Kitts
you can also go to Anguilla , Saba
Those Islands are minute from each other
and since ST Maarten will have beautiful beaches and also you will able to visit other Islands beaches I recommend that you visit STM

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Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort by CheapCaribbean

caribbean resort chains

caribbean resort chains

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where should we go in the Caribbean?

my family and i are planning another vacation.
we go on one every year.
the last 4 year we went on cruises.
so this year we decided to take a vacation to a resort.
we have been to a lot of places.

we are thinking about going to Jamaica or the Mayan Rivera.
what are some good resorts in those places?
we travel every February.
what are some good resorts that you have been to?
(one with a good beach and clean rooms is what we are looking for really.)

i totally understand that the resorts will not be the cleanest, but as long as they are not horrible.

so any good resorts or hotel chains you know of?

thanks in advance!!
we have already been to St. Maarten.

Stop making you're life more complicated than it probably is, I'm here to make it easy as its ever been. Two words: PUERTO RICO. We have from Ritz Carlton, to Marriott, Hilton Hotels, the Conquistador Hotel, Holiday Inn's, Howard Johnson's and the most spectacular that is hotel W in Vieques. No need to thank me, just remember this: Puerto Rico does it better!

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caribbean resort wdw

caribbean resort wdw

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Qustions about Walt Disney World moderate resort?

Planning a trip to WDW sept 29-oct4 bookin 2 rooms not sure where. Stayed at Caribean beach for honeymoon march 2010. We were only there 3 nights so we didn't get to see much we also had a car so we didn't really walk around. It was really nice though. I don't know if I should stay some where else this time. How are the other moderate resorts? Debating betweem port orleans riverside or coronado springs which is better? Why is it better? How were your experience? Are the pools at the other moderate resorts better than caribbean beach? Which resort has better food? We never ate at thr sit down at caribbean only breakfast at the quick service before the parks. It was ok.
They say coronado is like a deluxe because of extras like spa and room service does that just meen more money? Which resort has a better water view? Which building/room has best view? We have no young kids but what resort has the most disney "magic"
Thank you in advance

My fiance and I stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter last year and absolutely loved it! It's a moderate resort. I would definitely choose French Quarter over Riverside and here is why...

FQ is much smaller than Riverside so wherever you stay on the resort, you never have a far walk to the entrance. Riverside is very big, so you may be walking very far to the lobby depending on where your room is.

The buses stop at FQ first, so you always get a seat. There are 4 stops for Riverside and only one for FQ. If you are one of the last stops at Riverside, you WILL be standing. The buses also drop off at FQ first.

I just loved the whole feel of the French Quarter. The whole New Orleans feel with that amazing Disney feel was a great romantic combo. The grounds were beautiful. We requested a room with a river view and got it. There were definitely less families with kids. The jacuzzi was in a little private section separate from the pool and was open all night. The pool was nice and a good size.

Check out this website for pics of all the Disney hotels, as well as reviews.

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caribbean resort walt disney world

caribbean resort walt disney world

Florida - A Bright Career in "The Sunshine State"

Florida, the state people love to go on vacation to because of its beautiful weather year-round and world-renowned tourist destinations. Over a thousand miles of serene beaches and tropical weather draw people from all over the world to Florida. It is no mystery why over a thousand people a day are relocating to Florida.

Living in Florida

The cost of living in Florida is slightly higher than the US, ranking 32nd in out of the 50 states according to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index for Q1 in 2009. However, home prices are currently very affordable, averaging in at a not-so-steep $141,300 in March 2009, according to the National Association of Realtors. The taxes for residents are also lower in Florida than in most other states, making it a desirable choice for relocation.

Jacksonville is the biggest metropolis in the state with over 850,000 residents according to the Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Florida (2007). Miami is the second largest city - known for its beautiful glamorous beaches, the nightlife and great places to dine on fresh seafood, Miami offers a huge variety of business possibilities for entrepreneurs. Other large metropolitan areas in Florida include Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee all of which offer their own unique flavor of fun Florida living.

The overall climate in Florida is tropical. The scenery is very beautiful with miles of sparkling beaches and plenty of sunshine. The summers are pleasantly warm and the winters are mild. Overall, the weather is fantastic which is why so many older retirees decide on relocating to Florida to spend their golden years in "The Sunshine State".

Where to Find a Job in Florida

Find a Job in Florida Using Job Search Sites

The Internet is a powerful tool to help you land your dream job in Florida, but first you need to know where to look. There are hundreds of job search sites on the web to help you find job opportunities, learn about potential employers and meet local professionals in you career field. The list below provides some of the best local job search sites and national job boards and will make a great place to start your Florida job search.

o Florida Job Listings.

o Florida Jobs

o SimplyHired:

Where to Find Tourism Jobs in Florida

With more than 60 million people visiting Florida each year, it is needless to say that tourism is the number one industry in the state, which currently generates the fourth highest revenue in the entire United States. Orlando, the home of the 'Disney World' is a fun filled destination with a variety amusement and water parks and other family activities. The largest vacation resort on the globe, the Walt Disney World resort has provided job opportunities to thousands of people who relocate to Florida.

Thus if you are looking for a job in tourism and hospitality industry, Florida is an excellent choice for relocating, as it will bring in a host of great career options. Most of the top names in hospitality have a presence in Florida to get a share of the huge tourism business that the state generates. Tourism accounted for 110,180 of the nearly 370,000 employees among 2008's top Florida employers, and remains by far the largest sector in the state. The largest of these tourism employers - Walt Disney World - supplies over 60,000 jobs. If you are relocating to Florida and interested in a job in the tourism and hospitality industry you should visit:

o The Walt Disney Company:

o Intercontinental Hotel Group:

o Marriot:

o Mandarin Oriental:

o Royal Caribbean:

o Carnival Cruise Lines:

Where to Find Florida Farming Jobs

Agriculture is the second largest source of revenue for Florida. The industry has undergone some struggles in the last few years due to natural events like hurricanes and drought, but is now on the fast track to recovery and agriculturist Floridians are looking forward to a formidable stretch in the upcoming years. The top age segments are horticulture, forestry and fruit and vegetable farming. Recently the state was granted $850,000 by the government to enhance the competitiveness of the specialty crop industry according to The Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services. So, if you are an agricultural professional you may consider relocating to Florida for a prosperous career.

o Quincy Farms:

o Florida's Natural:

Where to Find Aerospace Jobs in FL

The southern tip of the state has become home to NASA's Kennedy Space Station. Since the time NASA has established itself here, aerospace is another area that has flourished attracting scientists and other high-tech professionals from around the globe. The warm tropical climate is most favorable for aerospace activities.


Best of luck to you in your Florida job search! It is truly a great place to relocate to! I can attest!

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Which is the best resort to Stay at Walt Disney World in Florida? Any Suggestions/Bad Experiences?

Moderate Priced Resorts:
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter
Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

I usually stay at Disney's Polynesian Resort which is a Deluxe Resort, but I've stayed at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside once, back in 1997 when it was known as the Dixie Landings Resort. It was nothing like Disney's Polynesian Resort, but it was alright. The Resort is nice. I really liked the pool - it was big, never crowded, and lots of fun. I also enjoyed having a cinnamon roll for breakfast every morning at the Riverside Mill Food Court. We'd always sit next to a window by the big water wheel. I liked the gift shop at the Resort, too. I didn't like the rooms, though. They were small and ugly, but they've obviously been refurbished since the Resort's name change. The only other thing I didn't like was all the walking. There were so many different walkways around the different buildings of the Resort - I was always getting confused about where we were and it would take a while to get back to our room.

If I had the choice between any of the Moderate Resorts I'd either stay at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside again, or I'd try out Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. The Resort looks really gorgeous, the room's look pretty, and the pool looks like a lot of fun. The plus about staying at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside is that you can use the pool over at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter, too (but Guests at the French Quarter may also use the pool at the Riverside), and there's also transportation to Downtown Disney via water launch. You don't have to settle for only shuttle transportation. The Resort even offers evening carriage rides along the Sassagoula River.

Hope I could help! Have fun!

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This Day In History Of The Walt Disney World Resort December 20th & 21st

private caribbean island resorts

private caribbean island resorts

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If you were filthy rich what would you do?

Here is my list:
Cars- Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCX
A private Fiji, New Guinea or Caribbean island with golf resort,amusement park private Condo (I would make an extra 30 for my family members,friends celebrities)
A Burger Boat yacht
A private Boeing jet and helicopter
Buy a soccer team like Valencia F.C
Buy Playboy
Start a Giving the Poor campaign
Buy my own spaceship
Marry my childhood sweetheart
and buy my parents whatever they want.
What would you buy IF you were filthy rich

give it all away... money is evil!!

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all inclusive luxury caribbean holidays

all inclusive luxury caribbean holidays

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all inclusive caribbean resorts reviews

all inclusive caribbean resorts reviews

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Caribbean In September? Need advise on resorts and weather.....?

I am getting married in September and would love to go to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. My fiancé and I have never been to an island (except the ones in Georgia, St. Simon's, etc...) I know September is hurricane season but I am determined to find a nice place to go and hopefully luck up and miss any bad weather. Has anyone ever been in Sept and can tell me about their stay?

I'm looking for an all inclusive resort, swim up pool bar, relaxing ( not crowded) beautiful crystal beaches where someone will serve you drinks and fun nightlife. Also trying to stay away from the outdated, smelly places.

btw, I've looked at Aruba as that is supposed to be a safer bet as far as hurricanes but the reviews on the resorts were not that great.

Someone please tell me there's HOPE!!

Thanks a million!!!

My advice would be Aruba its out of the Huriccane area and has consistent good weather.

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Riviera Maya Iberostar all inclusive resort