caribbean sailing vacations

caribbean sailing vacations

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Will my Cruise room have TV? Will the ship have internet?

I am going on my first ever cruise. I am sailing with Royal Caribbean, on the monarch of the seas. I couldn't seem to find any info on tv's or internet. That is fine with me, the whole point of the vacation is to get away from that stuff. But I am just curious if the ship does have this. Like maybe they have satellite tv or wireless internet or something...

Like, I said. I don't need it. But I am just curious. I like to fall asleep with a tv. lol

Please answer, I always vote for best answer.
Thanks a lot

yes they will have a tv. the number of channels? depends on the ship. they will almost always have a movie playing on at least one channel. on our cruise on the enchantment of the seas they played the bee movie over and over again because there were 3 movies on a loop. i do remember we got stations like fox news and espn but it depended where we were.

as for the internet, you can go to their internet cafe. you have to pay per minute or you can set up a plan where you have so many minutes and it will tell you when you're about to go over. if you just want to email friends and family back at home, the plan would be cheapest. the only bad things about the whole internet thing is the computers are kind of slow at loading things. but besides that, its great to have the privilege of being able to keep in touch with people back home and telling them how much fun you're having (:

i hope i helped. if you have any other questions let me know. we cruise on royal caribbean all the time! (:

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caribbean island sailing

caribbean island sailing

Sailing is a fantastic way of spending your vacation amidst the clear blue ocean and getting involved in lots of sea faring activities. Whatever occasion it may be, a honeymoon, a wedding celebration or a family vacation you can make the most of your opportunity by snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, playing golf, kayaking, swimming and sun bathing.

Apart from enjoying these several recreational programs, you can surely spend your time by observing sea birds, dolphins, sea turtles and whales. Sailing boats are available in a variety of forms and magnitudes depending upon the purpose for which it is going to be used. Some of the essential sailing gear comprise of gloves, short waterproof boots with a solid traction on the soles, wind shorts or pants and waterproof hooded windbreakers. Life jackets are also essential for sails boat. Hawaii and the Caribbean islands are two very exotic sailing destinations attracting large number of tourists each year.

Sailing School And Lessons

If boating, sailing and cruising are your passions then joining a Sailing School will prove to be of immense help. The sailing schools offer all-round sailing lessons - basic sailing instructions, basic cruising instructions, bareboat charter lessons, navigational lessons, coastal cruising courses, etc. Lessons, that are beneficial for both the novice and the veteran. While the beginners learn the basics from these programs, the experienced lot get a chance to hone their skills.

The many sailing schools like the Annapolis Sailing School, Offshore Sailing School, Ottawa Sailing School, Windward Sailing School offer comprehensive sailing lessons that enable the sailors to guide the vessels to safe anchoring at a targeted port. Equipped with the best of programs, the most experienced instructors, quality sailing gears, these professional sailing institutes offer different certificate courses. The backdrop or the environment in which the Sailing schools are located, also works to the advantage of the learners/trainees.

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Might cancel wedding in FL due to Oil Spill. Change ticket to Caribbean?? HELP?

We are getting married October 8th in Anna Maria Island FL. Following, we had plans to honeymoon in Key West. If thing continue with this devastating oil spill, then we need to change our plans. Tickets and arrangements have already been made for our wedding, so we would need to change our flight. We were thinking of heading further south to one the Caribbean island. Just wondering your experience in the Caribbean, which Island you would recommended. We're into snorkeling, sailing, etc. Let me know your thoughts on all of this. Thanks!

I dont have an answer for you but im having the same issue. Our wedding is on Anna Maria Island on August 24th and were now thinking that we may have to cancel. This is devastating and i have no idea if we should just stick it out and hope for the best or try and get our money back from the ceremony people and our hotel. It wont be easy im sure...

Good luck and be thankful that you have more time!!

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caribbean cruise charters

caribbean cruise charters

Different people use Caribbean yacht charters for different reasons and while some of these could be personal, there are those who do it for business reasons. Whatever your reason might be might be, if you choose to entertain visitors, there are a couple of things that you need to know first. For starters, it is important to have a clear picture of the number of guests you expect.

This is because these come in different sizes and they have the capability of accommodating specific number of people. If you don't know this, then you might end up getting a large or smaller yacht and this can either create the wrong image or cause you to spend more than you should. Whatever you choose, it is important to ensure that there are no chances of overcrowding to ensure that all your guests get pleasure from the voyage.

Another important consideration you have to weigh when using charter yacht Caribbean to entertain guests is by finding out more about the locations you can visit. This is because this area offers great places which will ensure that they are thrilled with the experience. Also, there are activities such as fishing, snorkeling, diving and water skiing which can be enjoyed during this time. While on it, you can also decide to have some pictures taken as they are largely known to deliver great pictures as well.

Another important factor that you need to consider when hiring Caribbean yacht charters is the budget you have in mind. This is important as it influences your final decision and there are several factors that come into play. For starters, the cost will depend on the amenities and facilities incorporated in the yacht. Note that depending on the choice you make different models have different amenities and it is up to you to choose what appeals most to you. Another consideration that has to come into play in regards to the budget is the size. Make sure that you zero on these factors to increase your chances of making an informed decision.

Always make sure that the Charter yacht Caribbean you choose is in the right working condition and that is well maintained. This is important as it guarantees all those aboard that they are well taken care of and in good hands. What is more, it will be easier to rest easy knowing that there are no unseen surprises during the entire voyage. By weighing all these factors, it should be comparatively easy to ensure that your guests stay entertained.

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caribbean sailing charters

caribbean sailing charters

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Any suggestions on how I can support myself while sailing internationally?

I am ready to untie the dock lines and sail into the sunset! From Canada to the Caribbean then the Med! How can I earn a living?? My boat is pretty self sufficient, I only need about a $1000 a month living expenses. (I have a boat maintenance/repair emergency fund) I'll rent my house out but that will only pay for mortage and upkeep. Other then that I'm debt free! I could stick around for a couple of more years, but I want to take my doggy with me. If I wait that long, he might be getting too old to make the trip. BTW I am told there's no work for teaching english as a second language where I'm going & I refuse to charter. internet pyramid marketing scams or surveys! I've been desperate enough to research them all! . But I am open minded about legit online business. Unfortunately there would be times that I will be away from the net for 3 to 4. I have been pounding my head against a wall for 3 years looking for answers!! SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!

Build up a buzz abut the journey - discover something/follow some route etc - anything to have a newsworth purpose to your journey. My suggestion is sponsorship. Ellen Macarthur got around the world with it and got a knighthood (called dame for females)

Also arrange with local radios, magazines etc to make reports etc. Follow the exploits of "Around Ireland With a Fridge" and "500 Mile Walkies" for the kind of ideas.

Just make it an event instead of a bum around the Caribbean.

Also could you get your expenses down a bit - they still seem a bit high!

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caribbean sailing books

caribbean sailing books

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Question about cruising to the Caribbean...?

I will be taking a cruise from the US to the Caribbean in Oct. I have booked many excursions which include beach,sailing and touring the towns. Should I leave my passport in the ship's room or always bring it with me ? I don't want it getting wet, or losing it or just having more crap to bring with me touring along. What should I do ?

take it with you always, the costoms can be really difficult on some islands. Make sure you have photocopies of the whole passport too, every page...better be safe than sorry

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caribbean sailing adventures

caribbean sailing adventures

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Poem Help...?

Someone made this poem about Keira Knightley below
There was a young lady named Knightley
Whose manner was cheerful and sprightly
If you cast our young Keira
You then needn't fear a
Bad shot – even if she's lit brightly.

Like Beckham she knew how to Bend It
Then Hollywood its hand extended
She swashed and she buckled
With Johnny Depp chuckled
And Orlando Bloom she befriended.

They sailed to the South China Sea
In Caribbean Pirates, part Three
Because Chow Yun Fat
The World's End was At
And they wanted to have a par—ty!

Their adventures were wide and not narrow
Our time with them flew like an arrow
From Black Pearls to Dead Men
And Now At the World's End
Elizabeth, Will and Jack Sparrow!!

What would be a good rhyming next 5 lines be?Can you help?

I'm sorry honey, I'm not very good at poems.=)

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caribbean sailing guide

caribbean sailing guide

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Fury Catamaran Sailing - Off the Island of Cozumel

caribbean sailing school

caribbean sailing school

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My wife and I are going sailing for 3-4 years. Any way to prepare?

We've decided to live the dream and live on a sailboat for a few years once our last child graduates high school. Our hopes are to cruise the Caribbean, transit the Pacific, visit Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Europe, and then come back home again.

Anybody else have a similar experience? If so, what insight do you have about being in such close quarters for so long?

This family is doing what you're going to to. There is a lot of advice and experience on their site. Wouldn't hurt to contact them also! Bon Voyage! Many beautiful sunsets to you!

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YWAM DP Caribbean

cheap caribbean sailing

cheap caribbean sailing

Cruise ship vacations are available for any type of pocket. One can find luxurious trips which might cost a fortune. Also, there are certain 'budget' trips catering for people with limited money. However, one can enjoy a good cruise vacation and still save good amount of money. For this to happen, some advance planning needs to be put in place. Great deal of money can be saved by taking into consideration time of booking, group size etc. Here are some more tips for saving money on a cruise vacation booking.

The internet is a great source of every type of information about cruise ships. While booking online, one has a chance to get a good deal. However, there is a catch in that. One might be able to lay hands on a good package within his/her budget but lose the most sought after cabin which might be already booked.

One can check for something known as "category guarantee" booking. With this type of booking one can get a specific room category but the exact room would be assigned while boarding or some time in advance. One has the chance to get a room in the higher category at no additional cost but cannot get a room in a lower category than booked.

There are chances to get great deals depending on the season you are deciding to sail. Cheaper packages with all features can be obtained while booking in off-seasons. During the period from starting of September to Thanksgiving the costs are relatively lower owing to school time. Further, one can plan just before Christmas, before the vacation period starts and during early part of the year to have a good inexpensive deal.

Similarly, there are some periods during the year when one can get a great deal for Alaska while paying half of the peak season rates! The off season for Alaska includes early and late season months of May, early June, and September. Another point that can be kept in mind while planning for a cruise vacation is that twice during a year, ships move to new bases. Such cruises are called 'REPOSITIONING CRUISES'. There is a relocation period for ships from Florida and the Caribbean to Europe and Alaska during fall when they reverse their directions. These voyages have a period from two to three weeks but have fewer destinations and larger time is spent sailing. However, there are huge discounts during this period.

Further, one can get cheaper rates while going for group bookings. In such bookings, a number of people are clubbed in larger groups and all of them get good deal in lesser price. But, one's itinerary gets locked with the group. Thus, you don't have personal freedom regarding the choice of activities and travel to locations off the cruise. One should do enough research while planning the cruise vacation. This is important for having a great amusing holiday and having an experience of a lifetime!

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Is it likely that a Carnival cruise during the first week of August will be cheaper near the sail date?

I am currently planning a mini family reunion and some family members were unable to afford the $1111.00 per person fee for a 7 day Caribbean cruise. It was too expensive as they have children and would have to pay for them as well, not to mention the air fare. I was wondering if it would be possible for them to "find" better rates closer to the sail date?
_ Do you think it would be possible? - Where can they look for deals?

-- See we really missed out because all of the "group" discounts were sold out on this ship, ( @$ 780. per person) and being so close to summer I was unable to find another ship with group rates for a 7 day Caribbean cruise.

No. The best deals are usually on trips booked well in advance. Some deals can be found after the 60-day final-payment deadline [i.e. 60 days before the cruise]. However, August is prime cruising time, even though it is hurricane season, because that's when the kids are out of school.

You might check or Travelocity or Expedia, etc. for prices, although prices don't really vary that much among agencies because the cruiselines discourage or don't allow big discounts.

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caribbean travel hamilton

caribbean travel hamilton

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