caribbean travel passport

caribbean travel passport

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Can a person use a Military ID as a passport to travel on a cruise in the caribbean?

No, a military I.D. can never be used as a substitute for a passport for non-military travel. I don't know where that rumor comes from, but when you are traveling as a civilian, you must meet same requirements everyone else does. However, if your cruise begins and ends in the same U.S. port, it is a loop cruise. Passports are not required for loop cruises. See site below and read section on closed loop cruises. Your cruise line can confirm this.

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caribbean cruises small

caribbean cruises small

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How long should i wait to go swimming with a new tattoo?

I am getting a small kanji (japanese) symbol on the inside of my wrist tomorrow afternoon in all black ink. At the end of May i will be going on a cruise to the Caribbean, is that enough time for my tat to heal? I will be swimming in pools and the ocean...
Thanks for all your help!

Tattoos, regardless of size or placement, need 4-6 weeks to heal completely. Since it is the end of May you should be fine, but, if there are any signs of peeling or scabbing, you need to stay out of the water, especially the ocean. It's not so much that you'll ruin the tattoo, but you run the risk of getting an infection. The ocean is a cesspool of bacteria, and people who get in too early, always seem to come down with an infection.

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cheap caribbean canada

cheap caribbean canada

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small caribbean cruise ships

small caribbean cruise ships

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help with "formal" dresses for cruise! bf in military uniform?

anyone have dress ideas for formal night on a royal caribbean cruise ship? we'll be going to mexico in late august.

i dont want to look "too" fancy. my boyfriend is active duty military and will be wearing his dress uniform most likely. i just need styles ideas. im overall very small and about 5'3" if that helps. and im 21 if that also helps, so something mature but still fun.

links would be awesome. im so lost.

as for the other nights (casual and smart causal) i can just wear cute cocktail dresses right?
coast guard ;) and thanks for the links!!!

Well, you are the same age as I am and just an inch shorter so I'm going to put some thing I would wear. Personally I do not like the Forever 21 dresses, the look tacky and cheaply made, I personally would never wear any of them. I'm not trying to be rude, they're just not my style and not something I thing should be worn to a formal dinner.

You didn't give a price point for you dresses so I tried to stay under $100.

These could be used for either



Have fun!

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cheap caribbean trips all inclusive

It is that time of the year. Schools are letting the kids out for the summer, the weather is turning nice, and people need to thaw out or dry out from one of the wettest coldest winters for awhile. What better place to go to than a Caribbean resort hotel? There you will find all you need to get away from all the winter brought. You will have warm Caribbean breezes thawing out your frozen bones from the outside while sipping tasty Caribbean rum drinks that are warming your bones from the inside.

You may find yourself at Negril all inclusive resorts feeling like you don't know who you are and why you are being pampered so much. It will be like a utopia and you are not sure how you got there but you are darn glad you did. Make sure you have a return ticket; otherwise, you may never go home. Everything is paid for in advance so you don't have to carry cash or your credit card. You eat, drink and play when ever and where ever you want.

If you are going alone this vacation, you will find all you need at singles resorts Caribbean where just about anything goes. From scuba diving with new found friends to nightlife you can't imagine without having been there. There are singles from all over the world converging on a single place for the same reasons; to have fun in the sun. How can you go wrong with that scenario?

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The Caribbean is one of the world's favorite cruise destinations and there is always a rush to book suitable vacation packages. The most popular cruise times are Christmas, just after Easter, and the summertime. Planning a vacation several months ahead and getting suitable bookings done early enough would be a wise move. Early bookings often get competitive rates.

It is always good to gather some general information about a proposed vacation destination. Cruise liners offer their best rates during the months of January, May, September, October, November and first two weeks of December. If you want a smooth sailing experience, then June is the month to plan your vacation in as the Caribbean sees the smoothest seas in June. February is the month for the roughest seas and is best avoided. The general forecast for the Caribbean is that the most likely time for hurricanes is in the month of September.

All inclusive Caribbean cruises are a wonderful way to unwind and relax. All inclusive is a concept that refers to all the expenses of the vacation paid in a lump sum usually upfront. Once this is done one can just sit back and relax, without having to worry about paying for each and every thing.

Your all inclusive Caribbean cruises could be a Western Caribbean cruise starting from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, or Port Canaveral and going on to New Orleans or Galveston, and sometimes Baltimore and Charleston. Typical ports of call on this route are Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Cancun (Calica), Belize, and Key West.

The other route is an Eastern Caribbean route where the ports of call would include San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maartin, Nassau, or Labadee. Many cruise lines have access to private islands. These islands are used for barbecues and water activities. An all inclusive cruise would entitle you to the use of all on-board amenities.

If the cruise is along a Southern Caribbean route then the ports of call would include Aruba, Curacao, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Johns (Antigua), St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Martinique, Caracas (Venezuela), Dominica, Guadeloupe, Catalina Island (Dominican Republic), Grenada, St. Croix, St. Barts, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda.

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Cheap Caribbean vacation in January from Toronto?

I am looking to travel in January 2011 for 1 week to any where in the Caribbean - would this be a good month to get deals on all-inclusive 5-star resorts? Also, what travel web-sites (from your experience) do you find offer the best AI package deals? I usually use, but any other website suggestions would be much appreciated.

Visit Quest World Travel, as they specialize in tailor made holidays to the most interesting and culture enriching destinations in the world.

Good Luck!

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caribbean cruises uk

caribbean cruises uk

As more and more of us are leading busy lives, and the pressures of work constantly on the rise, going away on that cruising holiday may not be as relaxing as it sounds. Cruising is all about getting away from it all, relaxing in the sun, finding cheap places to eat on excursions. However, more and more people are using this free, relaxation time to use the ships internet café or wi-fi to check work emails.

This "work addiction" was seen years ago, when mobile phones were all the rage, but now it appears to have switched to emails. Cruise holiday agencies are responding to this demand, by increasing the use of Wi-Fi on board ships. So not only are people moving from mobiles to email for work communication, they are also going as far as taking their works laptop on board and emailing from the top deck by the pool. I saw this on numerous occasions during the last cheap cruise I was on.

Are the days of people reading by the top deck pool numbered? (not for the Cheap Cruises I go on). Research from a leading UK newspaper suggests that one in five couples argue on holiday, due to their partner accessing work online. The terrible truth behind this, is that maybe people are so used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they are unable to completely relax, even when on holiday, floating in the sun.

In twenty years time, will most people be lying by the pool chatting to colleagues on MSN instead, or finishing off that report due in on the first day back? Only time will tell.

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Should we show any sympathy for this man ..?

Wayne Rooney booked 5 first class tickets at a cost of £30,000 to fly to Barbados to view his new mansion then a Caribbean cruise before jetting off to Las Vagas for the last leg of his holiday .... all this TWO DAYS BEFORE playing Germany in the knockout stage of the World Cup.

Surely this action proves that there was no real commitment towards the England squad?
How many of the others did the same?

Your views please.

No. I bet he has no sympathy for people who worked hard to save money to go and support England at the world cup. They should sack the bloody lot of them and rebuild the team from scratch using players who would be proud to wear the England shirt and, in doing so play their hearts out for their country.

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caribbean holiday ireland

caribbean holiday ireland

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caribbean cruises small ships

caribbean cruises small ships

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carnival compared to other cruise lines?

i have been on one cruise my whole life (im 16). i live in texas, so the only cruises come out of Galveston, i went on a smaller, older carnival cruise called the celebration which is no longer in service, i had the best time of my life, the staff was great, food was great, the ship was kinda small and old but that didn't bother me to much, it was the best vacation i ever had.. now if i talk about it with my friends, that i went on a cruise with carnival, and the ones who have been on many cruises, will burst out,, "pfff carnival sucks, that's for poor people, a cruise that people try for there first cruise and never Again, Royal Caribbean is like another world compared to carnival" is carnival really that bad compared to others? my family is wanting to go on another cruise, the carnival Ecstasy, because it is the only thing we can afford at the moment, should i be worried?

Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's for poor people. Your "cruise going" friends are jerks.

But, anyway, I absolutely loved the Carnival cruise I went on. The pool was cold and Ensenada sucks, but everything about the boat was amazing. Plus, Catalina island is fantastic. The food was good on board, the boat was stable, the entertainment was great, and they had an awesome group for younger passengers where you got free ice cream, played games, sung karaoke for drunk people, and stayed up all night.

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cheap caribbean all inclusive hotels

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