eastern caribbean cruise routes

eastern caribbean cruise routes

Knowing how to plan for your trip and what to expect makes for more anticipation and less anxiety. Before you go, below are some useful tips for traveling in Turkey:

1. Before you go: Before traveling to Turkey, make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months beyond your stay. A visa is required for US citizens, which can be obtained on arrival at the airport or border post for a fee. This tourist visa allows a stay for up to three months in Turkey. The fee must be paid for in hard currency cash; euros, Japanese yen, UK pounds, or US dollars are acceptable.

2. When to go: The best months to visit Turkey are between May - October. If you are visiting in July or August, it is wise to bring a sun hat and sunscreen to protect against the blazing sun. Sunscreen is expensive in Turkey, so it is a good idea t o bring it along. If you are visiting in the winter, you will need warm clothes as the temperatures may go as low as 5F especially in the central eastern parts of Turkey.

3. What to pack: Clothes in Turkey are both inexpensive and fashionable. Therefore, pack lightly, as you can buy clothes there. Take along flat shoes for walking as the sidewalks are often not only uneven, but also broken with unexpected holes. Take along some shoes for the water as many beaches are rocky. Most basic supplies are inexpensive in Turkey, but sunscreen is not - so bring that with you.

4. Dressing in Turkey: When visiting mosques and religious sites you will need to remove your shoes upon entering. Dress needs to be modest for both men and women. Women are required to cover their heads with a scarf. In addition, men and women are required to wear clothes that cover their legs and shoulders. Silence is required inside the mosques and most mosques are closed to visits during prayer times.

Avoid beachwear while visiting places other than the beach. While Turkey is a secular culture, in cities it is important to dress like one dresses in a city in the USA.

5. Food in Turkey: Drink only bottled water while in Turkey. Though tap water can be drunk, even the Turks drink only bottled water.

To experience real Turkish food, find restaurants off the main tourist areas. Find restaurants where food and prices are local. Try Raki while eating mezze, small appetizers. Keep track of what you ordered and notice the prices so you will han no surprise when you get the bill. Eat in tiny places, fancy restaurants and huge places - the food is superb!

6. Shopping In Turkey: There are no fixed prices in Turkey. In small shops and in markets, bargaining is part of Turkish culture. Before you make a purchase, try to get the prices down as low as possible. In most cases, just leave the shop or vendor and pretend to walk away. You will probably be invited back to the shop by the vendor, asking what your best offer is. Then, feel free to declare your own price. Bargaining margins start at 10% and can easily go up to 60%.

7. Visiting museums and other sights: Most museums are closed at least one day a week. If you are traveling independently, check the dates and times of museum openings. Archeological sites can be visited every day of the week from 9 am to 5pm, in the summer. In the winter, it is a good idea to check these times as well.

8. Getting Around: An inexpensive transportation system in Turkey is a dolmus, which is a cross between a bus and a taxi. The dolmus has a predefined route - you can get on at certain locations, but you can get off anywhere. It usually will cost about 50 cents and the driver won't take a tip.

9. Tipping: In Turkey it is common to leave a 10% tip for good service at restaurants, to guides and to taxi drivers.

10. Public restrooms: Finding public restrooms in Turkey can be a problem. Although hotels have improved standards, small restaurants will sometimes have "holes' as toilets. On the other hand, all mosques have public restrooms, or "Tuvalet". In Turkish, "Bay is the word for men and "Bayan" for women.

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Which Caribbean cruise is the best?

Im thinking of taking a caribbean cruise during the summer to the caribbean. is the eastern,southern,or western the best route to take? also if anyone knows a good cruise line with good deals please answer :)

The best itinerary for you really is based on what you want to do off the ship when you cruise in port stops

Western Caribbean cruises typically go to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, Jamaica and a private cruise line island. If you go to Cozumel there is the opportunity to buy a tour to see Mayan ruins, if that's your interest. Its considered the best place to go for scuba and snorkeling. If you go to Jamaica the two main attractions are a river raft float trip (not rapids) and the Dunn's River Falls climb. If you go to Grand Cayman you will likely want to go to 7-Mile Beach or do a swim with the dolphins/stingrays tour. So Western Caribbean will get you Mayan ruins as an option.

Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean typically go to St Thomas, St Maarten, a private cruise line island and maybe another island like Tortola or Puerto Rico. If you want to do a lot of shopping then pick a cruise with St Thomas as one of the port stops. St Maarten is also mainly a beach and shopping stop. Right now St Thomas has some issues with it's water supply for restaurants downtown.

Most Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises have a private island stop where the ship takes food ashore for an all day beach party with games and entertainment. All of the cruise lines have what they call their private island and you can have a great day on these islands; only ship's people on them for the day. Royal Caribbean has THE best private island I have ever been to at Labadee, Haiti. Its a huge place that has multiple beaches and many activities. RC's ships the Freedom and The Liberty which do both the Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries both have stops at Labadee. But all of the cruise lines have their own private islands where their ships stop for the day.

The Southern Caribbean cruise itineraries typically start in Puerto Rico and go either to Aruba, Curacao, and St Thomas and St Maarten, OR they go to the southern Caribbean islands like Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St Lucia and maybe St Thomas and/or St Maarten. For the most part these latter islands are very much alike but nice to see. The main difference between these two Southern Caribbean itineraries, aside from the different islands, is the Aruba cruise has two "at sea" days with no port stops, while the other has a port stop about each day. Then there are some cruises that leave from Florida (Ft Lauderdale) that are 14/15 days and go to all of the southern Caribbean islands.

My favorite cruise line is Royal Caribbean but you cannot go wrong with Celebrity, Princess or Holland America. If you are looking for a real budget cruise and a party ship go on Carnival. If you want to basically be informal the whole cruise go on Norwegian. My ranking of the cruise lines would be Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Holland, Norwegian, and Carnival. Carnival is the budget cruise line with the lowest prices but you get what you pay for. All of the cruise lines have specials or discounts and give the best prices for early bookings 6 months to a year in advance.

Remember that June through November is hurricane season and if you do cruise during that time period is is highly advisable to buy travel insurance.

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Carnival Fantasy video "6 nt Eastern Caribbean Cruise" ex Charleston

caribbean holidays cheap deals

caribbean holidays cheap deals

Plan a getaway in the Caribbean? The following are the best resorts in the Caribbean to spend trip with your loved ones or yourself.

The Caribbean Sea and all its islands and surrounding areas are the coastal region of the Caribbean. The islands, reefs, and corals in this area are around 7,000. These are collectively called as the Caribbean. Cayman Islands, Antigua, Venezuela, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Trinidad, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia are some of the most famous islands in the Caribbean and around the region. Given below is one of the widely known spots to have your vacation in the Caribbean.

ABC Islands

These islands are series of islands in the Caribbean ruled by Dutch. Channel includes many islands, each individual can benefit from the best Caribbean resorts. My own choices are Curacao and Aruba. The amazing carnival is celebrated here, in the middle of February, in which thousands of visitors participate worldwide. The party will go all night with shops and casinos open, as well. No singles should stay away from this place.

St. Martin

One of the islands most visited in the Caribbean is St. Martin, in which it's nice to party and enjoy nightlife. This is the best option for many European tourists maybe because the island is half-Dutch and half French. This has a lot of shops, casinos, and nightclubs and some stations that provide back-and-return of all clubs!

Costa Rica

Another amazing island in Caribbean known for its lush vegetation and wonderful coast good to visit is Costa Rica. There are affordable houses and hotels that ensure you do not spend a lot of your money. There is great nightlife here.

Honduras Bay Islands

You can find more adventure on this island. This island includes the Mayan ruins, diving, adventures in the jungle, eco-adventure, and night parties. In addition, surfing, horse riding, hiking, and zip lining are also offered here for tourists. You do not get the chance to experience these things if you failed to visit this place.

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#1-Caribbean Tropical Romance & Nature Adventure. Dominica holiday escape a step back in time

cheap caribbean curacao

cheap caribbean curacao

Curacao is an island, that some call a hidden and undiscovered jewel, in the southern Caribbean Sea, 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela, between Aruba and Bonaire. The New Country of Curacao, which includes a very small un-inhabited island, Klein Curacao, is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Prior to 10.10.10, Curacao was one of the five islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.

The slave trade in the 17th and 18th Century made the island affluent and let to the construction of colonial buildings. Curacao features architecture influence from the Dutch and Spanish colonial styles. The capital city of Willemstad earned a well-deserved place on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Former plantation states - Landhouses and West African style huts are scattered all over the island. Samples that have been recovered and some that have not can be found in great numbers.

South America's proximity to Curacao has also had a standing influence in architecture specially parts of Willemstad in the 19th Century. You can find similarities between Venezuelan architecture and the architecture in Curacao,

The combination of buildings, architecture, Caribbean colors and tropical sun light make a delight for the eye and the cameras. Late afternoon, colors become vivid and crisp, the sun turns yellow into gold and white into silver.

The waterfront of Punda, Handelskade, is composed by a row of buildings showcasing how individual colors can tell a story of its own. Curacao's architecture can also be found in other parts of the island. Lots of examples are scattered all over, constantly contrasting with the blue sky.

Curacao's architecture is also influenced by other Dutch characteristics. Otrobanda, opposite to Punda, is full of narrow alleys and plazas. Beautiful gables sit on top of buildings in Scharloo, Pietermaai and Schottegat.

Curacao is full of architectural photo opportunities, besides colorful buildings, almost sitting on water, bridges and forts also produce fabulous images. More than 750 mansions, shop houses, townhouses and small popular dwellings give the photographer daily opportunities to let their creativity flow. There is always a story to tell while capturing images that can be turned into paintings.

American Way magazine recently featured, in their October's edition, Curacao. If you have the opportunity visit this unknown island, just 2 ½ hours away from Miami, you will enjoy the best-kept secret of the Caribbean and you'll camera will work overtime. Make sure to carry enough memory cards and batteries.

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Sale Price: $2.99

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Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort by CheapCaribbean

cheap caribbean fares

cheap caribbean fares

Going on vacations is nice, but the main drawback is the cost. However, there are ways you can lower the expenses. You can try the following suggestions after deciding where you want to go.

Tips on Finding Cheap All Inclusive Vacations

Never travel during the holidays. Schedule your trip weeks before or after the holidays. This will save you money. Get in touch with a travel agent that can handle your chosen destination. They will be able to tell you when the most affordable time to go will be.

You can also go to the Web. Suppose you want to go to Thailand. Just enter cheap Thailand all inclusive vacation packages and you will get several hits. You can also visit resorts online. They will have several packages you can choose from. Before choosing, read reviews so you can get an idea of what the resort is like.

Cheap Aruba Vacation Packages

Start by going online and comparing the various travel packages available. While cost is a factor, make sure the package you choose has the amenities you want. This is a vacation after all, so you have to pamper yourself a bit. Make a list of the amenities you want the package to have. Now check the packages and see which ones offer them at the lowest cost.

Compute the costs in their entirety. Include the hotel, travel fare, meals, paying the tour guide, tips in the restaurants, etc. Make sure you add a few extra dollars in case of emergencies (or you decide to do some extra shopping).

If you want to visit any particular area / event, make sure it is included in the package. Otherwise you will pay extra for it.

Tip: pick a hotel that is near the tourist attractions you want to visit. It will reduce your travel fares. Be updated on the costs of transport so you do not get overcharged.

Cheap Puerto Vallarta Vacation Packages

Do a search on the Internet. There are many websites that offer affordable all inclusive packages to Puerto Vallarta. The features of these travel packages vary, so take your time choosing.

Ensure the package includes the activities you like (swimming, kayaking, trips to popular destinations etc). The key here is quality not quantity. Only pick the package that has the activities and amenities you want. You do not want to pay for activities you do not want to do.

Here are other suggestions. Bring picnic food when you go out. This will save you money. Avoid travelling during the peak season. Making reservations will be hard and the beaches will be full. Know the costs of tickets and fares so you are not overcharged. Print a copy of your itinerary so you can maximize your trip.

Getting cheap all inclusive vacation packages takes some time. You have to make a few phone calls and visit a few websites. You also have to make a few calculations here and there. But you are guaranteed to enjoy your vacation at a lower cost.

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when is the best time to travel to Europe from the Caribbean and which airline would offer the cheapest fare?

If you are a student or even under 26 try StudentUniverse.com I made it to Europe from NYC for less than half the actual airline price.

XL.com can probably get you to London and back in March for about $750.

You definitely want to avoid travel in the high seasons for Europe i.e the summer time- so before May this year is ideal or between September and December- Christmas is rough for discount tickets.

Good luck, safe travels.

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Hitler REDjet Caribbean Low Fares Rant 2011

caribbean resort pictures

caribbean resort pictures

People will always find a unique place to relax and unwind at some point in their lives. Some people opt a very silent place while others opt to go to the busy and crowded malls to shop. Personally, I find going to the beach relaxing but exciting at the same time.

There is just something about the beach that captivates my heart. Perhaps it's because our city is abundant in beautiful beach spots. But what are really found in these beach resorts? Here are just some of them:

1. The Sea Itself - Breathtaking. It is in itself naturally amazing as it not only refreshes our body but also brings fun. Being able to float on water will always feel wonderful.

2 The Sand - This will always make you remember something. It can be your childhood when you have attempted or successfully made sand castles. It can also be your recent get-away with your honey when you wrote your names on the sand and took pictures of it.

3. Free Souvenirs - Souvenirs are found everywhere the beach. It can be that nearby unique seashell, or that hermit crab walking past your feet. You can even take home some sand if you like!

4. Happy People - It is almost rare to see someone sad at the beach. Everyone is happy! That is because everyone has a common goal --- that is to relax! The beach will always be a great place to read magazines, write poems or watch the sunset.

5. Sports - While others prefer quiet and calm activities at the beach, some find doing sports more relaxing. The beach is suitable for playing games such as Frisbee, flying a kite, playing catch and surfing!

People may have different ways of relaxing but for me, the beach is the best place. There will always be an exciting, fun-filled, memorable experience at the beach for everyone!

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Does the pirate themed room at Caribbean Beaches Resort in Disney have a bathroom door?

I've been looking at some pictures of the pirate themed rooms at the Caribbean Beaches Resort in Disney, and I know there is a curtain separating the bathroom and bedroom, but is there an actual door?

The curtain separates the bedroom from the double sink area. Once standing in the sink area, there is a door to the side that separates the sink area from the toilet/shower.

This website will show you the floorplan:


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Disney's Caribbean Resort Tour - Florida

caribbean holiday bargains

caribbean holiday bargains

What type of cruise vacation just are you looking for to end the best part of this year? Is it a Christmas cruise vacation you have been eagerly anticipating for a while now? Or, is it that family thanksgiving getaway on the fabulous cruise deal, watching others carve the turkey as they serve you for a change is what you really desire? Which one is for you and your family, or do you want it all?

Lets just see shall we? I'll show you the best family cruise vacations to go on this year with very attractive itineraries you must know about.

Thanksgiving Cruise: it's not too late to jump onboard this "7 Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise," fabulous itinerary. Unlike thanksgivings in your past, you will experience this holiday unlike any other. This Cruise sails from Puerto Rico, where you'll find a cosmopolitan city of wide boulevards, lively cafes, highly regarded galleries and designer boutiques to keep you thrilled with excitement.

Then it gets better! St. Thomas, the land of buried treasures has just been dugged up for you to enjoy! No one ever complains about St, Thomas's wealth of attraction, jewelry and history; in fact, their only problem is that they couldn't stay longer. With another destination for this thanksgiving cruise, Dominican Republic, tops it off. White sandy beaches and plenty of golf courses to relax your ever spinning mind is the remedy. Plus, it's more than meets the eye adventures once you see everything this trip offers you.

Christmas cruise vacation: What better way to spend the Christmas Holidays, still under a tree, but at multiple islands, different countries, and still enjoying the holidays relaxing. This Christmas cruise vacation itinerary, starts at Key West: a festive island of colorful bars and equally colorful characters in what may as well be the tropics.

Then it gets really exciting sailing to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, where you can snorkel with stingrays, go scuba diving, sail a catamaran, take in some sport fishing, or just mellow out along the powder-soft sand of the magnificent Seven Mile Beach. And just when you thought it couldn't get even better during this Christmas cruise vacation, The ship's final destination takes you to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where partying is your 9 to 5. However, if you're burnt out from Cayman Islands, then Dunn's River Falls, a 600-foot natural staircase of cascading water, which is the most famous attraction in Ocho Rios, just might be the scenery of guaranteed relaxation for you.

Wow, it just doesn't get any better than this. Fall's best cruise vacations deals for 2008, is just a mouse click away for you to have. These affordable cruise ship vacations are bargains you can never negotiate. And it's even more destinations listed inside for this Fall.

If you want to find the best cheap cruise vacations, fun family vacations for the remainder of this year, then do yourself a huge favor and read the next paragraph now.

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Is there a site where you can get a great bargain for all inclusive holidays to the caribbean?

cheaptickets.com was were we found the best price. I didnt like cheapcaribbean, their flights were lousy and there were extra fees. It looked cheaper at first but when we started to make the purchase it changed. tavelzoo searches all sites and lists the best deals.

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Beacontech Ep. 3: Bargain shopping, shopping local, holiday entertainment

caribbean holidays reviews

caribbean holidays reviews

Specialising in travel writing puts me ahead of the game when it comes to finding good deals and being offered promotional packages, called on as I often am to give my expert opinion on new travel products. I have been privileged enough to be wined, dined and entertained all over the world, attending top sporting events, bespoke retreats and a plethora of festivals. With the start of the F1 season on the horizon, I thought it was high time I shared my experiences of the high life associated with Monaco Grand Prix packages.

I have visited the sunny principality located on the Cote d'Azur on many occasions, and it's opulent atmosphere has allowed me to indulge in every luxury fantasy I've had whilst waiting to win the lottery. The feel of the infamous tax haven is laid back and luxurious, yet it has a unique sparkling of excitement wherever you go. It is an atmosphere that could be compared to the effervescent attributes of a glass of Dom Perignon chilled to perfection; on board a multi million pound super yacht - naturally. Yes, as the playground of the rich and famous, lapping up luxury is the only order of the day, and for most people, this opportunity only presents itself as part of a Grand Prix package in Monaco.

Sure, there is the Casino, for which Monaco is famous, there is also an amazing oceanarium and the exotic gardens atop a vast network of caves. The shops in Monaco also amaze many visitors. There is no BHS followed by a Waterstones and a WHSmiths - no, the shops in Monaco consist of Prada, Gucci and the like with the odd car showroom in between - all Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati of course! As if this experience wasn't grand enough, come Formula 1 time the glitterati levels rise exponentially. Celebrities, royals and the top of the rich list visit Monaco to soak up the high octane excitement with Monaco Grand Prix packages. Depending on the budget you have set aside for the experience it is possible to charter one of the most expensive yachts in the world, travel by Lear jet, opt for helicopter transfer, or to warm up for the big race, by hiring a supercar.

Monaco Grand Prix packages have been created to offer those who have everything the thrill of a lifetime. As well as being waited on by the best hosts along the south coast of France, guests have the opportunity to meet the drivers in a special tour, party with them afterwards at a VIP event, stay in some of the most sought after berths aboard a luxury yacht and let's not forget - experience firsthand one of the most prestigious events in the sporting calendar. The very strange thing about Monaco Grand Prix packages is that you don't necessarily have to be a fan of the sport to enjoy them. Armed with ear defenders (because believe me - you need them) it is possible to soak up the sun on a hospitality balcony or the deck of a super yacht and get in on the F1 action when it suits you. It is a surreal experience for someone who is neither rich nor famous, but I can assure you - worth every penny.

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Advice on cruises......?

Hi there,
My mum, sister and myself are looking to book a cruise for next year in the Mediterranean or Caribbean. We are looking to use P&O cruises or Royal Caribbean. As we have never been on a cruise before, we are not sure which time of year is best to go - also, when is the best time to book the cruise (we have been told to book it 2weeks before the holiday to get best deal - is this true?) or is it better to book it now for next year. We were looking to go about March - May time for 9-10nights. Any other advice is welcome, or reviews of the two companies.
Hope you can help and thanks in advance for your answers!
Oh and also roughly how much do they cost pp? Thank you for your answers so far.

UK reply
You need to narrow your choices!

Choosing between Mediterranean and Caribbean is like chalk and cheese! You don't say if you are American or European, your use of Mum instead of Mom suggest UK?

Caribbean is a selection of Americanised tropical islands. Remember at most stops there will be 3-5 other ships there EVERY day so it can get very crowded on shore in small islands!
Mediterranean is about culture/history seeing places you know about but have never visited i.e. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Venice etc.

RC and P&O are completely different.
RC is for the masses, with lots of kids and lots of on-board entertainment and HUGE ships = crowds/queues for everything.
P&O is mainly adults (some ships no kids allowed) and very much "country house style" for British older travellers. You will get steak and kidney pie etc. as a choice on the P&O menu!

Cost? look at their websites for top line pricing and amenities/cabin details etc. Then get - for example - Saturday Daily Mail where there are hundreds of cruise travel agents - to get idea of discounted pricing.

Late booking will not necessarily get you better prices, although March - May is shoulder period so ship will probably not be full and you might get a bargain.
Booking early is best if you want specific cabin (i.e with balcony etc.) as these tend to go first.
If you leave it until later it will mainly be inside cabins (no windows and lower decks!) left which were used for promotional purposes earlier - i.e buy an inside and we upgrade you to sea view.

Email if you want more help once you start narrowing things down!

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Caribbean Holiday!! Riviera Maya Mexico

caribbean travel health

caribbean travel health

If you're a LPN travel nursing jobs can be very exciting and pay very well. There are agencies that fill temporary vacancies in a variety of locations, you could end up on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, a ski resort in the Rockies, or in a top research hospital in California. LPNs are contracted for short-term assignments (as little as eight weeks, as long as 26) by agencies that specialize in travel nursing.

Perks include travel expenses, housing, benefits such as health insurance and 401ks, and help with obtaining licensing in different states. Best of all, LPN travel nursing jobs usually earn a higher rate of pay than traditional nurses, and the race to attract LPNs is so competitive, some agencies even pay bonuses for the completion of an assignment or recruiting a friend.

In order to pursue a travel nursing career like this, you need to choose a travel nursing agency. To find the one that's right for you, do some research to compare pay rates, benefits, and the variety and number of jobs available. Many nursing websites host forums where nurses give the thumbs up or down on their experiences with various agencies.

Once you have made your choice, completed an application, and been accepted as a traveling LPN, you will typically be assigned to a personal recruiter who will help you find the position you are looking for. Location, type of facility, and length of the job are some of the factors that will be discussed.

When a good match is found, you will probably have a phone interview with a manager at the hospital or facility. Personal recruiters provide appropriate information on the job to prepare you for the interview.

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Countries in the Caribbean with good health care?

I want to travel around the Caribbean a bit, but I have a mild autoimmune disease, which doesn't really exist in that area of the world, and need to make sure whatever country I'm in has excellent health care, just incase I get sick. I've been sticking to Cuba since they have advanced health care. What other countries in the Caribbean have excellent and advanced health care?


Barbados is said to have the best, most advanced medical care in the Caribbean. Barbados has over twenty polyclinics, a place where a wide range of health care services (including diagnostics) can be obtained without the need for an overnight stay, throughout the country in addition to the Queen Elizabeth (General Hospital) located in Bridgetown.

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Vacation Days are Made for Cruise Vacations: Find Stress Relief & Wellness with Royal Caribbean

caribbean travel message boards

caribbean travel message boards

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Azin shabhaye nabavar

blue caribbean rentals

blue caribbean rentals

Products Currently Available at Amazon:

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WOW! Blue Marina Saint Maarten Caribbean Real estate and villa rentals By Sunshine Properties