caribbean vacation rental properties

caribbean vacation rental properties

Guest Ranch Accommodations

Almost everyone is concerned about accommodations when we go on a vacation. First you have to decide which guest ranch accommodations will suit you the best. If privacy is a major concern it would be better for you to choose a that has private cabins. Be sure to book early if you require a private cabin as these are often booked far in advance at. If you don't need a private cabin, you can opt for a lodge option. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa has both private cabins and lodge accommodations available at our guest ranch.


Make a list of activities you want to do on your upcoming vacation. There are often many activities offered outside of horseback riding.. If you want to ski, river raft, skeet shoot or many other activities apart from horseback riding, you can find some that provide these types of activities. Also, how delightful would a massage or facial be at the end of the day? Some even have spas. There are some s that provide nightly entertainment where you can dance, play games, watch a movie, read a book or magazine etc.

Family Guest Ranch Vacations

If you are going to enjoy your next vacation with your children, then search for a that welcomes children and has an established kids program. Many are available to accommodate whole families but not always at all times of the year. Call the you are interested in to find out.

Weather Considerations

Some are only open during summer months and some are open year round. The that are open year round have activities that will vary from season to season. So, you can schedule your vacation depending on the activities you want.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the core activity at most. Perhaps you are not an experienced rider. No worries if you are a novice. You will just need some lessons and many will offer horseback riding lessons. Call the guest ranch to see if there are any additional costs.


Now it comes to the point of choosing foods that you would like to eat on your next vacation. Do not worry if you are on a special diet. Most will be able to accommodate special diets if they are notified in advance. Cuisine at a can vary widely from Western fare to gourmet plates. Also, there are often theme nights where there may be a BBQ or theme food.

Vacation Budget

Make sure of your budget you want to spend on your next vacation. It may cost you $900 to $3500 per person/ per week for a vacation. Within this budget you can cover most activities and usually all meal costs. You will find basic rooms as well as luxurious accommodations in some. You may also have the option for an additional charge to have a private cabin for larger groups. Other hidden costs will depend on what extra activities you are going because some may not be included.


Not all the will satisfy everyone. You will find in almost every state and province in the US and Canada. Based on your vacation budget and the climate you prefer, you can make your decision for a.

To make your vacation the most memorable, you have to consider all the above points before selecting a guest ranch. You have to make sure whether the can fulfill all of your vacation expectations and fit within your budget.

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cheap caribbean island vacations

cheap caribbean island vacations

Living on a sailboat is a very cheap way to live. We did so for 8 years in the Caribbean. We stayed in the Windward's and Leeward's, going no further east than Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

Once the boat, Shadowtime, a 35-foot Island Packet, was in the Virgin Islands she never left the warm Caribbean, until we sold her 8 years later.

What do I mean by cheap living? Sailboat cruisers are the tightest people on the planet. The answer to why they are so cheap is they will do anything, legal of course, to avoid going back to work.

Here are some specifics:

1) Use public boat has a car onboard so to get around the islands you take the bus, some regular size; more common is the 14-passenger van or Maxi Taxi. They cost anywhere from 7 cents in Venezuela to $1.00 in St Croix. Having no car expense is huge. No gas, no insurance, no maintenance, no parking fees, etc.

2) Use the library...When people ask how you stay in touch, you reply I do email at the library. All free. Using the library eliminates magazine charges and buying books (not really an issue as cruisers do many book exchanges). It is also a great place to crash midday if it is extra hot.

3) Boat improvements are cheaper...We had major canvas work done very cheaply. Bimini, dodger, sail covers, sail bags, dinghy tube and engine covers. Embroidery work in Trinidad is very high quality and cheap. I still wear some T-shirts and caps that were made many moons ago in Port of Spain. Teak woodwork is also very reasonable in Trinidad. A real teak, no veneer, cabin floor, teak grates for the cockpit, solid teak cockpit table...all great quality at 30% of what it would cost in the US. That is cheap living folks.

4) Eating out was very cheap. If you follow the two golden cruiser rules for restaurant selection. First, you and your companions had to be the only non-locals in the restaurant...and second, the menu had to be on a chalkboard. Follow these two rules you will eat cheap, as the locals do, and you will be guaranteed the meal you eat is fresh...probably caught that very day.

Once in the islands we spent around a $1,000 per, that is cheap living. The lifestyle was priceless, many times we enjoyed sunset drinks in the cockpit anchored (that is free) off a five star resort that charged $500 a night. We had a better view.

You can do this as well.

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what are some good islands to vacation on?

my family and i don't know wheres a good place to vacation. im 13 and my older sister is 14. me, my sister, and our parents want to go somewhere tropical like in the caribbean but we don't know which island to go to. also it has to be somewhere cheap and somewhere where we can go snorkeling.
also it has to be close to chicago

Tobago, Curacao, Bonaire, and Roatan are all relatively inexpensive places with good snorkeling, the latter two have great snorkeling.

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cheap caribbean cabo

cheap caribbean cabo

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Where is a good all-inclusive vacation destination from Seattle?

I used to live on the east coast where it was easy to travel to the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, DR, Jamaica etc) for cheap, all-inclusive vacation bundles. Now in Seattle, I'm trying to figure out where are good destinations in the Pacific. Hawaii is nice, but I'm looking for all-inclusive places. I've heard there are some resorts in Mexico, like Cabo. Can you help with more suggestions/details?


What about an Alaskan cruise? Usually cruises are all-inclusive.

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Dreams Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

caribbean vacation properties

caribbean vacation properties

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extended family real estate?

I am thinking of organizing my family to buy some property in the Caribbean to use as a family vacation house or to possibly rent out. What are the perils in family businesses like this and does anyone have any experience in buying property in other countries (sorry two questions). Any info is appreciated ;-)

As long as you KNOW that you ALL will get along great and be able to coordinate the times that each will be there for vacation.
Seems that EVERYONE will want the same holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day?) But if your family has no problems getting along and are very compromising folks then you will probably be ok.
Renting that far away and not having the daily "hands on" is risky because you have to know that you can trust those managing it for you to keep good renters in there and not people that will trash it. Or you just have to have the money to do regular cosmetic maintainence year round.

Good Luck!

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cheap caribbean villa rentals

cheap caribbean villa rentals

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Aqua Villa | House for rent in Playa del Carmen

caribbean villas for rent by owner

caribbean villas for rent by owner

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Villa Moonshadow in Turks and Caicos

best caribbean vacations all inclusive

best caribbean vacations all inclusive

If you want to find a cheap all-inclusive family vacation, the keyword is - don't be in a hurry. If you rush, you will not only spoil the trip, but at the same time spend a fortune in the process. True, you need an escape after a year-long drudgery in your work place, the wife needs a break from her daily toil and the kid looks forward to an exiting holiday after the school has closed. But that does not necessarily mean that you must take the first available opportunity to go in for a cabin class booking in a cruise ship to Tahiti, especially when you are in a mood to find a cheap all-inclusive family vacation.

What you should do to find a cheap all-inclusive family vacation

To find a cheap all-inclusive family vacation, plan in advance and plan it together. Involve all the family members. That way they will enjoy it more. Mind you, it should be done much before the actual holiday starts. Check your budget. See if you can make it somewhat flexible. Then visit a travel agent.

Of course, you should be cautious. Quite a few travel agents are also trouble agents - dumping you in the middle of no-where after sucking you dry. If you are thinking in terms of surfing out the picture-post-card travel companies, allured by their colorful ad copy, you may go haywire as the hidden costs charged by them often become more than the printed fare displayed in the brochure.

Take my way, hit the highway. You can make a stop over wherever the scenic beauty appeals, spending the night in motel. Good restaurant food is available all over the United States - God save the MacDonald's. Otherwise, if you are intent on finding a cheap all-inclusive family vacation, select a reliable travel agent. Go tell them of your budget, your family members, number of adults, number of kids, number of days you want to spend and your probable destination.

A cheap all-inclusive family vacation package may at first seem to be costing more, but when you add up all of it - the fooding, accommodation, the traveling - you may be surprised how economic it may turn out. The reasons are simple. Most agents have arrangements with airline companies for availing huge discounts, so do not be shy - go ahead and ask for a discount. The same applies to hoteliers and pension arbors. Even food chain outlets keep them happy, offering discounts during holidays. As more and more people are added on the package trip, business grows - so grows the profit. Good travel agents are intelligent enough to share that added profit with their clients and so the package price goes even lower.

Plan your cheap all-inclusive family vacation package as a family. It is great fun to plan for a trip and when the entire family is involved, nothing can be better. It can only lead to spending quality time together and bonding.

Benefits of cheap all-inclusive family vacation packages

Trouble-free; hassle-free; risk-free vacation

Set price

No hidden costs

Free entertainments including fun and games for children

Free baby-sitting facilities wherever necessary

Free guide service for visiting places of historical or other importance

Free airline transfer

Free medical attention during emergency

Overall attention by specially trained personnel

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Anyone know the best all inclusive anywhere Caribbean?

We plan to take a vacation with my husband and my 8 year old. Any recommendations of nice all inclusive resorts that are worth going to??

Yes try, they are owned by Sandals and are very nice, a little more expensive but you get what you pay for, there is no tipping allowed at all, Also try the RUI Property's, we go to Jamaica and love it,the people are very nice, poor but nice they are what makes the trip. and i believe they have several in Jamaica and have exchange rights with the other resorts so you can visit the other beachs property's (or use to) also try this web site many reviews and pitcures of resorts from people who have been there, not just the stuff the resorts want you to see. plus there is a question and answer forum there with people who travel alot and know what there talking about

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best all-inclusive family vacation packages for cancun

cheap caribbean vacations aruba

cheap caribbean vacations aruba

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Vacation in Aruba, is it expensive there?

Hi, I'm planning to go to Aruba, I haven't bought a ticket or anything but it's a place that interests me... I was wondering, if I'm canadian, when I go with my canadian money, do stuff there cost more than here? Will I be richer there or poorer? Eating, going out, shopping, etc. What will my money value in Canada compare to my value in Aruba?

Also, where in the caribbean would you say is the cheapest once you are there (I'm not talking about plane tickets, but rather living cost there)? I don't want to go and it costs me 100$ canadian to buy a t-shirt, but if the opposite is true it costs 5$ to buy a t-shirt then let me know where... LOL

Most of the stores/restaurants in Aruba show prices in US dollars, and right now USD and CAD are basically 1 to 1 (meaning 1 USD is more or less equal to 1 CAD).

As for the prices, Aruba isn't a cheap island, but it's not overly expensive either. You can probably get a t-shirt for $10-20. Meals can be inexpensive or pricey, it's your choice. But just remember that it's an island, and because most goods need to be imported they'll have higher prices.

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How to travel cheap

cheap caribbean places to visit

cheap caribbean places to visit

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where is most economical place to visit and shop in New York (i'm planning to visit from the Caribbean)?

looking for cheap accomodation to allow more spending on shopping and other activities

Hi and welcome to'll have a memorable trip.

Check for hotels or or

Here are some ideas of what you can do while in NYC. First, get a good tour map. Then I recommend you take the BIG APPLE double decker tour bus for an overview of the city. There are several different neighborhoods so I'll highlight these and what to see:
Upper East Side: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, Whitney Museum. Walk up and down Madison Avenue for awesome shops and boutiques 96th - 57th st. Walk Park Avenue for architecture all the way to Grand Central Terminal and see the treasures located within. Walk along 5th Avenue to see/go in and out of Central Park - go for a run, go to the Central Park Zoo, go to the Carousel, go for a gondola ride at the boat house.
Museum of Natural History -a must! on Central Park West,
Walk along Columbus Avenue. Visit the West side of Central Park and pay respects to John Lennon's Strawberry Fields.
Shopping - 57th St (Chanel and the gang), Fifth Avenue - must see Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and FAO Schwartz - many other fun stores.
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Museum of Modern Art
Sony Bldg
Rockefeller Center
Go west to awesome new Time Warner center and visit the new Mandarin Hotel bar/restaurant for awesome view and treats!
Oh, Bloomingdale's is on 59th St and Lexington.
Empire State Bldg.
The Intrepid Aircraft Museum is fascinating and on the West side...worth the visit even if you have no kids.

Walk around the blooming area sprouting awesome restaurants and shops. Chelsea Pier is fun.

Pay respects to the 9/11 victims and heroes at the WTC site., Walk Wall St., visit the Chase Hdqtrs, Federal Reserve. Seaport area is great to see.

Funky shops in the West Village. Walk through the NYU Washington Square Park. The East Village has some shops from new artists and designers

Great galleries and shops on n off West Broadway. Walk thru to Little Italy for awesome meals and desserts...walk through Chinatown. CANAL STREET has stall after stall of Designer "copies"...bring cash and bargain and watch your purse!

These should put an awesome smile on your face. Bring your camera and takes lots of photos to remember your trip. You'll have a blast! OH Don't forget...BUY this weekly magazine: TIMEOUT NEW YORK on any newstand to see what's going on each week/day. :)

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caribbean vacation house rentals

caribbean vacation house rentals

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Caribbean vacation rental : Villa Gallager