caribbean cruise discounts

caribbean cruise discounts

Disney, the name ensures complete entertainment to people of all age groups. This entertainment company gives you so many reasons to be happy and cherish each moments that says a different story for your experience in Disney specialty. For joining Disney, you can take a specialized Fantasy cruise ship that made its maiden sail in April 2012. It simply means since then there have been four special Disney ships to be launched and you can make your bookings now. Enjoy endless hours watching the beauty of Caribbean cruises.

These specific cruises are most famous at sea and for many good reasons. The extreme beautiful and mesmerizing ship, all latest technologies, support itineraries, and the high universal standards of service makes this ship a very popular choice with family vacations and with close friends.

Disney Fantasy cruise, a new addition will be added into this category in 2012. After that there will be four ships that will take you to destinations of your dream. Many people will tell you what they have experienced on their trip to Disney Magic, and its sister ships the Wonder. You can easily guess the kind of fun and luxurious feel aboard. Interestingly, Disney is all set to add two ships to its current fleet. The mesmerizing Disney Dream will be added in the year 2011 and Disney Fantasy will make its inaugural voyage in the year 2012.

Why wait? Make your reservations now. Get confirmation and start packing for a fairyland where you will forget almost everything from the present setup.

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Need information about cruising with Royal Caribbean this month?

I am about to ruin my famiy's planned cruise by worrying myself into a coma. First of all, will there be enough entertainment for my 13-year old child? Secondly, I read somewhere that coupons can be used onboard to discount certain products. How can I get my hands on a coupon booklet? Thirdly, any recommendations for an alternative to the land excursions offered by the cruiseline...such as local shops in Nassau and Coco Cay? Thanks so much.

RC is supposed to be one of the best for kids and activities for them.

There may be a "coupon" book available to purchase ahead of time - check the website or ask your travel agent. Most likely it's not that great a deal. The ones I've read about are like "10% off a spa treatment" [they're very expensive] or "10% off purchase of a cruise-line cookbook in the onboard store", etc; you get the idea.

One way you can save money if you'll be drinking a lot of soda is to get a soda card for each family member.

Go to, click on "Boards" at the top of the page, then "Royal Caribbean", and "Roll Call" for your sailing [you'll find other passengers sailing with you], and "Ports of Call" for tips on what to do in your ports and whether you can do things on your own. Depending on which ports you're traveling to, you can do excursions on your own and they'll be much better and much cheaper.

Coco Cay is a private island, so the only thing you'll be doing there is through the cruiseline. Nassau is one of those ports where you can have a great time or be turned off and annoyed by locals - it just depends on where you go.

Have a good time and stop worrying! Your biggest problem is going to be getting "addicted" to cruising!

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caribbean cruises to bahamas

caribbean cruises to bahamas

There is plenty to do on the Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas. Once upon a time, it was one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It was launched in 1991, and at that time, it generated a lot of media coverage for being one of the three largest cruise ships. Compared to the mega-ships of today, however, it is only average in size.

Nevertheless, it has plenty to offer. Cruise experts consider it to be a great choice for first time cruisers. If you are new to cruising, then Monarch of the Seas is an excellent place to start. It offers three and four night Bahamas itineraries out of Port Canaveral. You can get away for a few days on the private island of CocoCay. This ship has fourteen decks and room for nearly 2,500 guests.

Whether you want to stay on board or go on land excursions while at port, you will find plenty to keep you entertained. On the ship, you can relax at a spa, go swimming in one of the large outdoor pools, rock-climb, enjoy yourself at the Casino Royale, eat at one of the many fine dining restaurants, and so forth.

There is always something going on, 24/7, on board the ship. The Royal Caribbean line has always been renowned for its entertainment. There is a variety of shows for adults and children of all age groups: comedy, drama, music, singing, dancing, hypnosis, and so forth. The Boleros Lounge in particular has a lot of entertaining shows at night.

The Viking Crown Lounge is the largest venue on the ship. This venue has a circular layout, and is small enough so that you can walk all the way around it. Another small lounge that you need to visit during your stay is the Schooner Bar. It has a neat, nautical theme that will make you feel as if you are on a pirate ship! It is near the casino, Centrum, and the Sound of Music Lounge.

In addition to the lounges, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes on the Monarch. The two dining rooms are Vincent's and Claude's. Both of these offer a fine dining experience. They both have a raised center section and lower perimeter banquet seating options. If you want something more casual, you can head to the Windjammer Caf. This is a buffet restaurant that features pizza, turkey, pasta, salad, rattan, and any other bistro-style food you can eat.

Overall, the Monarch is one of the Royal Caribbean's most popular ships, and if you are looking for an inexpensive cruise, this is a great choice. It is not the most luxurious of ships, but it is an ideal solution for getting away for a few, fun-filled days.

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royal caribbean cruise? fun?

well as u can see, i'm gonna be going to florida to get on royal caribbean cruise to bahamas next month with my family and their friends. i'm 15 yrs old and i'm just wondering if i'll have a fun time? for those who know about this cruise or went on it before, is it good? i hope i have a fun time really!! what would be there for me to enjoy? i mean besides the hotels and stuff like that .. thanks to whoever could give me a little inside !!

Hopefully you are on a 7 day or less cruise, there tends to be more young people there. My teen boys, 15 and 17 went with us in March to the Caribbean for a 11 day cruise, which had fewer kids but still had an awesome time ! There was a teen center with places for them to hang out and activities. They also just loved the cruise and the places we stopped. You will have a great time !

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John Heald from the Carnival Fantasy - Carnival Fantasy Sails from Charleston to Caribbean Ports

carnival caribbean cruise packages

carnival caribbean cruise packages

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Paradise Carnival Cruise Ship

best caribbean honeymoon all inclusive resorts

best caribbean honeymoon all inclusive resorts

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Which Caribbean Island should I vacation at?

My soon to be husband and I are looking to go on our honeymoon in late November of 2011 and werent sure which Caribbean Island to go to. Want to stay for approxiamely one week, looking for an Island that's not overly touristy (want some culture and a nice atmosphere). We are outdoorsy but like to drink and enjoy food so would prefer an all inclusive resort close to entertainment, places to sightsee and hike, etc....but also want to be on the beach. In addition we dont want to spend too much as we just bought a house and have a lot a bills, but do like to 'enjoy' ourselves at the same time - so a place to overly pricy but still has lots of amenities would be best.

Saint Lucia! Best honeymoon destination in the world. :D

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cheap caribbean trips all inclusive

cheap caribbean trips all inclusive

It is that time of the year. Schools are letting the kids out for the summer, the weather is turning nice, and people need to thaw out or dry out from one of the wettest coldest winters for awhile. What better place to go to than a Caribbean resort hotel? There you will find all you need to get away from all the winter brought. You will have warm Caribbean breezes thawing out your frozen bones from the outside while sipping tasty Caribbean rum drinks that are warming your bones from the inside.

You may find yourself at Negril all inclusive resorts feeling like you don't know who you are and why you are being pampered so much. It will be like a utopia and you are not sure how you got there but you are darn glad you did. Make sure you have a return ticket; otherwise, you may never go home. Everything is paid for in advance so you don't have to carry cash or your credit card. You eat, drink and play when ever and where ever you want.

If you are going alone this vacation, you will find all you need at singles resorts Caribbean where just about anything goes. From scuba diving with new found friends to nightlife you can't imagine without having been there. There are singles from all over the world converging on a single place for the same reasons; to have fun in the sun. How can you go wrong with that scenario?

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Where is the best place to go in the Caribbean with your grilfriend?

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to the Caribbean at the end of November. We are going to get a cheap deal off at the last minute. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations or things to look out for when planning this trip? I don't want to get there and have nothing for us to do, and we do not want to end up in a dump.

The only thing I know so far is we need to get at least a 4 star resort, and were going for all inclusive.

Without knowing what you like to do, it is hard to recommend specific locations, but at any rate I suggest you talk to a Travel agent that specializes in the Caribbean. I good agent will ask you a lot of questions and get to know you and then recommend several options for you. As far as resorts go, 4 star means some different to each person, for example does that mean butler service and lots of marble, or does it mean big rooms, fancy meals, great alcohol selections, lots of in resort activities. Maybe that means you really just want an ocean FRONT room right over the beach. Even for us professionals who have been to a lot of places it still takes us a lot of time to find the right place for clients, so try a travel agent, if you don't like the answer you can still use a click agency and take your chances.
have fun,

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cheap caribbean vacation destinations

cheap caribbean vacation destinations

Oahu is the third-largest island in the Hawaiian Islands. Known as the gathering place, Oahu lodgings offer the relaxation of its beautiful beaches and the luxury of a major cosmopolitan city.

The Kahala Resort is world-renowned for its luxury and comfort. In fact, in 2006, it was named the top place to stay on Oahu by the Conde Nast Reader's Choice and was placed on the Conde Nast Gold List. Spa services are available to guests staying in the Kahala, but the Kahala also offers a destination spa. People who choose this route can luxuriate in both standard spa treatments as well as those with a Hawaiian flavor. The Kahala has an on site dolphin experience for its visitors as well as the more usual water sports available. Other amenities include a kid's club and Hawaiian cultural classes for the whole family.

Each room or suite in the Kahala is decorated with dark wood and light Hawaiian colors and each comes with a balcony overlooking the ocean or the lush vegetation around the hotel. The five restaurants at the resort should meet anyone's culinary needs, but the lodging is also only fifteen minutes away from the shopping and restaurants of Waikiki. For reservations or more information, call 1.800.367.2525.

If visitors want to be in Waikiki, the Westin Moana Surfrider might be a good choice. One of the first hotels in Waikiki on Oahu, The Surfrider first opened in 1901. A recent 50 million dollar renovation let the Surfrider keep its old world colonial style while infusing it with the modern elegance of the 21st century. The Surfrider offers premier spa services and unlimited opportunities for relaxation on the beach or by the pool. There is an onsite sports center and opportunities for water sports through the lodging. If visitors want more excitement, the concierge staff can help plan a Hawaiian cultural experience or steer guest towards the abundant shopping nearby. Plan a stay in 2008 when the spa and fitness center expansions will be complete. To learn more about the Moana Surfrider, call 800-937-8461.

For more of a getaway from the city vacation, the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu might be what visitors are looking for. Like the previously mentioned lodgings, Turtle Bay offers spa services and luxurious oceanfront accommodations. But Turtle Bay is more isolated, with 5 miles of pristine beaches and surrounded by lush Hawaiian vegetation. Turtle Bay also has a golf course, some of the best surfing in the world, horseback riding, and hiking. For a luxurious getaway in nature, call 808.447.6508.

Another lodging on Oahu that offers golf is JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and Spa. Also located outside a major city, the Ihilani give a sense of isolation. Call 1-800-626-4446. Oahu offers enough different lodgings and spas to accommodate most visitors' desires. White sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, sports, golf, culture, shopping, fine dining, and spas - a vacation can be tailor made in Oahu.

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Jamaica Vacations Jamaica Vacations

Where is a good all-inclusive vacation destination from Seattle?

I used to live on the east coast where it was easy to travel to the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, DR, Jamaica etc) for cheap, all-inclusive vacation bundles. Now in Seattle, I'm trying to figure out where are good destinations in the Pacific. Hawaii is nice, but I'm looking for all-inclusive places. I've heard there are some resorts in Mexico, like Cabo. Can you help with more suggestions/details?


What about an Alaskan cruise? Usually cruises are all-inclusive.

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caribbean cruises disney

caribbean cruises disney

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For teens, which is better? Disney cruise or royal caribbean?

I have been on 2 disney cruises & have been extremely satisfied with them, so much that i cry whenever i have to leave the ship. How is royal caribbean the same or different? Which is also better?

Well, Disney seems like a good choice, but Royal Caribbean would be a good choice too, depending on the ship. If you sail on Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, or Independence of the Seas, I would recommend Royal Caribbean. They have a lot of activities teens would enjoy like ice skating, rock climbing, and surfing. Otherwise, Disney is your best bet.

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Disney Cruise Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party Part I

all inclusive caribbean resorts singles

all inclusive caribbean resorts singles

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Which Hotel is accomodating to singles in Montego Bay Jamaica?

I asked a couple of questions similar but not the same. I have done some research on websites and some of the resorts are specifying couples, couples, couples! There are 3 women going, not 2 and none of us are lesbians, we are cousins! We want Caribbean fun in Jamaica and looking for an all inclusive Hotel that is very nice and doesnt cater to just couples!!!! We have postponed our trip for March of 2007 by the way. (for anyone who has been following my questions)

Hey Razz......dont stay in Mo's a dump, most hotels are dumps, not too safe and the natives are not nice either ......Please go to will have a much better time.....Want wild and crazy.....stay at any Hedonism on the island....if you dont want all inclusive.....try like negril beach club, negril inn pretty much anywhere in negril is better than the hotels in Montego Bay. Trust me on this one......except if you stay at the Ritz/wyndham or holiday inn in mobay...

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Jolly Beach Resort - Antigua

caribbean cruise last minute deals

caribbean cruise last minute deals

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What is the best website to find all-inclusive travel or cruise deals from Canada?

I am looking to go on a trip (cruise or resort) in the Caribbean in early September 2006... looking for a good last minute deal leaving from Ottawa or Toronto Canada. I am wondering if there are any websites that I am not aware of that offer these deals. I am familiar with tripadvisor, conquest, belairdirect, itravel2000.

try there are some really neat getaways on this website and they even have a number where you can reach the person to help you out. give it a try.

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Sail and See the Rhapsody of the Seas from Royal Caribbean

cheap caribbean last minute deals

cheap caribbean last minute deals

Many travelers take advantage of last minute deals by scheduling their vacation time to avail of the best, discounted rates. A lot of the popular travel destinations have vacant hotel rooms and many flights are not completely reserved. The hotels and airlines take the opportunity of the vacancy and market their discounted rates online, to attract customers. The choice of the right destination is often confusing, but if the options are available, the thought of a Caribbean travel is very exciting.

The Caribbean has a lot to offer to tourists. It is famous for its culture, ancient architecture, delicious food and water sports. Many online sites have great package deals to offer in and around the Caribbean. The expertise of the Internet makes booking of hotels and other details easily available. The list of price options mentioned online, is worth a glance.

The warm and pleasant climate of the Caribbean makes it very appealing. Apart from the beautiful beaches, the resorts have much to offer. While touring the Caribbean, a person can choose to stay at any of the small and large islands.

Travel agencies and online booking is a favorite among the clients who choose last minute vacations here. The offers are good, hotel accommodations can be done even at the last minute and flight tickets can be reserved ex-tempo.

The Caribbean has its own distinct charm that attracts tourists every year by the millions. The authorities here take efforts to make sure that the tourists are given the best services, at affordable prices. There are hotels around the airport, where accommodation can be arranged at a reasonable price.

The people here are very hospitable and welcoming, hence, tourists are welcomed with open arms. The number of tourists increases, as they yearn to come back to the wonderful Caribbean.

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Need help finding a cheap cruise to the Caribbean over the summer of 2010!?

I'm looking for a 4 day cruise out of Miami on any of the cruise lines. I'm looking to pay less than $100 a day at the most(including tips, taxes and fees). I have the summers off so last minute deals are welcome. I can go anytime during the summer with about 2 weeks notice. Anyone know any good websites or travel agents that might be able to accomodate me? Also good websites for last minute flights would be helpful as well.Thanks!

Summer is "prime time" for Caribbean cruising, as kids are out of school and that's when most people take vacations. This, despite the fact that it's also hurricane season in the Caribbean. Thus, the cruises will not be "cheap".

"Last minute" in the cruise business means < 60 days out [which is when most final payments are due].

There are good travel agents in your town [AAA is good, if you're a member] and there are the "usual" on-line sites. I would not advise using an on-line site unless you've cruised before [which I suspect you haven't] or have done extensive research. There are many variables you'll need to choose from before you are ready to book, although you do already have a departure port and destination in mind.

You don't mention a travel companion, so if you're traveling solo, you'll be charged "double", basically, as cabins are sold double-occupancy.

Carnival is probably your best bet for the lowest cost. That being said, the three or four day cruises to the Bahamas are not the best cruise experience, but you'll be OK if it's your first cruise.

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