caribbean islands comparison

caribbean islands comparison

Mombasa Island on the Kenya coast and the nearby Diani Beach in Ukunda are mostly known as beach destinations that offer world-class tropical beach vacations to hundreds of visitors each year. In comparison, the nearby Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary may not enjoy equal limelight but still offers a unique complimentary opportunity for holidaymakers in this coastal town.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a private sanctuary that covers slightly over 28,000 acres and is next to Tsavo National Park. It is just 200kilometres from Mombasa and a gentle 30-minute flight from Nairobi. This proximity makes the sanctuary an ideal destination for those who might want to combine a beach vacation with a short safari.

Needless to say, if you can afford a few more days - say 3 or 4 days, you can add on Tsavo Park and Amboseli National Parks and enjoy even more of Kenya's wildlife. Your safari operator will be happy to organize this kind of tour, giving you a short break from the sun and sand indulgence.

The sanctuary is arguably one of the success stories in sustainable and responsible wildlife tourism. Records indicate that the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary has more than 50 species of large mammals and 300 bird species. Sarova Hotels, the hotel chain that currently runs the sanctuary and also manages the 2 safari hotels found within the sanctuary, are committed to ensure that the wildlife thrives and that it will continue to prosper in the future.

Accommodation at Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

The two lodges located within the sanctuary - The Sarova Taita Hills and Sarova Saltlick Lodge - provide a unique destination for an ideal wildlife-viewing destination that is perfect and accessible all year round.

Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge stands aloft a raised ridge capturing an impressive view of the surrounding hills. The lodge has 62 beautifully appointed rooms including two suite, swimming pool, spacious lobby, boutique, restaurant, meeting rooms and a conference hall.

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge features a truly unique architectural concept an imaginative reproduction of the local populaces' traditional abodes, consisting of 96 distinctively luxurious oval-shaped rooms, all overlooking a waterhole which attracts a large array of wildlife, including and especially elephants. In the evenings the animals gather at the waterhole - a spectacular site to behold, to drink and lick the salt spread round the watering hole.

These two magnificent game lodges are sited in a fully integrated wildlife safari resort complex with a private airstrip. The complex also has grounds for a golf course

If you find yourself among the hundreds on the beach in Mombasa, Diani or even Malindi and still get the urge to take part on a wildlife safari, consider a short safari to one of the most wildlife-rich private sanctuaries in Kenya - the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary Complex. With a minimum of 1 night you can see sample some of Kenya's best wildlife while on your beach vacation in Kenya.

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caribbean islands physical map

caribbean islands physical map

The world itself is a romantic place. But when it comes to honeymoon destinations, there are ten of them that stands out. So start picking your choice together with your partner and watch your love blossom even more.


Imagine the swaying palm trees and the amazing majestic volcanoes. That's the beauty of Hawaii. Every island possesses excellent venues for underwater diving, golfing, and hiking. Definitely, you and your loved one will never run out of physical activities to do to together. The beaches are sparkling at nighttime, and the shorelines are perfect for a leisurely romantic walk.

Las Vegas

"Frolic" and "fun" are two words that you can associate with Las Vegas and its neon lights. There's no stopping when it comes to entertainment and world-class dining whenever you are in this state. Both of you can simply let go of yourselves, shop, and play in different casinos.


For lovers who have remained childlike at hearts, Disney counts as another ideal honeymoon destination. They can take their picks among Disney-themed parks located in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. They can have so much excitement riding different Disney-movie-inspired rides, or they can treat themselves in the most romantic dinner and spa treatment. Remember, there's magic in Disney, and it extends to your relationship.


An island located near the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is truly enchanting, with its crystal-clear beaches, powdery sands, and pleasant nature life. Moreover, because it's remote, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and simply relax and commune with nature. Come nighttime, get entertained by the illumined bars and casinos, as well as by the beach bands and their wandering minstrels.


Are you both animal lovers? Then the vast jungle of Madagascar is the perfect place for you. Found near Seychelles and in the Indian Ocean, it boasts of safaris and national parks filled with elephant birds, lemurs, and giraffes, to name a few. Get all excited and enthralled while you trudge along its virgin forests.


This island off the African coasts takes pride of its 330 kilometers, which is truly an excellent setting for some romantic water sports, such as jet skiing, canoing, and snorkeling. Its beaches, with their ever-changing hues, can be a superb backdrop for a romantic dinner by the sea.


The wildlife of Australia, such as koalas and kangaroos, can give you a tip or two on how to live your life as husband and wife: free and careless, yet living in harmony. What's more, the Land down Under is composed of beaches and nature parks that you can visit and enjoy. You can also immerse in its arts and culture, courtesy of the Sydney Opera House.

Rome, Italy

Rome still remains one of the romantic cities in the whole world, and you can probably understand why. You have wide variety of choices of where to go to. You can take a sip of good coffee in any of their cafes like those of Piazza Navona, or you can simply take a stroll in the piazzas and immerse in the magnificence of historical structures like the Forum and Colosseum. Allow the Trevi Fountain grant your wish. Just don't forget to drop a coin. There are also fantastic shops that you can select, especially those that are located in Via Veneto.


The cultural richness of India is what makes this Asian territory such a wonderful destination for your honeymoon. Their tradition are reflected not only in their manner of dressing but also in their edifices and other structures as well, such as the different palaces and forts built by the Mughal emperors during the Golden Era. Be simply inspired by the Taj Mahal, which was built by the Shah Jahan for his love, Mumtaz Mahal. Be scintillated by the cascading waterfalls and the Himalayas.


Who can ever forego of France as one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world? Keep in mind that Paris wouldn't be called one of the most romantic places in the world for nothing. You don't have to spend all of your day shopping among its high-end boutiques. Even just a walk along the cobblestone streets of the City of Lights is more than enough to warm you all over. You can also take a trip to the splendorous mountains of the Provence City.

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caribbean holidays summer 2010

caribbean holidays summer 2010

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Cancún, México 2010 - Ni hablar (Andrés Calamaro)

caribbean islands cultures

caribbean islands cultures

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Is there a place where I can get some Caribbean culture and food in Nashville after I graduate from college? ?

This place seems to be void of Caribbean food and culture in the main scene of Nashville. Whenever I want to get some food, I have to drive all the way to Antioch. Is there something that I am missing? And PLEASE do not mention Calypso Cafe because that is not authentic and an insult to the food of the Caribbean islands. If you know of anything, or have suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!!!

I've been to Nashville & did not see any Caribbean restaurants.

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best caribbean islands in june

best caribbean islands in june

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Best place to go on holiday around June time?

So me and my mum want to go on holiday this year. We haven't been on holiday for years so were hoping to go after i finish my GCSE's.

We want to go somewhere with nice white sandy beaches like the Caribbean, Greece, Italy etc.. but we've been searching the internet for days and nothing seems to come up in the searches. We want this to be a relaxing mother & daughter holiday so preferably somewhere quiet but safe.

Also please could you not just say a country but the actual island and the best place on that island.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully answer :)

P.S I live in the UK

ITALY, every time its a beautiful country!
plus most places in June will be cheaper because they are in term time, bonus :)

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the caribbean islands flags

the caribbean islands flags

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Why is the U.S Virgin Islands so AMericanized?

Compared to other islands in the Caribbean the U.S Virgin Islands is Americanized, like I saw American flags everywhere?

Because it is a part of America. It is the US (United States) Virgin Islands. The other islands in the Caribbean are not a part of America and therefore you need a passport to visit them. You do not need a passport to visit the US Virgin Islands because it is like visiting another part of America.

Just like a island belonging to Puerto Rico would put a Puerto Rican flag up that is why America's US Virgin Islands have an American flag up.

Hope this helps. :)

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Flag of Cayman Islands

caribbean vacation clothes

caribbean vacation clothes

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Is life harder living without credit cards?

I know credit cards can lead in to debt and be a disaster for financial disaster(hence the national debt) but I noticed how much one must sacrifice and do without. My mom went bankrupt over 6 years ago and has not had a credit card since. We literally have not been on a vacation since then. We always have to shop discount stores for clothes and eating out is a rare treat. Where as I see my friends taking vacations to Cancun and the Caribbean and eating out weekly, buying designer clothes,etc. Has anyone else been in this position and notice how life is harder without credit?

Not saying its necessarily a bad thing, but you are forced to do without a lot and it can be discouraging.
deans- you are very right. and she works 2 jobs...

I know it's hard to see your peers get things that look nice and seem fun. Your mom not having credit cards shouldn't have anything to do with these seemingly nice things though. If she can't afford them without credit, then she sure as hec can't afford them with credit. It sounds like your mom is being smart with her money. I'll bet she works darn hard to get the amount she makes. And the lives your peers are living is probably a facade. In style clothes and new things make people only appear happy, but actually mean NOTHING. What you learn from your mom's life lessons is very valuable, though.

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caribbean islands fun facts

caribbean islands fun facts

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A girl asked me if she wants to have sex, did she meant it?

Me and this girl are in a friends w/ benefits relationship. She lives in Nortn Carolina, and I live in The Caribbean. She visits my island every summer w/ her family. Last night, we were having Facebook sex and she told me afterwards that if we could meet up on Summer for some fun at her hotel. I accepted it. But I'm a virgin, I don't like it (actually, I hate being a virgin) but I'm skilled at female oral sex, and she told she had some experience before and that she is skilled at oral sex also. The problem is that did she meant it about having sex. Is not the pressure that's bothering me, it's the fact that if she was kidding, I'll get screwed (metaphorically). Can someone help me?
I now believe we'll have sex... I've asked her.

It's "mean", not meant.

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Sint Maarten Saint-Martin Tour

caribbean islands currency

caribbean islands currency

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Apparently the Euro is the official currency in two separate places in the Americas?

I thought perhaps in St.Pierre and Miquellon (French territory off Canada) and maybe one of the former Dutch islands in the Caribbean like Bonaire or St. Maarten

Regions in the Americas that use the euro are:

St. Pierre and Miquelon (North America)
Guadeloupe (Caribbean)
Martinique (Caribbean)
French Guiana (South America)

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caribbean island france

caribbean island france

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Did you know that France, Britain, and even Cuba has a universal health care?

Is surprising to know that Cuba has a universal health care for its citizen even do is a small Caribbean island with little resources , then how can a little island to more than for its citizen than the united states? Please give our opinion.

Can health care not be organized on a state by state basis? Each state takes control of providing a universal health care. That way there is a lot less bureaucracy to handle, and I mean the population of a single American state is no more than Britain or France.

The health care is not as good as private, yes, but that is why you should have private and public running side by side, like in Britain. We have basic health care for everyone, which is substantial enough, and private practice for those who can afford the best. That way everyone gets at least some health care, and no one has to worry about the staggeringly expensive health insurance, which I've heard isn't even enough sometimes to cover one operation.

Stop spending so much money on foreign wars, and paying for health care will be easy. It's worth it, I assure you.

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