eastern caribbean cruise routes

eastern caribbean cruise routes

Knowing how to plan for your trip and what to expect makes for more anticipation and less anxiety. Before you go, below are some useful tips for traveling in Turkey:

1. Before you go: Before traveling to Turkey, make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months beyond your stay. A visa is required for US citizens, which can be obtained on arrival at the airport or border post for a fee. This tourist visa allows a stay for up to three months in Turkey. The fee must be paid for in hard currency cash; euros, Japanese yen, UK pounds, or US dollars are acceptable.

2. When to go: The best months to visit Turkey are between May - October. If you are visiting in July or August, it is wise to bring a sun hat and sunscreen to protect against the blazing sun. Sunscreen is expensive in Turkey, so it is a good idea t o bring it along. If you are visiting in the winter, you will need warm clothes as the temperatures may go as low as 5F especially in the central eastern parts of Turkey.

3. What to pack: Clothes in Turkey are both inexpensive and fashionable. Therefore, pack lightly, as you can buy clothes there. Take along flat shoes for walking as the sidewalks are often not only uneven, but also broken with unexpected holes. Take along some shoes for the water as many beaches are rocky. Most basic supplies are inexpensive in Turkey, but sunscreen is not - so bring that with you.

4. Dressing in Turkey: When visiting mosques and religious sites you will need to remove your shoes upon entering. Dress needs to be modest for both men and women. Women are required to cover their heads with a scarf. In addition, men and women are required to wear clothes that cover their legs and shoulders. Silence is required inside the mosques and most mosques are closed to visits during prayer times.

Avoid beachwear while visiting places other than the beach. While Turkey is a secular culture, in cities it is important to dress like one dresses in a city in the USA.

5. Food in Turkey: Drink only bottled water while in Turkey. Though tap water can be drunk, even the Turks drink only bottled water.

To experience real Turkish food, find restaurants off the main tourist areas. Find restaurants where food and prices are local. Try Raki while eating mezze, small appetizers. Keep track of what you ordered and notice the prices so you will han no surprise when you get the bill. Eat in tiny places, fancy restaurants and huge places - the food is superb!

6. Shopping In Turkey: There are no fixed prices in Turkey. In small shops and in markets, bargaining is part of Turkish culture. Before you make a purchase, try to get the prices down as low as possible. In most cases, just leave the shop or vendor and pretend to walk away. You will probably be invited back to the shop by the vendor, asking what your best offer is. Then, feel free to declare your own price. Bargaining margins start at 10% and can easily go up to 60%.

7. Visiting museums and other sights: Most museums are closed at least one day a week. If you are traveling independently, check the dates and times of museum openings. Archeological sites can be visited every day of the week from 9 am to 5pm, in the summer. In the winter, it is a good idea to check these times as well.

8. Getting Around: An inexpensive transportation system in Turkey is a dolmus, which is a cross between a bus and a taxi. The dolmus has a predefined route - you can get on at certain locations, but you can get off anywhere. It usually will cost about 50 cents and the driver won't take a tip.

9. Tipping: In Turkey it is common to leave a 10% tip for good service at restaurants, to guides and to taxi drivers.

10. Public restrooms: Finding public restrooms in Turkey can be a problem. Although hotels have improved standards, small restaurants will sometimes have "holes' as toilets. On the other hand, all mosques have public restrooms, or "Tuvalet". In Turkish, "Bay is the word for men and "Bayan" for women.

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Which Caribbean cruise is the best?

Im thinking of taking a caribbean cruise during the summer to the caribbean. is the eastern,southern,or western the best route to take? also if anyone knows a good cruise line with good deals please answer :)

The best itinerary for you really is based on what you want to do off the ship when you cruise in port stops

Western Caribbean cruises typically go to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, Jamaica and a private cruise line island. If you go to Cozumel there is the opportunity to buy a tour to see Mayan ruins, if that's your interest. Its considered the best place to go for scuba and snorkeling. If you go to Jamaica the two main attractions are a river raft float trip (not rapids) and the Dunn's River Falls climb. If you go to Grand Cayman you will likely want to go to 7-Mile Beach or do a swim with the dolphins/stingrays tour. So Western Caribbean will get you Mayan ruins as an option.

Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean typically go to St Thomas, St Maarten, a private cruise line island and maybe another island like Tortola or Puerto Rico. If you want to do a lot of shopping then pick a cruise with St Thomas as one of the port stops. St Maarten is also mainly a beach and shopping stop. Right now St Thomas has some issues with it's water supply for restaurants downtown.

Most Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises have a private island stop where the ship takes food ashore for an all day beach party with games and entertainment. All of the cruise lines have what they call their private island and you can have a great day on these islands; only ship's people on them for the day. Royal Caribbean has THE best private island I have ever been to at Labadee, Haiti. Its a huge place that has multiple beaches and many activities. RC's ships the Freedom and The Liberty which do both the Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries both have stops at Labadee. But all of the cruise lines have their own private islands where their ships stop for the day.

The Southern Caribbean cruise itineraries typically start in Puerto Rico and go either to Aruba, Curacao, and St Thomas and St Maarten, OR they go to the southern Caribbean islands like Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St Lucia and maybe St Thomas and/or St Maarten. For the most part these latter islands are very much alike but nice to see. The main difference between these two Southern Caribbean itineraries, aside from the different islands, is the Aruba cruise has two "at sea" days with no port stops, while the other has a port stop about each day. Then there are some cruises that leave from Florida (Ft Lauderdale) that are 14/15 days and go to all of the southern Caribbean islands.

My favorite cruise line is Royal Caribbean but you cannot go wrong with Celebrity, Princess or Holland America. If you are looking for a real budget cruise and a party ship go on Carnival. If you want to basically be informal the whole cruise go on Norwegian. My ranking of the cruise lines would be Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Holland, Norwegian, and Carnival. Carnival is the budget cruise line with the lowest prices but you get what you pay for. All of the cruise lines have specials or discounts and give the best prices for early bookings 6 months to a year in advance.

Remember that June through November is hurricane season and if you do cruise during that time period is is highly advisable to buy travel insurance.

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Carnival Fantasy video "6 nt Eastern Caribbean Cruise" ex Charleston

caribbean island demographics

caribbean island demographics

Cruises have really taken off in the last fifteen years or so, with all the major cruise lines adding new ships to their fleets. But what makes cruises so popular and why might you consider choosing one for a vacation? Well, let's take a look at what all they offer:

Cruises Feature Destinations All Over the World

When you think of cruises, you may think of the Caribbean or perhaps Alaska, the two most popular cruise destinations for U.S. travelers. (European travelers often cruise in the Mediterranean, which is another popular destination.)

While these destinations are exotic enough for many folks (hey, I'd be happy to cruise just about anywhere since the experience itself offers so much), they represent only a small portion of the areas you can find cruises to.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Australia and New Zealand? What about Southeast Asia? Perhaps Antarctica? South America? The South Pacific? Eastern Canada and New England? Hawaii? Scandinavia? The British Isles? Eastern Siberia? The fjords of Greenland? Morocco?

Guess what? You can find cruises that visit all those destinations--and more!

The variety of cities and countries where ships stop is one reason cruise vacations are so popular. You can visit many, many ports in the world, and cruises let you see more than one (often many more) per trip. And perhaps the biggest perk is that you only have to unpack once.

Cruises Are for All Types of Travelers

In the early days, cruises tended to be most popular with the retired and the wealthy. While many of those folks still enjoy cruising today, there really are no stereotypes about your average cruiser any more.

There are cruises that are great for families with children, others that cater go couples, some with special events for singles or gay and lesbian passengers, some that are perfect for active adventurers, and some that are low-key and cater to those who just want to relax.

While demographics vary from ship to ship, there really are cruises for any kind of person who's looking to see the world and have a good time.

If you're not sure you want, try one of the mainstream lines. They are known for having a Vegas vibe, where there are entertainment options for just about everyone. If you prefer peace and relaxation to constant entertainment, choose a small ship or a luxury line.

Cruises are Affordable

Another big reason cruises have become so popular is they are an affordable vacation option. With all your main requirements (food, lodging, and the cruise itself) included in the ticket price, you won't have a heap of expenditures to worry about once you're on board.

It's true that "all inclusive" isn't quite as all inclusive as the cruise lines might lead you to believe (expect to pay for everything from massages to alternative dining to shore excursions to diet sodas and alcoholic beverages), the major expenses are included.

Just browse online at sites such as Travelocity to get an idea of just how affordable cruises can be. You can find one-week packages to the Caribbean or Mexican Riveria for $600-$800. To spend a week in Alaska, you can get in for $800 or less. Shorter cruises of three or four days, often wrapped around a long weekend, start around $300.

As you can see, cruises are popular vacation choices for many reasons. You can find ships visiting many, many parts of the world, there are cruises to appeal to just about all types of travelers, and lastly these floating vacations are affordable.

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caribbean islands and map

caribbean islands and map

This article describes all steps taken by the new resort in Grenada to become truly sustainable.


They installed a 80 kW windmill with an expected yearly yield of 180,000 kWh. It is the first utility-grade windmill installed in Caricom and we could not find any resort that already installed a windmill, although there are several with plans and one under construction. With an estimated yearly power use of 120,000 kWh the resort will be better than zero carbon, once the connection to the mains is realized later this year.

They encourage other resorts to use wind energy and assist them in their feasibility study, give practical advice and can even offer assistance in installing by a factory trained team.

For interested students and prospective windmill owners they organize free seminars at the windmill.

To minimize the energy consumption the resort uses air conditioners with heat recovery units, which convert the heat loss into hot water, in addition to solar water heaters. In addition, a high efficiency dish washer with hot water connection is installed. Although with a smaller impact, energy saving lamps combined with solar lights are used. Energy efficient refrigerators and washing machines will be installed soon.

Last July and August the resort sold energy saving light bulbs to the local public and offered them a free lobster lunch with Champagne for every 4 light bulbs purchased. On a regular basis informal seminars are held and articles distributed to create awareness of energy saving. In a country were most appliances are only bought on price -and thus energy inefficient- this is not a luxury. The owners typically earn back the price difference with a energy saving class A refrigerator within 1 1/2 year.

CARBON FREE VACATION: for flights, stay and transport/activities

They will implement a carbon offset program where all flights, local transport/activities by guests will be offset by carbon credits purchased by the resort, on an automatic, audited basis, in addition to the stay which is already carbon free because of the windmill that supplies energy back to the electricity net. The guest's vacation is therefore guaranteed carbon neutral. The carbon offset program plants trees in Ethiopia which has additional social (firewood) and ecological (stop erosion) benefits. For a typical transatlantic flight 50 trees are planted, much more than most carbon offset programs that do not consider the re-emission of carbon dioxide after the lifetime of the tree.


They built a surface well with underground channels to collect the rainwater from the hills around the resort. As there is no industry nor inorganic agriculture the water is extremely pure, so filtering is almost an unnecessary luxury. For the drinking water, they go to a source in the mountains, the same water as used for commercially bottled source water and supply the water in glass, reusable bottles.

Fossil fuel

Guests are asked to cooperate in combining full cars for tours. When guests go to town, we request them to take the bus rather than a taxi (on a voluntary basis). We are preparing a project to make bio diesel from waste (kitchen) oils.


The resort asks guests to keep using the towels and bed linen as long as is comfortable for them.

Exclusive use of organic materials

From December 2008, the resort exclusively uses organic soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion in dispensers, cleaning materials. They use organic meat and vegetables, mostly from their own organic gardens. They preferably purchase locally made goods.

Social responsibility

The resort hires local staff where possible so the area benefits from the resort's presence. After hurricane Ivan the resort set up an aid organisation to distribute food, water, medicines, vitamin pills, seeds and Christmas presents in the wide area (report available on request), initially from own means, later supported by teams in Canada, the USA and the Netherlands. They also help local cultural organizations with in kind donations, assist local NGO's and financially support community service projects

The resort announced a revitalization program aimed at crop and tree farmers. Many of them never restarted their farm after hurricane Ivan and moved into construction work. Now that the reconstruction boom is over they find themselves without a steady job and typically have no reserves. This is not only a social problem for the farmers themselves: vegetables now have to be partly imported to satisfy the demand at sharply increased prices. The program helps the farmers back in tune, from clearing their overgrown land to providing manure and seeds, as well as advice how to produce more economically.

The resort also will start social community services and green energy/conversation awareness programs pointed at both the local market and the travel industry.

For these programs the resorts introduced the Volunteer Vacation that offers a healthy balance between volunteer work and enjoying the island.

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Does anyone have a link to any map(s)....?

that is a map of canada, united states and the Caribbean, and has to have most of these or some of these features...

bering sea
l. winnipeg
l. athabaska
st.lawrence river
gulf of saint lawrence
victoria island
bafin bay
james bay
cheasapeake bay
baffin island
puget sound
bering strait
davis strait
sierra nevaa
rocky mountains

and this is not homework to find a map!!!!

google maps they have street and topographical maps fro satalite.

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Spell Of The Caribbean Islands, Archie Bell (VIRGIN ISLANDS Martinique St. Thomas Lucia Croix)

caribbean sailing routes

caribbean sailing routes

Founded in 1854 by John H. Stevens, a local ferryman, Minneapolis was officially recognized and established by the Minnesota Territorial Legislature as a town in 1856. Located on the banks of the Mississippi next to towering St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis was built directly adjacent to the competing settlement of St. Anthony, and the two towns merged in 1872 under the name of Minneapolis. The recent arrival of the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad in the area ensured the town's success and opened up transportation routes to both the eastern United States and the western frontier. The city continued its growth and, today, it serves as a cultural and economic center for the region and a popular tourist destination.

Numerous historic sites and points of interest are available for visitors to Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Walking tours are provided each summer by the City of Minneapolis in conjunction with the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and offer guests and residents to the area a chance to explore the historic cemeteries, architectural features, and theaters in Minneapolis. Since much of Minnesota's history and heritage is centered on the Mississippi River and nearby Lake Minnetonka, any sightseeing tour must include one of the leisurely riverboat cruises that travel the Mississippi and traverse the lake throughout the summer months.

Paradise Charter Cruises offers exceptional amenities and comfort to guests on its Mississippi River cruises. Guests of Paradise Charter Cruises can enjoy a relaxing tour on the Paradise Lady, a chartered yacht with all the glamour and luxuries you'd expect along with an added personal touch. For a more traditional sightseeing experience, tourists can board the Minneapolis Queen, a 125-passenger paddle-wheeler that offers a narrated tour of the highlights of downtown Minneapolis as seen from the Mighty Mississippi including the historic lock at Saint Anthony Falls, the largest lock anywhere on the Mississippi River. The Pizza and Lock Cruise and the Friday Evening Dinner Cruise are especially popular since they give tourists the opportunity to see the beautiful Minneapolis skyline lit up at night.

For those seeking scenic natural surroundings and a tranquil sightseeing experience, Paradise Charter Cruises also offers sightseeing tours of Lake Minnetonka on board three luxurious motor yachts, the Paradise Destiny II, the Paradise Princess II, and the Paradise Grand. Each sleekly elegant yacht offers outstanding amenities including complimentary snacks, television screens with DVD player, climate-controlled interiors, and dance floors. Cruises vary, but most travel along the Big Island Channel Pass to provide a good view of Lake Minnetonka's beautiful islands and shoreline. Guests can expect to see waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife along with some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the United States.

Paradise Charter Cruises offers package discounts for larger groups, school outings, and wedding parties. Additional public cruises can be arranged for groups of twenty or more, and catering can be arranged with advance notice. A sightseeing excursion on one of the Paradise Charter Cruises luxurious boats can make any vacation something special. Schedules and ticket availability for public cruises vary, so buy in advance for guaranteed seats.

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"Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean" how will this effect US defense policy?

First, I can't believe the Russians are going to try to pry some of their rust-buckets away from the pier and sail them 1/2 way around the world, and back. Even during the Soviet Navy's heyday this was rarely attempted. Assuming they don't breakdown en route and need to be towed back to Russia, how will this effect the US defense policy and posture?

I'm a retired Chief Petty Officer, USN.


CARACAS (Reuters) - Several Russian ships and 1,000 soldiers will take part in joint naval maneuvers with Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea later this year, exercises likely to increase diplomatic tensions with Washington, a pro-government newspaper reported on Saturday.

(read the rest at the link)

It will get the Pentagon a bit jittery while it is going on. They should be more sanguine about it and keep their nerve. This is nothing more than sabre rattling on Russia's part, it is not meant to be for real.
Any sort of action to be taken should be in the Venezuelan ports when the Russians come ashore, a few conversations and drinks with the ordinary Russian sailors should give a good picture of what the Bear is up to. I wish I had a run ashore like that when I was in the Navy, they will get spoilt rotten.

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Sailing Bahamas - Distant Shores

caribbean island distances

caribbean island distances

If you are looking for a quiet relaxed destination then Santa Lucia on Cuba's Atlantic north coast is the place for you. If you are in Cuba for sightseeing then this destination isn't the best choice as most of the country's tourist attractions are a far distance away.

Thousands of people come here every year to enjoy the glorious white sandy beach which stretches for over 13 miles. World renowned for excellent diving and snorkelling, Santa Lucia has one of the world's biggest unbroken coral reefs, stretching for more than 14 miles. The reef, along with the clear waters, marine life and sunken ship wrecks, make it a haven for scuba divers and an ideal location to learn to dive. Here in Santa Lucia visitors can indulge themselves in watersports including diving, snorkelling, swimming, fishing and sailing, as well as lots of different beach activities.

A trip to the Cubitas Mountains which are home to some fascinating wildlife, stunning scenery and more than 300 species of plant is a great day out and a nice change to lazing on the beach. Nearby there is also the Sierra de Cubitas where caves and grotto's are waiting to be explored.

About an hours drive from here is the city of Camaguey which has 80 miles of wonderful beaches, islands and bays. The nearest town to Santa Lucia is Nuevitas which consists mainly of hotels and is reached across a large lagoon. Santa Lucia is surrounded by muddy salt flats where flocks of rare Roseate Flamingos feed on the saltwater life that inhabits the flats.

Santa Lucia is hot all year round. From June till October temperatures during the day average around 32C to 34C with up to 8 hours of sunshine a day and water temperatures reaching 29C. During May, June, September and October Santa Lucia experiences quite a lot of rain, the driest period being December through to March. The temperature during these winter months averages around 30C with 6 to 8 hours of sunshine a day and less rainfall than the summer months, making this the best time to enjoy your bargain holidays to Santa Lucia. Night time temperatures here average between 22C during the summer and 18C during the winter.

Direct holidays to the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba are always available throughout the internet.

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Hey which island should I buy??

Go to this website:


I want to buy one that is 7 acres or less
Light sand beaches
Completly clear water
One with palm trees
In a tropical area: Options: Anywhere in the caribbean, near mexico or near brazil
Oh and I want one that is a good distance away from other islands (meaning at least a few miles)
o btw this isn't that complex so I put in p&s I LOVE U P AND S PEOPLE!
ya I am buying an island
won the lottery so ya I have wanted an island since I was 12 and 6 years later I'm buying one. BTW I won the day after my bday.

get hawaii.

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Brewers Bay Beach, St. Thomas - Virgin Islands

west caribbean cruise map

west caribbean cruise map

Think about taking a trip to some of the most gorgeous places on earth. You can see breathtaking sights, immerse yourself in a unique culture, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Now imagine traveling to one of these locales in the lap of luxury. You'll dine on exquisite cuisine, sample fine wines and spirits, see thrilling shows and be pampered and entertained as much as you want to be.

That's a perfect description of the quintessential cruise vacation.You can sail to faraway places while enjoying every minute of your journey. And best of all, you only have to unpack your suitcase one time! Here are some of the cruise lines that can immerse you in total luxury.

Avalon Waterways

This carrier focuses on trips through smaller aquatic passages such as rivers and straits, allowing visitors to view beautiful landscapes and vistas throughout most of the tour. Avalon has plenty of on-board activities and entertainment for all ages, but is especially popular with mature travelers. And the company's ships feature its one-of-a-kind Silent Drive System for a ride that's quieter and smoother than any other vessel.

Azamara Club Cruises

This line prides itself on flawless customer service as well as lavish amenities. In fact, it boasts a two-to-one guest-to-staff member ratio on all of its voyages. Also, Azamara offers some spa services that you won't find on most cruise lines, such as in-room spa treatments and acupuncture-at-sea sessions.

Celebrity Cruises

This company is known for its spacious ships which house not only a wide variety of activity choices but also several different types of staterooms to satisfy any type of traveler. Celebrity also offers European butler service for its suites, which treats its guests to valuable extras like evening hors d'oeuvres or shoe-shining service. This line attracts many people looking to tie the knot with either a small, private ceremony or a major wedding party.

Holland America Line

These midsized ships hearken back to the cruising days of old, with décor steeped in tradition as well as staterooms that are elegantly accented. Holland America entices the fashionable traveler with features such as on-board enrichment programs, art auctions and cooking classes and seminars offered by the Culinary Arts Center. You can even secure a private car or an English translator and guide for your shore excursions.

MSC Cruises

Boasting the youngest fleet in the cruising world, these modern vessels treat guests to open vistas and flowing designs. MSC is proud of its distinctive on-board restaurants, stylish theater productions and unusual destination choices. But, arguably, the company's biggest draw is the fact that children 17 and under sail free.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This brand is known for what it calls "Freestyle Cruising," which emphasizes flexibility in its amenities. It all starts with the choice of staterooms, which include connecting suites and villas that feature their own private club with swimming pool, private deck, and dedicated butler service. Norwegian accentuates its large variety of leisure activities with unique details like memory foam mattress tops and Evian spritzes.

Princess Cruises

This line is arguably the most versatile in the cruise industry. Princess can cater to all types of travelers (and budgets) from singles, honeymooners and couples to families, seniors, and specialty groups. And if it's possible to do on the high seas, from rock climbing and scuba training to casino gambling and nighttime dancing, these vessels have a place for you to do it.

Royal Caribbean International

This company showcases its can-do attitude with onboard amusements to suit any vacationer. Active types can avail themselves of a running track, basketball court, surf simulator, and even a small golf course. There are several stage shows for the adults, kids clubs for children and adolescents, and theme nights for the entire family.

Uniworld Cruises

This brand markets itself as a unique boutique river cruise line which features itineraries and destinations that few of its competitors offer. Only about 130 guests travel on each ship on average, giving Uniworld vacations a more intimate and personal feel. And foodies will love the cuisine that is prepared by chefs from five-star hotels, as well as al fresco dining on an open-air sundeck and complimentary wine and beer during dinner meals.

As far as cruise destinations, you can book your trip to tropical locations such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Perhaps you prefer the stunning wilderness of Alaska or the old world charm of the Mediterranean. If you fancy the exotic, you may choose a cruise which takes you to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, or different parts of Asia. Or you may opt for a river cruise down the Rhine or the Danube in Europe. But be warned - you'll be traveling in such lush decadence on your journey that you'll be tempted not to leave the ship when you reach your ports of call!

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Google Geo Bee

caribbean cruise puerto rico

caribbean cruise puerto rico

There are many fun not-too-far-off places to go during the winter to get away from the freezing weather. My favorites are California, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. (Actually I live in California, so I don't have to go there on vacation!)

California is my favorite state. I have lived there for about half my life and I never get tired of it. Both northern and southern California are quite exciting in very different ways. When people think of California, they usually think of southern California - the beaches, Hollywood, and Disneyland. These are all very fun places to visit. The three main big cities in southern California are Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara.

Northern California is another world. San Francisco is a beautiful, large old city surrounded by water on three sides, the San Francisco Bay to the east, the Golden Gate to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The Bay Area, the metropolitan area of San Francisco, is comprised of the nine counties along the San Francisco Bay and is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. It includes San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, and San Jose.

Hawaii is the southernmost state. It consists of eight islands: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii. Hawaii is the biggest island geographically and home to the volcano Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the islands. All the islands were formed from volcanoes. Honolulu, the capitol and largest city in Hawaii, is on the island of Oahu. Hawaii also has many beautiful beaches.

Florida is another gorgeous state with lots of sun and nice beaches. Fun places to go in Florida include Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Daytona, and the Florida Keys, Key West in particular. Orlando has many theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Sea World.

From Florida it's easy to get to the Caribbean by boat. A cruise is the best way to tour the Caribbean Islands, which include the Bahamas, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Martinique, and Puerto Rico. The Islands are beautiful but very poor. However, the natives are quite friendly.

Mexico is another spectacular place to travel during the winter. Besides Tijuana, which is a dump, the only places I've visited in Mexico are Cancun and the Yukitan Peninsula, which are quite beautiful. Cancun is one of many resort towns in Mexico, built primarily for tourists, some others being Acapulco, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vaerte. To see the real Mexico, you need to take day trips from these cities. The Chichen Itsa is a fabulous Mayan pyramid in the Yukitan peninsula, an easy day trip from Cancun.

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Things to do on a southern caribbean cruise?

Hello everyone!:)

I'm going on a cruise and we will be traveling the southern caribbean for 7 days with Carnival Cruise lines. We will be stopping at San Juan, Puerto Rico ; St. Thomas, USVI ; Dominica ; Barbados ; St. Lucia, WI ; Antigua ; St Kitts, WI ; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What are some things that you think I shouldn't miss doing at these places, and what are some "must-see" things I should see? Thanks so much!

i went on that exact cruise in april! i was so much fun; you're going to love it! ok i don't know what you guys want to do or what your style is, but i can tell you what we did and what i thought of each thing.

puerto rico - we stayed a night after our cruise, so we just hung out at the hotel and went to restaurants, then went walking around downtown at night. it was really nice. what i wanted to do, however, was this kayak tour out at some bay where there are these micro organisms that glue neon blue when your paddle touches the water. definitely look into that.
st. thomas - we went to the aquarium and then magen's bay beach. the aquarium was a bit of a disappointment. the beach was nice, but i was expecting it to be much larger. it has showers and stuff though, so it's nice to be able to rinse off.
dominica - we did the double the fun for 2 in 1 thing. we went rivertubing and then went on the hike to the waterfalls. the tubing was easily one of my favorite parts of our trip. it's an hour of tubing on a natural river and it was so much fun - i laughed the entire time we were tubing. the hike was cool, but you have to be careful. i went swimming under one of the falls and it was freezing, but very nice, clear water.
barbados - definitely go snorkeling with the turtles. a bunch came right up to me and a few almost swam into me. it was awesome. then we had some time at the beach and the sand is gorgeous - it's pink and white and so soft
st. lucia - we went scuba diving. i don't know if you're certified or not, but if you are, it was a great time.
antigua - we went off on our own and found people to take us horseback riding on the beach and then had a few hours on one of the nicest beaches i have ever been to. i got scared of being on the horses, but the rest of my family and my brother's girlfriend had a blast. put sunscreen on your legs if you're doing this though, because i didn't and i couldn't move because it hurt so bad. the beach is beautiful. we went to dickinson beach i believe. it's the beach that the sandals resort is on and it's fantastic. i went jet skiing there.
st. kitts - i went to the beach with my mom while the rest of our party explored some shops. the beach was yucky, i'm sorry to say. it was made of sulfuric rocks and therefore it smelled and there were some creepy people there. try to get a tour of the island or something.

a little sidenote: get off the boat early and look for independent tour operators at the information desks at each port. you can save a ton of money. we did this for the horseback riding. on the boat, they said it was $90 per person. we found someone on our own for $35 a person. HUGE savings. same thing with the scuba diving. on board it was $200 per person and then we found someone to take us for $120 for 2 dives.

have fun! definitely eat the chocolate melting cake for dessert - it's to die for.

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Puerto Rico's Old World Fort San Cristobal, part 1, from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Voyager of the Seas

caribbean sailing distances

caribbean sailing distances

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caribbean island population

caribbean island population

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How safe is Antigua (Island in Caribbean)?

I have a vacation planned for April in Antigua, it looks amazing. I'm a safe traveler (keep little cash on me, lock up valuables, keep room locked etc) but I've heard of a few issues in Antigua and I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts. In 2008 I heard of a couple being murdered in their sleep. Just since I've booked my trip I've been reading the local paper online and I've seen articles about robbery, armed robbery and a recent murder. For such a small island with a low population I'm wondering how safe it is. Any thoughts?

Well I have a house in Antigua. I would say that depending on where you are it is safe. It sounds like you are a smart traveler as long as you aren't doing something against common sense then you should be fine. During the day you can go around the island, but during the night I wouldn't walk the streets by yourself. When I go to Antigua I feel safe but that is also because I am aware of the surroundings and where I am. Have fun and safe travels!

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