caribbean travel message boards

caribbean travel message boards

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Azin shabhaye nabavar

caribbean cruises best

caribbean cruises best

If you want to take a relaxing vacation where you are totally pamper, you may want to go on a cruise. The best and most sought after vacation spot for a cruise is that of a Caribbean cruise. If this sounds like something you want to do, then discover the best Caribbean cruise lines available. If you are unsure of which Caribbean cruise lines to choose from, then please read on to learn about Caribbean cruise lines that are the best on the market.

The top rated Caribbean cruise lines are the best ones to consider. One of these Caribbean cruise

lines is that of Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean has a 5 star rating. They are the biggest and

most innovative of all of the Caribbean cruise lines. Their accommodations are the most superb

and luxurious of all of the Caribbean cruise lines as well. On board you will be pampered by a well

trained staff. There is free 24 hour room service and all meals are also included at any of the

restaurants or buffets. The only extra thing you will have to pay for is the gambling at the

onboard casino! There is also a spa treatment facility, a pool, hot tubs, and many other amenities.

The prices for this cruise line varies by how long you wish the cruise to last and by what kind of

room you stay in. There are 3 rooms to choose from: indoor, ocean view, and balcony.

The next top rated Caribbean cruise lines you should consider are that of the Carnival Caribbean

cruise lines. Carnival Caribbean cruise lines have received a 4 and a half star rating. Carnival

cruise ships are somewhat smaller than the Royal Caribbean cruise lines and not quite as luxurious.

But if you have kids or a family, Carnival Caribbean cruise lines is the way to go. This is

because they have many kid oriented activities on board and they cater to children more than most other

Caribbean cruise lines. They have pools, saunas, shops, bars, restaurants that are all included

with your ticket fee, and many other amenities. The cost again varies by how long you stay on the

cruise, and by what kind of room you choose.

Both of these Caribbean cruise lines were the top rated and the most highly sought after for

people vacationing on a cruise to the Caribbean. Before you decide which cruise liner you wish to use,

do some research online. If you want a more adult oriented cruise, then go with a Royal Caribbean

cruise. If you are taking children, then go with a Carnival cruise. With all of this in mind,

you should be able to select between the 2 best Caribbean cruise lines!

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What is the Best Caribbean Cruise Line?

Olivia cruise line!

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Royal Caribbean Cruise on the Monarch of the Seas Bahamas 2010

caribbean cruises norwegian

caribbean cruises norwegian

Carnival Cruises are considered to be the worlds most popular cruise line because they offer much variety and good value cruise holidays. Carnival cruises can by booked over the telephone, online, or via a travel agent.

Carnival's fun ships sail to over sixty destinations in Europe, South America, the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Transatlantic, Canada/New England, Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska and their shore excursions are planned so that you really enjoy every port of call. There are nearly always special offers and savings to be made from early bookings. All of which help passengers get the lowest price possible.

Acquiring a Carnival Sea Miles card allows you to earn vacations at quality resorts, air travel, a free cruise on Carnival or one of the other cruise lines.

Carnival offers dream wedding packages where a wedding coordinator takes care of every detail, you can choose a private ceremony for your shipboard wedding or a large affair with more than hundred guests.

A destination-wedding package to Barbados, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Key West, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or St Thomas includes transportation to the wedding destination, a traditional ceremony with a selection of sparkling wine and champagne, as well as a traditional wedding cake and photography service.

When you sail with Carnival you are assigned a stateroom steward who will be at your service for the whole journey and a cruise director and his staff provide a variety of things for you to do from morning till night. There is a shipboard newspaper delivered each evening before your retire, which includes the next days program.

Fun shops offer an excellent selection of duty frees including designer watches, top fragrances, souvenirs, jewellery, alcohol and tobacco. Carnival also has a recommended shopping program that allows you to save up to sixty percent on goods at ports of call.

All Carnival ships offer a golf academy at sea program, which is suitable for all ages and levels of skill. There is a fun ship casino where you can play the slot machine games, Wheel of Fortune, black jack, Caribbean stud poker and Mega Cash and there are even casino lessons at the start of each cruise. Bingo is also available.

All Carnival ships have a selection of swimming pools including those suitable for young children and for those interested in what goes on behind the scenes, there is a chance to take a galley tour.

Baby sitting is available between the hours of 10pm and 3am and throughout the day Camp Carnival offers three children's activity programs run by specially trained camp counsellors. These are for toddlers and juniors with the aim of entertaining groups of two to nine year olds. Circle C is a program for the twelve to fourteen year olds, whilst Club O2 is a teenagers program aimed at the fifteen to seventeen age group.

Medical services are available onboard and there are various dining options.

Carnival is the only cruise line to give a vacation guarantee and if you are not fully satisfied they will make a refund and fly you back to your port of embarkation.

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What to pack on 5 day cruise to Caribbean on NCL in December?

I'm going on a 5 day cruise to the Caribbean on NCL(Norwegian) in a couple days. What should I pack? What should I pack in my overnight/carry-on bag so I have essentials while I wait for them to deliver my luggage. I was thinking of packing several sun dresses, is this appropriate? I'm 24. Any other tips?

Don't overpack your carryon. It's usually only a couple hours until your room is ready. You'll be up on Lido Deck having lunch, standing in line, juggling a tray full of food, a dessert, a drink, and....your 50 pound overpacked carryon bag. I've done it. Not fun.

Keep it simple. You basically just need ID, passport, credit cards, medications (dramamine!), maybe a camera. If I'm taking something valuable or extremely fragile I'll put it in my carryon and avoid risking it to checked luggage. But otherwise, keep it light. Board with an outfit and shoes that you don't mind wearing for a couple hours and you should be good until the room opens up. You might want a jacket, depending on what city you are departing from. It's fun to explore the ship while you wait for your room to open, and it might be chilly outside in December.

The longest I've ever waited for the room to open was maybe 2 hours, and the longest I've ever waited for luggage was maybe 5 hours. Typically you will have luggage a lot faster than that.

Have a great trip. Feel free to e-mail you have questions.

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Norwegian Epic 7-Night Caribbean Cruise Combo - from $639/person.

caribbean cruise discounts

caribbean cruise discounts

Disney, the name ensures complete entertainment to people of all age groups. This entertainment company gives you so many reasons to be happy and cherish each moments that says a different story for your experience in Disney specialty. For joining Disney, you can take a specialized Fantasy cruise ship that made its maiden sail in April 2012. It simply means since then there have been four special Disney ships to be launched and you can make your bookings now. Enjoy endless hours watching the beauty of Caribbean cruises.

These specific cruises are most famous at sea and for many good reasons. The extreme beautiful and mesmerizing ship, all latest technologies, support itineraries, and the high universal standards of service makes this ship a very popular choice with family vacations and with close friends.

Disney Fantasy cruise, a new addition will be added into this category in 2012. After that there will be four ships that will take you to destinations of your dream. Many people will tell you what they have experienced on their trip to Disney Magic, and its sister ships the Wonder. You can easily guess the kind of fun and luxurious feel aboard. Interestingly, Disney is all set to add two ships to its current fleet. The mesmerizing Disney Dream will be added in the year 2011 and Disney Fantasy will make its inaugural voyage in the year 2012.

Why wait? Make your reservations now. Get confirmation and start packing for a fairyland where you will forget almost everything from the present setup.

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Need information about cruising with Royal Caribbean this month?

I am about to ruin my famiy's planned cruise by worrying myself into a coma. First of all, will there be enough entertainment for my 13-year old child? Secondly, I read somewhere that coupons can be used onboard to discount certain products. How can I get my hands on a coupon booklet? Thirdly, any recommendations for an alternative to the land excursions offered by the cruiseline...such as local shops in Nassau and Coco Cay? Thanks so much.

RC is supposed to be one of the best for kids and activities for them.

There may be a "coupon" book available to purchase ahead of time - check the website or ask your travel agent. Most likely it's not that great a deal. The ones I've read about are like "10% off a spa treatment" [they're very expensive] or "10% off purchase of a cruise-line cookbook in the onboard store", etc; you get the idea.

One way you can save money if you'll be drinking a lot of soda is to get a soda card for each family member.

Go to, click on "Boards" at the top of the page, then "Royal Caribbean", and "Roll Call" for your sailing [you'll find other passengers sailing with you], and "Ports of Call" for tips on what to do in your ports and whether you can do things on your own. Depending on which ports you're traveling to, you can do excursions on your own and they'll be much better and much cheaper.

Coco Cay is a private island, so the only thing you'll be doing there is through the cruiseline. Nassau is one of those ports where you can have a great time or be turned off and annoyed by locals - it just depends on where you go.

Have a good time and stop worrying! Your biggest problem is going to be getting "addicted" to cruising!

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Discount Windstar Cruises Videos & Guide!

caribbean vacations best deals

caribbean vacations best deals

If you've been to the Caribbean, you know it can be one of the most relaxing places on the planet. That laid-back atmosphere just seems to rub off and by day two, you're already dreaming about never going back home again. Sunshine, buffets, sandy beaches, and romantic evenings are enough to make anyone think twice about where they live.

What I am going to show you is how I save money every time that I want to book a resort in the Caribbean, and how I have never been disappointed at any place I've ever stayed.

Now, I admit, I'm not very picky, but I do know bad from good. I can sympathize with resort owners to a certain extent. I don't know about you, but when I go on vacation, I want to know that I have the best I can afford. We all work hard for our money and like Mom said, getting a good deal is a good thing.

First, like me, you probably know where you want to go. I started going to Aruba and later branched out to some of the other Caribbean islands. Some places were better when tourism wasn't big, and some places I've found, actually got better when tourism came in. If it helps the local economy in a good way, I'm all for it.

With your destination in mind, the first place I head for is This is a website I recommend for everyone I know, for everything from hotels to rental homes to vacation destinations and everything in between. The thing that makes Tripadvisor so powerful is that people like you and I make comments on the trips we've made and we rate each place. Now you don't have to do this, but if you contribute, it just makes it better for everyone. The rating system is tallied up, and each place receives a score. The lower the score, the better - because it's like a ranking - you want to be in first place.

So using Tripadvisor you can easily find the city, pick a resort from the list, and read comments from actual guests who stayed there. Many people offer information on how they saved money, so this is very useful. Two other websites have helped me a lot for saving money are and You can find them from the Tripadvisor website in the columns, or just go directly. Here, spend some time to work with the dates of your trip to see if the resort is offering any specials.

Finally, the bigger resorts have Twitter accounts. You can find these online by Googling their name and the word Twitter. For example, Aruba Marriott twitter will show you the Twitter feed from the Marriott in Aruba, and a glance at the feed will show you some great bargains. For hotels and resorts without Twitter accounts, simply go to their website (you can Google that, too) and using the Contact button, ask about any discounts or specials that may be running during the week you want to vacation there. Just ask. You'll be surprised at the response.

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Which Caribbean Island is the least expensive for a fantastic vacation?

I want a Tropical Paradise Vacation-gorgeous beach, nature, forests,lagoons, etc. Where can I go and get the BEST deal. Money is limited. Thanks in advance! : )


I spent a week on the island and it is absolutely wonderful! brought $200 (american) and still had money left over afterwards. Lots to do - email me if you want details or photos!

happy traveling!

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Vacation Days are Made for Cruise Vacations: Find Stress Relief & Wellness with Royal Caribbean

caribbean cruise ships

caribbean cruise ships

Royal Caribbean Cruises are some of the most popular cruises of any company. Operating on the biggest cruise ships on the world's oceans, Royal Caribbean cruises sail around the world.

Twenty ships, like the Freedom of the Seas, transport passengers on Royal Caribbean cruises to destinations at all corners of the globe. One of the most popular of Royal Caribbean Cruises is the Caribbean and Panama Cruises. This popular cruise take anywhere between nine and fourteen nights, and takes in the islands of the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. The Caribbean islands are surrounded by clear water ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving, whilst the beaches are great for relaxing. The Panama Canal is also a great place to cruise through, and as well as the jungle surroundings, the man made canal is a must see.

Another one of the popular Royal Caribbean Cruises is a trip to the Arctic North, taking in the sights of Canada and Alaska. Normally lasting for a week these cruises take in the sights of the glaciers and stop off at many Arctic ports.

Consider though that Royal Caribbean cruises take in areas from Asia, South America, Europe, North America and Australia. In fact where ever you want to visit you will find a cruise that takes you there. Royal Caribbean cruises though are not just about the on board life, and there are many sites to see on land. Many cruises will spend hours in ports, providing the opportunity to visit many of the world's most magnificent sites including Rome, Paris, and Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue. Many people may be put off by the thought of days at sea but Royal Caribbean cruises also include Cruise tours to places like Australia. Cruise tours combine some sailing with a land journey, which could see several consecutive days being travelled over land. The Europe Cruise tour takes in the major cities of England, Spain, France and Italy.

Many cruise passengers though go on Royal Caribbean cruises for the on board experiences. Royal Caribbean ships are packed full of things to do. Most include theatres and cinemas, casinos, shops and fitness facilities. Added to the multiple restaurants and bars, many people undertake a cruise and never set foot off their ship. The quality of service is often likened to a first class hotel.

Royal Caribbean cruises are some of the most popular of all cruises on offer, passengers normally come back totally satisfied and often travel again the next year.

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Does the casino in the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Monarch of the Seas, have a craps table?

The RCCL website says they have a casino on this ship but they are unclear if there is a craps table on this specific ship

Yes it does. I was just there (on the ship - not on the craps table) last December.

You can see one of the craps tables these photos ...

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Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas Leaves Shipyard -

cheap caribbean cruises 2010

cheap caribbean cruises 2010

When booking a holiday many people find it hard choosing between a cruise holiday and a more 'traditional' style holiday. There are many differences between both types of getaway but I am sure you will see by the end of this article that Cruising certainly has the best advantages and will become your favourite holiday choice year after year.

Advantages of cruise holidays appear as soon as you start organising a holiday, planning a more traditional holiday starts with checking for flights, connecting flights and holidays. When it comes to a cruise holiday you can be assured of many great cheap cruise deals all within reach of your fingertips by telephone, internet or brochure. Once you have decided what company and destination you would like you just have to make one phone call to book everything.

Another great advantage to cruise holidays is that you know the accommodation is always going to be top quality; cruise companies pride themselves on giving customers the best possible quality to their customers and rely on reputation and word of mouth for future business.

On a more traditional holiday you may well have the sun, sea and sand but you don't get as much variety. Imagine one morning waking up in Spain and the next in Greece, with cruise ships many day excursions offer you a chance to see many different countries and spend enough time to enjoy them. Should you take a traditional holiday offer you will experience your surroundings and then it will cost you to travel further afield.

Many people who take cruise holidays claim that they would never take another kind of holiday. Cost really can make a difference to a holiday and most cheap cruise deals are great value for money and include many extras that you would normally have to pay out for, thus giving you the best possible holiday without constant worry about expenses.

These are just a few of the advantages of cruise holidays; it really goes to show just why this type of holiday has become the most popular in recent years. Holiday makers can really get a convenient yet exciting experience at a great price even if they choose a last minute cruise deal.

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Caribbean Cruise 2010

caribbean cruises holland america

caribbean cruises holland america

Think about taking a trip to some of the most gorgeous places on earth. You can see breathtaking sights, immerse yourself in a unique culture, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Now imagine traveling to one of these locales in the lap of luxury. You'll dine on exquisite cuisine, sample fine wines and spirits, see thrilling shows and be pampered and entertained as much as you want to be.

That's a perfect description of the quintessential cruise vacation.You can sail to faraway places while enjoying every minute of your journey. And best of all, you only have to unpack your suitcase one time! Here are some of the cruise lines that can immerse you in total luxury.

Avalon Waterways

This carrier focuses on trips through smaller aquatic passages such as rivers and straits, allowing visitors to view beautiful landscapes and vistas throughout most of the tour. Avalon has plenty of on-board activities and entertainment for all ages, but is especially popular with mature travelers. And the company's ships feature its one-of-a-kind Silent Drive System for a ride that's quieter and smoother than any other vessel.

Azamara Club Cruises

This line prides itself on flawless customer service as well as lavish amenities. In fact, it boasts a two-to-one guest-to-staff member ratio on all of its voyages. Also, Azamara offers some spa services that you won't find on most cruise lines, such as in-room spa treatments and acupuncture-at-sea sessions.

Celebrity Cruises

This company is known for its spacious ships which house not only a wide variety of activity choices but also several different types of staterooms to satisfy any type of traveler. Celebrity also offers European butler service for its suites, which treats its guests to valuable extras like evening hors d'oeuvres or shoe-shining service. This line attracts many people looking to tie the knot with either a small, private ceremony or a major wedding party.

Holland America Line

These midsized ships hearken back to the cruising days of old, with décor steeped in tradition as well as staterooms that are elegantly accented. Holland America entices the fashionable traveler with features such as on-board enrichment programs, art auctions and cooking classes and seminars offered by the Culinary Arts Center. You can even secure a private car or an English translator and guide for your shore excursions.

MSC Cruises

Boasting the youngest fleet in the cruising world, these modern vessels treat guests to open vistas and flowing designs. MSC is proud of its distinctive on-board restaurants, stylish theater productions and unusual destination choices. But, arguably, the company's biggest draw is the fact that children 17 and under sail free.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This brand is known for what it calls "Freestyle Cruising," which emphasizes flexibility in its amenities. It all starts with the choice of staterooms, which include connecting suites and villas that feature their own private club with swimming pool, private deck, and dedicated butler service. Norwegian accentuates its large variety of leisure activities with unique details like memory foam mattress tops and Evian spritzes.

Princess Cruises

This line is arguably the most versatile in the cruise industry. Princess can cater to all types of travelers (and budgets) from singles, honeymooners and couples to families, seniors, and specialty groups. And if it's possible to do on the high seas, from rock climbing and scuba training to casino gambling and nighttime dancing, these vessels have a place for you to do it.

Royal Caribbean International

This company showcases its can-do attitude with onboard amusements to suit any vacationer. Active types can avail themselves of a running track, basketball court, surf simulator, and even a small golf course. There are several stage shows for the adults, kids clubs for children and adolescents, and theme nights for the entire family.

Uniworld Cruises

This brand markets itself as a unique boutique river cruise line which features itineraries and destinations that few of its competitors offer. Only about 130 guests travel on each ship on average, giving Uniworld vacations a more intimate and personal feel. And foodies will love the cuisine that is prepared by chefs from five-star hotels, as well as al fresco dining on an open-air sundeck and complimentary wine and beer during dinner meals.

As far as cruise destinations, you can book your trip to tropical locations such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Perhaps you prefer the stunning wilderness of Alaska or the old world charm of the Mediterranean. If you fancy the exotic, you may choose a cruise which takes you to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, or different parts of Asia. Or you may opt for a river cruise down the Rhine or the Danube in Europe. But be warned - you'll be traveling in such lush decadence on your journey that you'll be tempted not to leave the ship when you reach your ports of call!

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Which cruise line is YOUR favorite?

Of these:
-Holland America
-Royal Caribbean

Just curious. Order them if you'd like. Oh, and how old are you?

I'm 37 and my husband is 28,I have a 15 year old daughter and an 11 year old son and we have been on several Royal Caribbean cruises as well as a couple of Carnival cruises,our personal favorite is Royal Caribbean.They have always been so extremly nice,helpful and energetic(sometimes they seemed to like there job a little to much but hey that's a good thing I guess).We can't stay off of the rock wall and the view from up there is breathtaking.My husband and I aren't into the party scene but we did make it out a couple of times to take in a show and we enjoyed ourselves.I'm not knocking Carnival but everytime we have been with them the workers we came in contact with didn't seem to want to be there at all.My husband went on a Carnival cruise for Christmas in 2006 without our children and on a particularly rough night at sea my husband and I were waiting to get into the formal dining room(on formal night) a lady on a rascal scooter tried to get on it and at the same time we hit a huge wave and she fell while holding the throttle on it and my husband ran to catch her and didn't quite make it in time,she fell on the side of the scooter and we tried to comfort her without moving her and waiting for the ship's doctor,he was eating dinner elsewhere and never came,his nurse did and a couple of the staff but none were able to move her,they turned to my huband who is 6'5" and almost 300 pounds(no,he isn't fat,he works out like crazy)and said well,why didn't you pick her up and he said because i'm not going to move her and hurt her anymore and they said well,pick her up and put her back on the scooter(like the lady wasn't even there),he did and they brought her into the elevator and before they closed the door to the service elevator that said what cabin are you in and I said why,the nurse said in case she falls again we will just have them call your cabin.Needless to say the mood in the dinning room at our table was real somber we felt really bad for the lady because they showed no compassion for this lady with a serious medical condition that required her to use a scooter.Just one of my experiences but one I will never forget.

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Experience Holland America Line: Premium Cruising

caribbean cruises to bahamas

caribbean cruises to bahamas

There is plenty to do on the Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas. Once upon a time, it was one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It was launched in 1991, and at that time, it generated a lot of media coverage for being one of the three largest cruise ships. Compared to the mega-ships of today, however, it is only average in size.

Nevertheless, it has plenty to offer. Cruise experts consider it to be a great choice for first time cruisers. If you are new to cruising, then Monarch of the Seas is an excellent place to start. It offers three and four night Bahamas itineraries out of Port Canaveral. You can get away for a few days on the private island of CocoCay. This ship has fourteen decks and room for nearly 2,500 guests.

Whether you want to stay on board or go on land excursions while at port, you will find plenty to keep you entertained. On the ship, you can relax at a spa, go swimming in one of the large outdoor pools, rock-climb, enjoy yourself at the Casino Royale, eat at one of the many fine dining restaurants, and so forth.

There is always something going on, 24/7, on board the ship. The Royal Caribbean line has always been renowned for its entertainment. There is a variety of shows for adults and children of all age groups: comedy, drama, music, singing, dancing, hypnosis, and so forth. The Boleros Lounge in particular has a lot of entertaining shows at night.

The Viking Crown Lounge is the largest venue on the ship. This venue has a circular layout, and is small enough so that you can walk all the way around it. Another small lounge that you need to visit during your stay is the Schooner Bar. It has a neat, nautical theme that will make you feel as if you are on a pirate ship! It is near the casino, Centrum, and the Sound of Music Lounge.

In addition to the lounges, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes on the Monarch. The two dining rooms are Vincent's and Claude's. Both of these offer a fine dining experience. They both have a raised center section and lower perimeter banquet seating options. If you want something more casual, you can head to the Windjammer Caf. This is a buffet restaurant that features pizza, turkey, pasta, salad, rattan, and any other bistro-style food you can eat.

Overall, the Monarch is one of the Royal Caribbean's most popular ships, and if you are looking for an inexpensive cruise, this is a great choice. It is not the most luxurious of ships, but it is an ideal solution for getting away for a few, fun-filled days.

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royal caribbean cruise? fun?

well as u can see, i'm gonna be going to florida to get on royal caribbean cruise to bahamas next month with my family and their friends. i'm 15 yrs old and i'm just wondering if i'll have a fun time? for those who know about this cruise or went on it before, is it good? i hope i have a fun time really!! what would be there for me to enjoy? i mean besides the hotels and stuff like that .. thanks to whoever could give me a little inside !!

Hopefully you are on a 7 day or less cruise, there tends to be more young people there. My teen boys, 15 and 17 went with us in March to the Caribbean for a 11 day cruise, which had fewer kids but still had an awesome time ! There was a teen center with places for them to hang out and activities. They also just loved the cruise and the places we stopped. You will have a great time !

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John Heald from the Carnival Fantasy - Carnival Fantasy Sails from Charleston to Caribbean Ports

caribbean holidays christmas

caribbean holidays christmas

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i need the name of this song?

Does any one know the name to this song, here is the lyrics to the song...(the name might be Caribbean Christmas)
"come and sing and dance with us on the caribbean christmas - Celebrate the holidays on the caribbean christmas - forget the cold, forget the snow, but bring your honey and the mistletoe - We've got the sun and we've got the sand and we've got the time to make you plenty tan - Our christmas trees got the coconuts on the caribbean christmas - come and see the pretty ladies dance around - You can have a reggae or calypso band with a big steel drum on the caribbean christmas - forget your job and the big boss man on your caribbean christmas but don't forget your money please on your caribbean christmas."

email is-

i think that's what it is called "Caribbean Christmas" by Antonia Lawrence

Here's a Video about caribbean holidays christmas:

2NTRIGUE - Silent Night, Holy Night (A Caribbean Soul Christmas)