exotic caribbean honeymoons

exotic caribbean honeymoons

By far one of the most memorable days of our lives is the Wedding day and it is not surprising that we seek for ways to make this day as unique and romantic as possible. That is why a Caribbean cruise wedding will meet your expectations and provide you and those that attend this wedding with the most wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime.

A Dream Wedding

What can be more romantic than getting married on a cruise ship while at sea or even at a port? Even before the ship leaves the port, usually most couples choose to marry on the first day on the cruise so they can have the family members attend and then, leave on the cruise for their honeymoon. If you want the captain of the ship to officiate your wedding, he has the power otherwise bring along your own minister.

Planning Of A Caribbean Cruise Wedding

If you want to hold it before the cruise starts, it is critical that you plan the Caribbean cruise wedding as you cannot bring on board anyone without prior permission from the captain and that cannot be obtained the same day in order to ensure the safety of all those onboard and be in concordance with the rules and regulations enforced by the US coast guard.

If they are advised in time for example, your wedding reception, drinks, food and even the wedding cake, everything can and will be catered for by the ship staff. You need to let them know the day you want your Caribbean cruise wedding to take place, how many people will be present at and when you want to it take place. If you obtain the approval of the cruise line, you are permitted to bring your own drinks and food.

Get Help To Get Organized your Caribbean Cruise Wedding

The ships personnel are familiar with procedures and can assist you in every aspect to have the Caribbean cruise wedding you want. If you are in doubt of something ask the ships staff for help and guidance and they will be only be happy to oblige.

Have the wedding of your dream in the exclusive surroundings of the most romantic place in the world and follow it by an equally romantic honeymoon to the beautiful beaches and ports of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise: Experience the Many Popular Idyllic Romantic Getaways

One can safely say that the Caribbean honeymoon cruise is a most romantic experience that allows couples to appreciate elegant sands, dip into warm waters as well as have gentle winds scream out inviting one to take a moonlight stroll as well as enjoy cool filled picnics. People generally flock to the Caribbean in search of exotic as well as wonderful islands that provide every amenity, and provide that unforgettable experience that one has always hoped for, where honeymoon couples are especially pampered and feasted. One can find the ideal romantic getaways in the isolation of stylish resorts that will satisfy every newly wed couple. There are also discount Caribbean honeymoon cruises that take the newly wed to every island as well as honeymoon spots that one may not find anywhere else in the world.

Caribbean honeymoon cruises are very popular as newly weds are given enough opportunity to retreat from the routine of life and find company in each other, without any distractions. The Caribbean honeymoon cruise will take newly weds to islands that provide a wide variety of outdoor activities like scuba diving and jumping out of a plane.

Exotic and magnificent Islands Beckon One

One can imagine how much lovers would appreciate a week or two together in these idyllic locations with the intimate settings, quiet spots as well as beaches and clubs to provide all the necessary ingredients to grow the romance. Most honeymooners settle towards Jamaica and the Dominican Republic because costs are lower and there is abundance on which they can splurge on. The Caribbean provides some of the best honeymoon resorts that are even superior to those found on some of the smaller European islands since getting married is a once in a lifetime occasion.

The Caribbean honeymoon cruises take honeymooners to Martinique, St. Lucia as well as Turks and Caicos Islands which are popular destinations that have romantic overload possibilities, and their reputation is well known throughout the world. The means to such wonderful honeymoons is, of course, being able to discover resorts that provide specifically for honeymooners, or going to out-of-the-way places which let honeymooners to do exactly as they please.

One can just click on a travel website and see the whole range of options available, and there are also sure to be some bargain basement prices as well since Caribbean honeymoon cruises specials are available everywhere. One can easily find resorts that are surrounded by nature in all of its luxury and places such as the Paradise Bay Resort offer clear blue water and are hidden amid thousands of acres of beautiful nature. It is places such as these that make the Caribbean honeymoon cruise worthwhile.

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Help pick the perfect honeymoon destination for a gay couple?

We're just looking for a few things:
1) warm/hot
2) not the Caribbean/Hawaii- want somewhere more exotic
3) where we can hug/kiss without too much negative attention (most important)

Thank! xoxo


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5 star luxury caribbean resorts

5 star luxury caribbean resorts

A colourful pastiche of culture, fun, frolic and natural splendour, Goa is the land of gleeful carnivals, masqueraded bashes, verdant hills and gorgeous sun-kissed beaches. Incurring the highlights of the state, Goa hotels create a refreshing ambiance filled with serenity and serendipity. Staying at luxury class hotels are always a treat for they pamper their guests with a horde of arrangements taking care of all their requirements. Well fashioned and updated to latest technology, five star hotels in Goa are name for class, charming elegance and sophistication. The five star resorts located on the beach-front however, brings the best of Goan spirit to one's doorsteps. Wake up to sounds of surf crashing on the shores and the silvery sands embroidering the azure waters of Arabian Sea as you book five star beach hotels in Goa. From the view to the interiors, services and ambiance everything is top-notch.

Bogmallo Beach Resort

Tourists booking for the hotel can look forward to submerge in an ambiance of beauty and serenity. The surrounding mysterious little islands, shipwrecks in the silt and ceaseless expanse of the sea create the magic which is further enhanced with the silver lining of the sandy beaches at the end of the cove. The hotel nestled right next to the ocean is also known for its refined sophistication and gamut of dining, wining and recreation amenities for a leisurely stay.

Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort

For your personal cottage by the sea head to this resort where you can stare at the horizon for hours and indulge in the tranquilizing effect of the beach. Imparting various aspects of Goan architectural style, the design of the hotel exudes a vintage charm. Like most five star hotels in Goa, Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort is also replete with luxurious comforts, exquisite décor and offers excellent services.

Majorda Beach Resort

The grandeur of Majorda Beach Resort is only enhanced further with its lush manicured landscapes and the ideal location by the sprawling stretches of balmy white sands. Choosing from a choice of 120 plush rooms one can enjoy access to ultimate luxury and tranquillity. From private balcony one can feast their eyes on the breathtaking views of the ocean and the lush greenery that surrounds them. The hotel caters to A-list clientele and showers them with all the creature comforts starting from updated in-room amenities including International Direct Dialling, mini bar, Wi-Fi access and other recreation, fitness and business amenities.

Fort Aguada Beach Resort

Built on the ramparts of 16th century Portuguese fort, Fort Aguada Beach Resort is a part of a magnificent fortress complex overlooking Arabian Sea. Its grandeur and splendid is unmatchable and the hotel treats its guests with a range of spacious villas, exotic tropical beaches, nine restaurants producing delectable delicacies, Jiva Spa offering rejuvenating therapies and more.

These beachside beauties are incredible oasis of comfort and elegance. Their timeless sophistication blended perfectly with a contemporary flair and a classic dynamism adds a distinct character to them rarely found elsewhere in the world. These hotels in Goa assimilate the latest trends and fashions new and innovative ways of hospitality leaving the guests with a refreshing expression of Goan holidays.

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best caribbean honeymoon spots

best caribbean honeymoon spots

When considering honeymoon vacation destinations, the main factor is what the two of you want the most. Which location best reflects who you are as a couple, including your interests, passions, and desires? Is there a certain place you've both always wanted to see? Have you dreamed of having your honeymoon in a certain location? Which destination has the best reputation as a romantic honeymoon location?

Cost will be the second most important consideration. You want to take the honeymoon vacation of a lifetime without breaking the bank. It's important for your trip to be a time to remember, but you also need to make sure you have enough money to start your lives together. Fortunately, there are plenty of honeymoon vacation deals out there, including luxury packages, spa trips, and cruises. Here are the top 4 destinations for your honeymoon!


The Hawaiian Islands are a genuine tropical paradise, with beautiful weather nearly every day of the year. It's also a top destination for honeymooners from around the world. As such, you'll find plenty of hotel honeymoon deals, as well as special rates on sightseeing tours and cruises throughout the island chain. If you're looking for affordable luxury on your trip, this is it.

The Caribbean

If you're planning a honeymoon in January or February, then the Caribbean is the perfect place for you to go. The weather is at its best in this area then, without the danger of hurricanes that comes in the summer. There are many small islands dotting the ocean in this area, and they're close together, so you'll have time to see as many as you like. While not as lush as Hawaii, the Caribbean has a deserved reputation as THE place to go to party, so if you're both up for a rousing good time, the Caribbean can give it to you.

The Mediterranean

The summer is the perfect time to visit the Mediterranean. The weather is warm and inviting, and all the shops are open. You'll find plenty of opportunities for dining outdoors and enjoying the historic and natural sites of the region. If you're wine lovers, you'll also find an array of vineyards to visit. Many hotels in the area run specials during this time of year, so be sure to check it out for good deals.


Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on the North American continent, and the perfect place to go for your honeymoon vacation if you're looking for a wild and rugged time in some spectacular natural scenery. Whether you take an Alaskan cruise or traverse the interior of the state, there are plenty of photographic opportunities awaiting you, and many good deals to be had during the summer tourist season.

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What is the best, most undiscovered, non-fancy but non-rustic, and not uber-expensive Caribbean honeymoon spot

Just go to any of the OTHER Bahamian islands. There's 29 "Family Islands". Eleuthera is beautiful, it has pink sand and very few people outside of the cities on either end (they're moderate size towns). But oustide of New Providence and Grand Bahama islands they are all nice, the people are friendly, and you'll have a good relaxing time without a bunch of tourists all around.

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Honeymoon in Bora Bora { Tahiti } Best honeymoon destinations.

luxury caribbean travel

luxury caribbean travel

A Caribbean beach villa offers the perfect accommodations for the discerning traveler like you. You will realize that it provides you with the best of both worlds-privacy as well as accessibility to the beach and the resort's facilities.

Staying in a beach villa in the Caribbean lets you be just a few strides away from the powdery white sand and its sparkling azure waters. It provides you with a luxury that is unmatched by most of the accommodations on the island. Privacy is also guaranteed here, as your own private villa allows you to spend quality time with that special someone.

Just a few feet away from the beach, you can enjoy a fantastic view while relaxing on a hammock on your private lanai, listening to the calming sound of the waves. You can also spend time out of the sun and take pleasure in a well-deserved massage while lying under the shade of cool palm trees. When night creeps in, you can have a private dinner with your partner on your terrace and gaze at millions of stars twinkling against the dark sky. You and your loved one can also choose to feel the sand between your toes by taking a nighttime stroll on the beach, basking in the glow of the moonlight.

Inside your private Caribbean beach villa, you can kick up your heels and relax in the plush surroundings. You and your partner can share a tub and frolic in its fragrant bubbles, then lie down on a king-size bed and marvel at the exquisite fabrics that touch your skin.

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best caribbean honeymoons

best caribbean honeymoons

For the newlywed couple their honeymoon should be the most second most memorable event of their new life together right after their wedding. And after all the craziness that a wedding involves picking the best honeymoon destination is very important. It is important to remember that this may well be the happy couple first real extended time away from their everyday life and should be a time of romance, relaxation and of course loads of fun. By choosing the right honeymoon destination they will be sure to remember this time of their lives together with fond memories.

It does take some planning to find the best honeymoon destination because it requires a destination that combines the interests of both people. It makes no sense to plan a honeymoon that only appeals to one of the newlyweds. For instance, planning a honeymoon at an all inclusive golf resort may be lots of fun for the male half if he enjoys playing golf all day but it's not very appealing to the bride to be if she doesn't like to play golf and there's not much else to do there. Take the likes and expectations of both people into consideration when making a possible list of destinations.

One of the first things to take into consideration when trying to find the best honeymoon destination is what do the soon to be newlyweds enjoy doing together. Do they enjoy going snow skiing and the quiet solitude of the mountains in winter. If so consider a quiet mountain lodge with quick and easy access to the slopes of a major ski resort. On the other end of the climate spectrum are those who prefer the warmth of sun, sand, and the sea. Taking a tropical cruise with exotic ports of call or going to a tropical island for an extended stay can leave the couple feeling refreshed and relaxed, not to mention the amount of quality alone time they can enjoy.

Another point to consider is the couples desire to visit a certain country or culture. Is there one particular place they have always talked about visiting? What better time then their honeymoon to make that dream come true. When looking at these types of honeymoon destinations be sure to look for packages that feature great accommodations as well as some sort of tour or guide service that will allow the couple the opportunity to visit and learn about that place they have always dreamed of going to.

Does the couple enjoy being well taken care of or are they more of a pair of free spirits. Their personality will say a lot about what the best honeymoon destination for them may be. If they like to be pampered then a hotel or resort that prides itself on its guest services will be perfect for them. If they are more independent and don't need all the pampering consider a more laid back destination that still provides quality services but gives the couple time and room to do their own thing.

Remember that the honeymoon is about the couple and it is therefore important to choose a destination that offers an interesting getaway for both of the newlyweds. Their destination is the backdrop against which they start their married lives together and should create lasting memories. In the end choosing the best honeymoon destination is a personal choice that the soon to be married couple will agree will begin their marriage with class and style.

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What is the best place to go on a honeymoon in Florida or the Caribbean?

I need some ideas!!

I suggest that you take a Caribbean cruise on one of the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines new ships, Freedom of the Seas or Liberty of the Seas. You will see more of the Caribbean, have all of your food and lodging needs taken care of, have entertainment available and enjoy all of the activities on brand new cruise ships just launched this year and last year.

There will be formal night on ship when you both can dress up and have nice pictures made. You can even ask for a table for two. Besides the pools and hot tubs on ship (one area is for adults only) they have the rock climbing wall, a mini-golf course; ice skating (and a nice ice show), plenty of bars, lounges and places to dance and/or listen to a variety of music. They serve great meals every day. You can get free room service; we order breakfast room service and have it on the balcony. Prices for balcony cabins have gone down so try one.

You can shop for the best time to go to get the best price at their web site; prices do vary by week by hundreds of dollars.

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caribbean holiday rentals

caribbean holiday rentals

The Caribbean contains islands which are many and varied. Each one has its own music, culture, cuisine, style, landscapes and more. One thing of course that all of them have in common is that they are all vibrant, happy places surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean where the sun shines down and there is plenty of fun to be had.

For anyone choosing to cruise the Caribbean, there is the chance to experience a taste of some of these various cultures, and indulge in the beauty, wonder, and warmth of places where visitors are welcomed daily. Most cruises sailing here will opt to either travel the east or the west of the Caribbean, and in both directions you will find plenty of interesting places to visit. In the west you'll find the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, where as in the east lie Barbados, Martinique, and the British and American Virgin islands. Each island has it's own unique something to offer visitors, and with a cruise there are always interesting excursions to be taken offering opportunities, and experiences that make cruising here in the Caribbean one of the most popular of all the cruise destinations.


This is quite a prosperous island which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it would be easy to laze on one of them drinking rum and eating wonderful spicy local food. Alternatively you could enjoy a trip to the Dunns River falls, or take a tour round the famous 'Rose Hall Great House', former home of Jamaica's white witch Annie Palmer.

The Bahamas

This is one of the most popular stops when cruising, and it's not surprising when you consider just how much is on offer here. You could swim with dolphins in Nassau, spend the day snorkelling to see some of the amazing and vivid colours the ocean life here has to offer, or take a trip birding to see some of the many birds the Bahamas has. Common sightings include the Caribbean Dove, Bahama Woodstar, Loggerhead Kingbird and the Bahama Mockingbird.

Puerto Rico

When visiting Puerto Rico most ships dock at San Juan port. It's one of the busiest and most exciting ports in the Caribbean and here the city is on your doorstep and is awash with people, colour, sights and sounds. Alternatively if you prefer to veer away from the crowds, the El Junque rainforest is close enough that a trip into the edge of it is possible, and the contrast to the city is amazing. Trees, orchids and giant ferns are among the 240 different species of plants and wildlife that you might encounter and the place is so peaceful and being on the edge of the island, you can also enjoy some spectacular views out over the north east coast too.

Across the whole of the Caribbean, there are so many islands it would be impossible to cruise them all in one trip. However, the chance to experience a taste of just a few of them on a cruise is one of the many things which has visitors to this region coming back again and again wanting to experience more of what the Caribbean can offer them.

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Caribbean Vacation Rentals | Caribbean Holiday Homes

small luxury caribbean resorts

small luxury caribbean resorts

The Buccament Bay, a luxurious beach resort in St. Vincent in the Caribbean Islands is arguably one of the best luxury resorts in the world. The Buccament Bay boasts of all the exotic luxuries in the world an individual can covet. No doubt then that the place has been the cynosure of eyes for a long time. The Buccament Bay has another great advantage to its credit.

The properties in Buccament area are being utilized as a tool for financial investment and as an instrument that can easily ensure very good returns. In other words, you can either buy a property here or participate in the property development by investing. Either kind of participation can enable you to earn high returns on your investment.

About the construction: The phase I of Buccament Bay is set to open on the July 1st, 2010 and the official pre launch event is scheduled to be held at Wembley on 24th and 25th April.

About the Buccament Bay: The place, located in St.Vincent of the Caribbean Islands, is roughly a 45 minute drive from the airport and will be a drive of about 1 ½ hours from the proposed international airport. It is superbly positioned on the western coast of the Caribbean Islands. This makes it the most coveted as this part of the Caribbean islands is calmer, quieter and the sea is more sedate. No wonder then that the property prices are higher.

After the Buccament Bay comes up, it will be a combination of properties, from 4 bedroom plantation homes on landscaped grounds to studio apartments. The cabanas would typically make up all the infrastructural facilities of the proposed hotel that will supply five star spaces that will also give freedom to be in private villas.

These cabanas will typically be fully furnished that will be fully air conditioned and will enable the owner to stay rent free for a month in a year. Of the one month however, two weeks must be in the high season and the remaining two during the low season.

What makes the Buccament Bay financially rewarding? As stated earlier, the Buccament Bay is deemed to be a destination that is immensely rewarding financially. You can buy a property and sell it later.

Each Buccament Bay property, because of the amenities and the location convenience, is expected to appreciate a great deal in terms of the monetary value. You can also use the Single Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) plan to make investments in the property and reap rich rewards.

Overall, the Buccament Bay is a mouth watering prospect, both from the entertainment and luxury and from the financial rewards and investment perspective.

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luxury caribbean boutique hotels

luxury caribbean boutique hotels

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Anguilla Real Estate - Multi Family Home - $12000000

caribbean resort chains

caribbean resort chains

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where should we go in the Caribbean?

my family and i are planning another vacation.
we go on one every year.
the last 4 year we went on cruises.
so this year we decided to take a vacation to a resort.
we have been to a lot of places.

we are thinking about going to Jamaica or the Mayan Rivera.
what are some good resorts in those places?
we travel every February.
what are some good resorts that you have been to?
(one with a good beach and clean rooms is what we are looking for really.)

i totally understand that the resorts will not be the cleanest, but as long as they are not horrible.

so any good resorts or hotel chains you know of?

thanks in advance!!
we have already been to St. Maarten.

Stop making you're life more complicated than it probably is, I'm here to make it easy as its ever been. Two words: PUERTO RICO. We have from Ritz Carlton, to Marriott, Hilton Hotels, the Conquistador Hotel, Holiday Inn's, Howard Johnson's and the most spectacular that is hotel W in Vieques. No need to thank me, just remember this: Puerto Rico does it better!

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luxury caribbean homes

luxury caribbean homes

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Dream about being in Iranian President Ahmadinejad's mansion with US Judge Sotomayor? What does this mean?

The Dream:

I was walking into Ahmadinejad's property, which is a huge mansion in a tropical getaway in a caribbean island. I walk into the parking lot, where there is a collectionof luxury cars, a Lambo Murcielago, a Maybach, a Porsche Carrera, just to name a few.

I walk inside into his mansion, which looks like a huge vacation home, and Ahmadinejad signals to me "come on in", i keep on walking and im greeted by a lady who looks like Sonia Sotomayor, who i give a kiss in the cheek. Then, i look outside into the backyard and i see the mansion is a beachfront property, for which there is a typical caribbean beach up front, white sand, and turquoise water. It almost looked like Donald Trump's estate he used to have in Florida, which was once valued as the most expensive property in the US.

Seriously, this dream is not an exaggeration. I was actually enjoying the dream.

What is the interpretation of this dream?

Are you a republican? Seriously. This dream has the Iranian president and Judge Sotomayor as intimates. So that is how you see life - that they are living the good life and that liberals are somehow in bed with the middle east. But you have it all wrong. It is the Bush family (good conservatives) who were in bed with the Saudis - watch Michael Moore's movie.

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