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caribbean honeymoon deals

caribbean honeymoon deals

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Best place for a Caribbean honeymoon?

My fiance and I are looking to take our honeymoon in October. We know we want to go somewhere in the Caribbean, and would like to save as much money as possible. What are some good destinations, and how can we find the best deals? Thanks!

Barbados is a beautiful island. Lots of lovely scenery and so much to do, morning noon and night. In Barbados you can never get bored because there is something for every type of person to take part in. Barbados is also romatic. Activites for kids and older ones…you will not regret visiting Barbados! The island has great beaches and is wonderful for shopping too! In Barbados you can also swim with Turtles.

As it relates to accommodation, there is a lovely resort in Barbados called The Barbados Beach Club. This is along the South Coast and has a lovely beach view.

The Barbados Beach Club is an all inclusive resort which offers breakfast, lunch, after noon tea, dinner, unlimited drinks, an exercise room (gym), pool aerobics, snorkeling, scuba diving lessons, windsurfing, Hobie cat cruises, beach volley ball, games room, free shuttle service to and from the main town and soooo much more. The activities that are included in this all-inclusive package are astounding.

The Barbados beach club has 3 restaurants on site and one of them is buffet the other two are a la carte. The two a la carte are seafood and the other is Italian.

This is a wonderful resort in a wonderful island; you should come and explore it for yourself my friend.

They also have a special that started December 16, 2009 and ends April 14, 2010 where you get 25% discount off the all inclusive rate:

They also have a honeymoon package and a wedding package:

For more information about the price for the time period you are looking at or any other questions you may have then contact them below:

Have a look at the links that I gave you.

Hope I helped!

P.S This is a really nice hotel in a great island and I have stayed at the hotel twice so I can tell you that it is a great and affordable beach resort!

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Hurricane in Caribbean - Honeymoon Day 2

caribbean honeymoon getaways

caribbean honeymoon getaways

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Honeymoons & Romantic Getaways

caribbean honeymoon holidays

caribbean honeymoon holidays

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are malaria tablets safe in pregnancy?

Hey all, need some advice. I am gettin married in feb and am hoping to go to a nice hot place for honey moon...thinking either caribbean or africa but have been trying for a baby and am now worried that if i catch, i may not be able to honeymoon as planned. I heard that it isnt safe to have the appropriate vaccines and malaria tablets that u need to holiday in these countries. Has any one else done this or does anyone know the facts as i dont wanna book a nice holiday only to be cancelling due to pregnancy before we head off! I dont know if i have caught yet so could end up being any where between 1 and 4 months gone by the time we go! PLEASE HELP X

Some meds are safe, others are not. The doctor would prescribe you something safe to use while pregnancy.

(Incidently, most carribean destinations do NOT require malaria preventives or special vaccines so if you're unsure, book to the Carribean rather than Africa.)

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best caribbean honeymoon all inclusive resorts

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budget caribbean honeymoons

After you have planned your wedding, it is time for you to give your full attention to the post-wedding celebration for both of you. Think of this: "Honeymoon is the period where you can enjoy each other as newlyweds and it is rightful to make it extra special."

If choosing where to spend your honeymoon becomes a problem to both of you, then consider the questions below:

What do you want experience?

Among all the other concern in choosing your honeymoon location, this question is the most important for it will narrow down your possible places you can go. Here are the questions that would give you additional help: Do you like to experience the sun? Do you want to see beaches? Do you like nature experience? Do you want a honeymoon with full of entertainment? Do you want an adventure honeymoon? Do you want to spend your honeymoon with winter activities?

If you have answered, "yes" to one of these questions, then you have led yourself to the next question.

Where do you want to go?

If you happen to choose beaches over everything else, you might consider going to Hawaii, Caribbean or Fiji. If you happen to prefer entertainment, then Las Vegas is the place to be. Knowing where to go would keep your list of possible destination shorter.

What amenities would you like to have?

In one location, there are several hotels or resorts where you can possibly stay. And each has different amenities and services to offer. Identifying what do you want to have is very important before setting an exact location for your honeymoon. Make research on the different amenities and services each hotel or resort offers. If everything you need is on two or more hotels or resorts, then answer the last question.

How much do you have to spend?

Having identified everything, making sure that you have an enough budget to finance your honeymoon is very important. If you have identified 2 or more hotels, then choosing the best (with respect to your budget) is your next priority. Make sure you have enough money to spend on your chosen hotel or resort.

One more thing: the question of "when do you want to go?" would help you set your budget since the price of one resort defers from one season to another. Make sure you check on this if you want to get some savings.

After all these, you can now book for your honeymoon vacation.

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Can't choose a place for our honeymoon!! HELP!!?

OK, so we cannot figure out where to go for our honeymoon. We definitly want to go somewhere in teh Caribbean. We want extoic, romantic and relaxing.

We want an all-incluive, but not Sandals. We would like to stay in a suite. We are flyig out of Philadelphia.

We want to golf, scuba, snorkel, horseback ride, get massages, relax on the beach. We may be open to taking local tours depending on them.

Our budget is $5,000-$6,000

Can you recommend a place?
We thought about a cruise, but he doesn't want to take one
We want to go to the Caribbean, not Europe

Bora-Bora is really expensive, like $8,000

We want to go for 10 days

We do not want to go to Bermuda or Jamaica
Greece is too expensive. We thought about it first, but to fly there is really expensive

below is a link to where me and my fiancee are staying .It's right near Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, It was recommended by my dad's travel agent. She said it was the nicest place she has ever luxury. The room we booked has 2 Jacuzzis! One inside the room and one on our balcony facing the about romantic! Also if you book a higher category you get this honeymoon package

Champagne on arrival

Fresh flowers and exotic fruit basket in your room upon arrival

A Champagne breakfast in bed served the first morning after arrival

Aurum Couples Treatment: deluxe 50-minute spa package, including aromatic full-body massage, reflex thermal foot treatment with a marine mint exfoliation and de-stressing mask, and facial and scalp pressure massage

Private, beachfront dinner—upon returning from dinner you will find a romantic rose petal bath ready for you, including essential oils and candles

Petits fours each evening at turndown service

We are paying 4,000 for a week in one of the higher category rooms so you can definately stay 10 days in your budget! Man I can't wait! haha hope this helped!

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top ten caribbean honeymoon destinations

Weddings are obviously special occasions and couples often dream of the perfect setting through the ceremony as well as the following honeymoon. There are things known as the "best honeymoon" whose definition undergoes a sharp revision with changes in taste and the political situations in the so called ideal honeymoon locations. However, one such spot has always been standing solid as the perfect spot for honeymoon couples and that is the Caribbean.

A Caribbean honeymoon means traveling to a spot of the world where the calm seas and wonderful beaches only add to the pleasure of the company you have with all of nature in perfect tune with your feelings. When you go to a Caribbean honeymoon you never have to worry about time because being in the Caribbean means that you are free to do what you choose regardless of whatever time-based pressures you might have in your normal every-day life. The tropical and rich Caribbean honeymoon resorts are a great way to start a married life for any couple.

The islands of the Caribbean stretch from the northern coast of Venezuela to South Florida. These islands are all of them romantic and great places to visit for a honeymoon. While you are there, apart from taking in the beautiful sunsets and the beaches you can also take part in other activities like hiking and snorkeling, or you could simply go for a walk along the Caribbean Sea at any time you wish. There are several islands that you may choose from including Antigua, Aruba, Punta Cana, Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos. It does not matter where you plan your Caribbean honeymoon, as all of the islands are a perfect delight.

One of the most popular spots in the Bahamas is the world-renowned Cable Beach. Other popular places include the Wyndham Nassau Resort and the Crystal Palace Casino, both of which are excellent choices for a Caribbean honeymoon. If you and your partner like healthy organic foods then you should serious consider the Parrot Cay at Turks & Caicos where you can find a good mix of Mediterranean and Asian foods.

You should shop around among the various Caribbean honeymoon resorts that offer options like ocean views, daily breakfast and dinner, French Champagne, health cults, Yoga classes, snorkeling and other water sports, spas, and so on. Just a little bit of browsing will enable you to pick the perfect Caribbean honeymoon from among the several choices that are available.

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great caribbean honeymoons

great caribbean honeymoons

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Best Honeymoon spot?

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon and want to go somewhere in the Caribbean. Which Sandals resort is the best one? And what are some other great resorts in the same $5,000 a week price range? Any comments are greatly appreciated!

If you really want to stay at a Sandals property, go to Antigua. They are located on a fantastic beach and they know how to treat the honeymooners.

My other choose would be Caneel Bay in St John USVI

Good Luck and congrats)

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top 10 caribbean honeymoon resorts

top 10 caribbean honeymoon resorts

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Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica

caribbean honeymoon

caribbean honeymoon

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Where to honeymoon in the Caribbean?

We are spending 2 weeks in Cancun, then want to head to one of the Caribbean islands for a week and a half. Where would you recommend going for a romantic, stress free and affordable honeymoon? Cheers!

Try the British Virgin Islands.

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Day5: Eric & Linda's Honeymoon--Western Caribbean Cruise

caribbean honeymoon locations

caribbean honeymoon locations

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all inclusive honeymoon in Caribbean?

I am getting married May 2nd, and we are trying to find a nice honeymoon location somewhere in the Caribbean. We will either leave from Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA depending on the prices. Our budget is $3000, but I'd like to find something under $2500 for the hotel & flight so we have money left for snorkeling etc.

We are open to all suggestions! Thank you!

Check out Sandals, RIU, Breezes, Beaches, Iberostar, Hedonism (for the bold.) The individual web sites should help.

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