caribbean holiday advice

caribbean holiday advice

Washington DC lies in the middle of the eastern seaboard of America and is nearly 90 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It sits on the northern banks of the Potomac River and the city spreads across the side of the river up to the hills in the north.

Washington DC's highest point is 390 feet above sea level in the Northwest of the city. Rock Creek is a tributary of the Potomac and it flows through the middle of the city running from north to south.

Spring is the most popular season for tourists to visit Washington DC as it has mild temperatures. The cherry trees also blossom at this time of the year and many tourists come especially to see this spectacular site. It is estimated that over twenty million visitors a year visit this world famous city.

Due to the ever growing number of tourists, there has been a growth in the number of holiday homes available for rental direct from their owners. Many visitors now find that the concept of renting a holiday home is far more appealing than staying in an impersonal hotel. These holiday lets are ideal for families and enable them to sample the true culture of the local area.

In the summer it is hot and humid and can be quite tiring for the first time visitor who has a long list of attractions that they want to visit. In order to help overcome the hot weather, many attractions now operate for longer hours during the summer months.

In recent years Fall has become a popular time to visit the city. Temperatures are far more agreeable and there are not as many crowds as during the summer. Many visitors are stunned by the elegant beauty of the foliage dropping of the trees.

Winter months can be very unpredictable weather wise. Temperatures can fluctuate from the high 40s and then drop well below freezing. However sever snow storms do not occur very often.

The city itself is shaped like a diamond and is separated from Virginia by the Potomac. It covers an area of 67 square miles and is divided into four areas.

Most tourists come to Washington DC to visit the White House. It has been home to America's First Families for over two centuries. Every year in the first week of December, the president carries out the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Tourists flock to Washington DC for this event and during the rest of the month of December gather on the Ellipse.

The White House organises a series of public annual events which draw huge crowds each year. A popular event is the annual Easter Egg Roll which is held on the Monday after Easter on the White House lawn.

There are also guided tours of the famous gardens in April and October. Probably the most popular event is the Christmas candlelight tours that are held over three evenings in late December. All of these events are free and as a result are extremely popular. It is advisable to get there well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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going on first holiday with baby.............?

going on first holiday with baby, tomorrow! she's 4 months (i've asked this a while ago) any advice .......?? on what i cant forget????

i'm going to caribbean!!

* Plenty of diapers, wipes, formula (if you use it), bottles, nipples for the bottles, juice, blankets, changes of clothes, stuff for bath time, sunscreen, stroller, and any toys he/she likes. Make sure you have access to any/all of that while traveling.

If you'll be flying, either have bottles already made or bring bottled water so you can make a bottle during the flight (if you're using formula). Having the baby either feed or suck on a pacifier during take off and landing will help with their ears popping.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and well-fed, as well. Travel can be crazy on your body even without a baby with you.

Most importantly, have fun!

Edit: We have never had a problem bringing already-made bottles onto the plane. As long as you have the baby with you and put the bottles in the plastic, see-through, ziplock bags like you do for all other liquids/gels, and they see that it's formula, you'll be fine.

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caribbean vacations from toronto

caribbean vacations from toronto

I was reading about the second annual Chicago Pizza Fest which features a wide choice of pizzas from deep dish to thin to stuffed. It also has live music, wine tastings, a pizza-eating contest, a "best pizza" contest, dough tossing, and a cornhole tournament. Summer is here and so are Summer Food Street Festivals.

These festivals are a great way to taste a lot of different foods at a reasonable price and great family entertainment. When you go, be adventurous and make sure you record what you and your family really likes and give those dishes a try at home. Talk as much as you can with the owners and trade opinions with the other patrons. You will be amazed at all the great information you learn and the fun you will have. Street festivals are a great way to enjoy your community with all the family and experience food you would probably not eat if you go to a restaurant because of the many alternatives.

Look around your community for some of the upcoming festivals. I can vouch for the San Gennaro in NYC being a fun all-around experience and the Chowderfest in Newport being a great value and a lot of fun. However there are many others [] nearby to you that you can and should take a look at. Get out there and have great fun for the whole family at reasonable prices. With the high price of food and gas this is an economical alternative the whole family will enjoy.

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Citizenship requirements to buy a Sunwing vacation package in Canada?

I'm a Canadian citizen, and my boyfriend is a citizen of Poland and currently lives there. If I wanted to buy a Caribbean vacation package for both of us through a Canadian travel provider, such as Sunwing, would I be able to? He would fly from Poland to Toronto, and we would then both leave Toronto together to go the Caribbean. What kind of complications would we have to worry about?

Call the travel package seller and ASK. He may need to apply for visas to the countries your cruise will stop in. I am sure they will not let him board unless he has proof that he has the appropriate visa for each stop. Cruises usually get "blanket " visas for citizens of the country the cruise sails from. Ask them... for yourself See site below to see that if he has a non-biometric passport from Poland, he will need to apply for a visa to Canada

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caribbean holidays last minute

caribbean holidays last minute

The ongoing credit crunch has forced many of us to watch where we put our money and what we spend it on.

For many of us, with spiralling food prices and rising costs of bills, the last thing we can afford to think about is a holiday.

However, with an abundance of late deals available to destinations at home and abroad, you can still potentially have an enjoyable holiday on a budget.

If the thought of cheap holidays springs to mind images of dingy caravans and holiday parks full of screaming children, it might be worth shopping around - for you might be surprised by what's on offer.

Travel agencies will offer a range of last minute bargain breaks around this time of year. If you can potentially avoid travelling during the school holiday period you can save yourself some time, money and hassle.

And it doesn't have to be abroad either, for as much as we want to escape the dreary weather of the British Isles, there is still a wide variety of attractions tucked away in the most unlikely places - from theme parks to watersports centres to quaint little museums.

Here are a few handy hints for getting the most out of holidays on a shoestring:

  • Don't be picky about destinations - sure we've all got our favourite places to go, but taking the chance to go somewhere you've never been before (especially if there is a package holiday on special offer) can add that little bit of excitement to your trip.
  • Stay local - if you're unable to splash a bit of cash on a trip abroad, look into attractions in your local area, you may be surprised at what you find.
  • Shop around - the internet is an excellent source for research material, but also check your local paper for upcoming events, you may find something you fancy attending.
  • Be wary of your spending if you go abroad - half-board or all-inclusive holidays can save you money on food, but local restaurants will always try and tout you for business anyway.
  • If you're short on cash, make your apologies for not bringing gifts back in advance if you have to in order to avoid any unnecessary spats with ungrateful family and friends.
  • Don't discount the holiday camps - taking a short break during the off-season can be a nice way to relax without having to be surrounded by screaming kids.
  • City breaks can be a nice way to get away for a short time, but you don't have to look to Paris and other seemingly expensive cities - many budget airlines will now fly to destinations in the Balkan states, whose quaint little cities are becoming more popular with tourists.

With a bit of careful planning and by taking care not to splash out on souvenirs, holidaying on a budget can make for a surprisingly pleasant holiday experience.

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Where should I go on holiday?

Me and my friend are looking for a last minute holiday deal. We can go at any point within the next 4 weeks However, we need a good location to go. We're both 22 year old males by the way.

We would ideally like someone where with:
Beach & hot weather bearing in mind it will probably be November before we can travel.
A reasonable nightlife - we don't plan on it being a party holiday but a couple of nights out would be nice.
Something to do during the day (sightseeing etc.)

Price isn't as much of an issue as finding an good location but price should still be taken somewhat into account. We're probably not going to be able to get the Caribbean on our budget for example unless anyone is aware of any really good deals.

Also if anyone has any suggestions of the best websites to find these last minutes deals then that would be great.

Sorry - didn't mention that I'm from the UK. Thanks for the answers so far, some interesting ideas there.

You could go to the Helensburgh, a lovely little coastal town on the West of Scotland. I don't live there but I've been many times and I love it! It has great scenery, a fantastic beach and a fantastic hotel called The Commodore. Also, Helensburgh Golf Club is a must for all the budding golfers out there.The inventor of THE TELEVISION was born there so there is a sense of pride in the area. It is a mere 40 minutes from Glasgow airport with buses and taxes available. There is quite good nightlife and also you could go to Glasgow for the nightlife on a half an hour train journey. There is a train station in Helensburgh town centre. Lastly, there is a small theme park on the front, many restaurants to eat at, and the fantastic Cameron House resort is only twenty minutes away. You can have nice nature walks and bike rides. Have a good holiday whatever you choose. Hope I have helped.

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last minute cheap holidays in the sun

cheap caribbean breaks

cheap caribbean breaks

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Cheap Spring Break ideas?

Hey so I have spring break starting it a week and a half, and I'm trying to find a cheap place for me and my friends to go to get out of the crappy Pacific Northwest. What are some cheap locations that you'd recommend? Also, this isn't required, but we'd like to go somewhere with a more lenient drinking age, maybe somewhere in Mexico or Caribbean or whatever. I really don't know, but any tips would be awesome thanks

South Padre, Texas is the place i would recommend when it comes to price, its in the US, Rowdy college kids are there during spring break. MTV sets up there at times. PLUS the good thing is that its really close to Mexico, i think you can take a bus there pay 3$ to get inside mexico, drinking age i think is 18 or 16 i forgot. So awesome place to go

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caribbean islands to rent

caribbean islands to rent

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Looking to Where to RENT ATV's from in Saint Martin Caribbean Islands?

Has anyone rented ATVs while in Saint Martin in the Caribbean Islands? If so - where from and what are the disclaimers? Any websites where I could rent them at?! Location, name,...?! How much do they go for? Do they run on gas or?!

This web site has information about car and ATV rentals. The ATV information is at the bottom of the page:

I have not rented one.

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luxury caribbean villas rent

luxury caribbean villas rent

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caribbean cruise offers

caribbean cruise offers

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Belize. Royal Caribbean cruise offers tours to Xunantunich or Lamanai or Cahal Pech. Recommendation?

I want to see authentic Mayan ruins when stopped at this port. Looking for anyone who actually visited any/all of these and can comment

Go to, "Boards", "Ports of Call", "Belize".

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caribbean holiday all inclusive

caribbean holiday all inclusive

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Is there a site where you can get a great bargain for all inclusive holidays to the caribbean? was were we found the best price. I didnt like cheapcaribbean, their flights were lousy and there were extra fees. It looked cheaper at first but when we started to make the purchase it changed. tavelzoo searches all sites and lists the best deals.

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caribbean holiday homes

caribbean holiday homes

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I'm home sick today, so what movie should i watch (i have a list!)?

so i can watch;
harry potter (1-6)
mamma mia
the devil wears prada
shrek (1-3)
the phantom of the opera
the holiday
or pirates of the caribbean

hahaha i know they are pretty random, but the rest of my movies i have watched way to much!

Go through the Harry Potter movies, starting at one and then ending at six ^_^.

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luxury caribbean homes

luxury caribbean homes

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Dream about being in Iranian President Ahmadinejad's mansion with US Judge Sotomayor? What does this mean?

The Dream:

I was walking into Ahmadinejad's property, which is a huge mansion in a tropical getaway in a caribbean island. I walk into the parking lot, where there is a collectionof luxury cars, a Lambo Murcielago, a Maybach, a Porsche Carrera, just to name a few.

I walk inside into his mansion, which looks like a huge vacation home, and Ahmadinejad signals to me "come on in", i keep on walking and im greeted by a lady who looks like Sonia Sotomayor, who i give a kiss in the cheek. Then, i look outside into the backyard and i see the mansion is a beachfront property, for which there is a typical caribbean beach up front, white sand, and turquoise water. It almost looked like Donald Trump's estate he used to have in Florida, which was once valued as the most expensive property in the US.

Seriously, this dream is not an exaggeration. I was actually enjoying the dream.

What is the interpretation of this dream?

Are you a republican? Seriously. This dream has the Iranian president and Judge Sotomayor as intimates. So that is how you see life - that they are living the good life and that liberals are somehow in bed with the middle east. But you have it all wrong. It is the Bush family (good conservatives) who were in bed with the Saudis - watch Michael Moore's movie.

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