caribbean cruise deals from new york

caribbean cruise deals from new york

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Cheapest/Best Cruise Deals?

I am planning on getting married in March, and we would like to take a cruise and just get married on the cruise, however everywhere I ook there is so many options. We would like to go Eastern Caribbean, but we are flexible to anywhere in the caribbean...where is a safe, reliable place to get the cheapest rates? Also, we were thinking about leaving from Fort Lauderdale, but really we could leave from anywhere on the east coast...where is a good place with the most options to depart from? Baltimore? New York? Please Help....any previous experiences with these would be great! Thanks! (:

Congratulations! My sister got married on a cruise ship and it was awesome! Here are some cruise lines that I have been on that I would recommend. Royal Caribbean and Carnival. THey are all great, However it all depends on you and your soon to be husband. If you are a younger couple looking for fun you should go on Carnival or if you have younger kids go on Carnival. Also if you don't mind waiting for three hours! However if you are a older couple or sometimes even a younger couple go on Royal Caribbean, or if you have older kids. Also if you don't like waiting all the time go on Royal Caribbean (they have to get everyone off and on the ship in three hours! Unlike Carnival you get there at 7 a.m and have to wait for hours to just get off the ship. So it all depends on if you are a younger couple with younger kids or and older couple with older kids, and if you don't like waiting or if you don't mind waiting.

All of the places in the Caribbean are awesome, however if you go to Jamaica don't shake any ones hands there or they might slip drugs in your hand and the police will catch you and you won't be able to get back on the cruise ship. But other then that it is very beautiful!

The best rates are on the websites,,,,,, or if you have a travel agent you can go there.

Fort Lauderdale is a fun place to leave out of, because you can also go to Disney World (if you are the kind of person who would like to do that kind of thing.) Also Galvestion is a good place to go out of (that's where we usualy leave from because we live in Texas. Plus it's a cheeper port to leave out of.)

Our experiences with Carnival hasn't been as good as Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean is so much nicer and cleaner. The people are a lot nicer too!

~ Hope it helps and have fun! And Congratulations! (again!)

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caribbean resort careers

caribbean resort careers

Had it with the town or city you are living in back east or in the Midwest? Don't have a lot of cash but have the spirit of a bird and you want to fly? There are many hotels that one can rent weekly without having to pay a security deposit, credit check and proof of income. If you have the cash - just move in. From downtown near the Fremont Experience, Central near the University of Nevada - (UNLV), Henderson, North Vegas near Nellis Air Force base and many places in between.

The hotels run from $110 to $250 a week for the more luxurious ones. Most include local phone service, cable or satellite television, full kitchens with full size refrigerator and stove. When the weather is nice which is most of the year you can take a dip in the pool after a long day's or night's work. Las Vegas offers many advantages if you don't have a lot of money such as no state income tax, inexpensive transportation that runs 24 hours and shopping and entertainment that is around the clock. You will also find many of the weekly hotels resemble studios or apartments and some are located just off The Strip just east of the fame street with all the major hotels and casinos. Don't have a job yet? No worries - Las Vegas has more than just casinos and hotels.

There are many retail jobs, sales jobs that pay weekly in fact some will give you a paycheck that first week you work without having to wait the following week or two. Give this town a chance as long as you work hard, save some money, gamble responsibly and enjoy yourself and before you know it you will live in one of the nice new homes with a swimming pool in a gated community as Las Vegas has one of the worst if not worst pre-foreclosure and foreclosure rates in the country.

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Is a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management a waste of time?

I want to be a hotel manager and of course I'm going to need a degree in Hospitality and Tourism management. I've always loved hotels, and resorts ever since I was little and my mother's best friend is a ship director for Royal Caribbean and she loves her work. So those factors are really what got me interested. I like how a hotel manager can live in the hotel and doesn't have to worry about rent, electric, water bills and all of that. However, is working in this field worth it? I am aware it is a lot of hard work and the pay isn't amazing. Should I give up on this all together? I'm in high school so I have been thinking of a career I should have after school.


Its a dying industry to be honest with you. Choose something in demand. Its also seasonal -- meaning you only get a lot of customers in the summer or winter depending on your location. Its draining to your soul because you are always trying to be sweet and kind to customers, and always trying to deal with irate, demanding customers. Kissing ass gets old real fast. Its not as fun as it seems.

I recommend you do something else. I don't know what country you live in but in the USA healthcare careers are very good, and so are things like biomedical technology, renewable energy technology. Look up the bureau of labor and statistics website for the employment outlook of each career. Talk to career counselors. Good luck.

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caribbean travel with no passport

caribbean travel with no passport

As you are exploring Caribbean vacation options, do not look just at the islands and cruises traveling between them. Mexico has a beautiful Caribbean coast, complete with paradise beaches, unique cultural destinations, and luxurious resorts. A Caribbean vacation to Mexico might be perfect for you the next time you plan a getaway.

When planning a tropical trip to Mexico, look at locations on the Yucatan Peninsula. This peninsula is made up of Mexico's Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo states, as well as parts of Belize and Guatemala. As found in much of the Caribbean, the climate in this part of Mexico ranges from sunny and warm to extremely stormy. This region is in the Atlantic Hurricane Belt, which means it is susceptible to wind damage and flooding. Typically, hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30 every year. Late August to the end of November is considered the off-season and rates to Mexico are usually lower. At all times of the year, however, you can visit some of the famous tourist destinations in this area.

If you like to dive, Valladolid in Yucatan is your ideal destination. This town is the site of a number of sinkholes, which are connected via underground streams and caves. In some of the safe spots, you can swim, as well as dive into these underground caves with a tour guide. This is a unique opportunity for any diver, as you can see locations different from the typical ocean dive.

The Yucatan peninsula is also famous for its Mayan sites, which you can find in archaeological zones such as Kabah and Labna. One of the most famous of these is the ceremonial Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage site that includes an observatory, a ball court, and pyramids where they put on shows. A number of the Mayan sites offer guided tours, while at some you can also explore on your own if you want.

If you are more interested in what the coast has to offer, you can check out any of Mexico's beaches in this area. Cancun is an extremely popular destination for international tourists, as it has a number of resorts and hotels with direct access to the beach. Along with sunbathing, you can try snorkeling, diving, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, parasailing, and a number of other marine activities. The great thing about the weather in this area is that, with the exception of hurricane season, rain usually clears rather quickly, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the beach.

Are you planning an upcoming trip to Mexico's Caribbean Coast? If so, here are some travel tips to keep in mind:

o Apply for your passport early.
Yes, United States citizens need a passport to get into Mexico and back home, even if you travel there via boat. You should apply for your passport at least three months prior to your date of travel, and it is better to apply about six month in advance if you can. Keep your passport in a safe place while on vacation, such as in your hotel safe.

o Do not drink the water. This is not an urban legend. When you are in Mexico, ask for bottled water, because the tap water contains bacteria that could make you sick. Locals have built up a tolerance, but as a tourist, you can become sick.

o Make sure you check customs laws. Without proper paperwork, there are certain items that you should declare when you come back into the United States. If you are going to shop while on vacation in Mexico, make sure you can keep your items! This can save much frustration and stress because by checking customs laws you know what can be brought back into the country.

You have a number of booking options when looking for a place to stay in Mexico. First, you can look for a hotel and plan your own activities. The cheapest options are inland, away from the coast, but remember that you may have to pay for beach access whereas hotels on the beach often give guests free access. You can also look at all-inclusive resort options. These can be very affordable and they give you more options with less time spent planning.

Even if you do not want to spend your entire Caribbean vacation in Mexico, you can use this as a starting point to for a cruise. Many Caribbean cruise lines spend time in Mexican waters before moving on to some of the islands you can find in this part of the world. Most people do not realize that Mexico is a prime location for a Caribbean vacation. This location should not be overlooked because along with unique cultural opportunities, Mexico can be more affordable than other island vacation options.

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cheap caribbean flights from atlanta

cheap caribbean flights from atlanta

There is nothing like Georgia in U.S.A. Trade, tourism, as well as life is just booming in Georgia for its modern day amenities, a range of entertainment complexes, historical museums and monuments, and an array of colorful events and festivals. Increased number of tourists to the region has caused an increased demand of accommodation in the state. Most the visitors taking Georgia flights move to Atlanta for it is the best tourism spot in Georgia and is also very well served by domestic and international hotels, suites, and resorts. Atlanta is home to some of the state's best hotels but other regions are also very well served by hotels and resorts.

Hilton Suits Atlanta: Situated in premier business district north of Downtown Atlanta, Hilton Suits are located just a few minutes walk from all the attractions the city has to offer visitors taken flights to Georgia for tourism. It provides first class accommodation with all modern day guest amenities at reasonable rates. Equipped with high-speed wireless internet, two TVs, coffee maker, iron and board, microwave and refrigerator, and other amenities the hotel is rated as 3.5 star.

Atlanta Marriot Midtown Hotel: Located near Woodruff Arts Center, Piedmont Park, Georgia Tech, theaters, Atlanta cultural centers, and best shopping and nightlife entertainment venues Marriot Hotel is one of the most preferred accommodation among cheap Georgia flights takers. It brings you ultra-spacious hotel suites, plug-in technology, living rooms, a full kitchen, flat screen TVs, king-sized beds and all other modern amenities at fair prices.

Hotel Vere Palace in Tbilisi: Its one of the most modern and well established hotels in Georgia that was opened in August 1998, and seen an expansion in 2007. It has 42 luxurious deluxe rooms and suites, swimming pool, fitness center, bar, restaurant, and conference room. Visitors taking flights to Georgia like to stay here for not only its location at few minutes drive from Tbilisi International airport but also for it is located at a walking distance from many entertainment and tourism destinations such as; Opera House, Symphony Hall, Theatres, Cinemas, and Museums. Business travelers prefer it for its location near Business and Trade centers.

Sheraton Hotel and Resorts Batumi: With 202 rooms and 26 suits Sheraton hotel provides a comfortable accommodation at beach site. This great landmark hotel is Located on the seafront of the Black Sea. Visitors taking flights to Georgia find it very convenient to stay here for its location at less then 15 minutes drive away from Batumi International Airport. Its just an out class hotel that is equipped with two restaurants, a health centre and Spa, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, three bars, and many other amenities.

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caribbean hotel egypt

caribbean hotel egypt

Dubai's luxury hotels really are beyond compare. But the trouble is that while usually the word luxury can separate the majority of accommodation in any given country fairly evenly, in Dubai top notch lodgings are so common that the term 'luxury' has been completely devalued. When it comes to luxury hotels in Dubai, you need a new category to separate the luxurious to those which are almost beyond words for their decadence.

Here's the five I would highlight for extra special treatment. Sure, they'll cost you, but for an extra special luxury holiday in Dubai they're worth their weight in gold.

One and Only Residence and Spa

You know you're in some brand of paradise when half the spacious rooms lead straight out onto the private beach, and that's just scratching the surface of what makes the One and Only Residence and Spa one of the finest luxury hotels in Dubai. The staff are attentive and nothing is too much trouble for them, but the thing that sets this one apart is just how relaxing it all is - the hotel is like a sanctuary away from the troubles of the modern world. Whether your idea of paradise is a full body massage or basking in the sun on a private beach, the One and Only Residence and Spa provides you with almost everything you could want without needing to leave your hotel!

Palace of the Royal Mirage

Any hotel that evokes a sensation similar to being royalty must be luxurious in my book, and it's actually a tradition of the hotel to bang a gong for new visitors. The service is unbelievable, and the staff will try to make you feel comfortable as best they can, doing anything from giving you a choice of rooms, to bringing round fruit kebabs and cleaning your sunglasses by the poolside. The executive rooms are splendidly furnished, and have free access to the gold lounge, where you can gorge on a seemingly endless supply of fruit, soft drinks, cakes and sandwiches. You can visit the hotel and never need to leave the grounds, such is the level of service, the facilities and the activities available to the guests who choose this as the base for their luxury holiday in Dubai.

Al Murooj Rotana

The Al Murooj Rotana hotel stands out from the first moment you see it, and you know upon entering the spacious, glamorous lobby that you are in for something special for the duration of your stay. The hotel is immaculately clean, with room cleanings at least twice a day, and nothing is too much trouble for the staff. Although this hotel feels more suited to business types, the facilities are welcoming to all comers, and the more focussed business clientele means there is less competition to the world class swimming pool - the perfect place to cool off from the heat of Dubai on your luxury holiday.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

As the name suggests, one of the biggest attractions of the luxury hotel in Dubai is the location. And the private beach is every bit as enticing as you'd expect from a hotel that names itself after it! Indeed, the theme of water and sands is extended to the shape of the hotel itself, which appears from the distance to mirror a giant breaking wave: this is one hotel that seems to hold the philosophy that if things can't be done amazingly, they should not be done at all. As is the norm for these luxury hotels in Dubai, service is outstanding, and the rooms are both comfortable, welcoming and an aesthetic delight. This is also one Dubai luxury hotel where children are not only welcomed, but seemingly encouraged by the unlimited free access to the neighbouring Wild Wadi Water Park - which opens exclusively to hotel residents an hour early.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab certainly is an unforgettable sight - towering above the Dubai coastline at a height of 321 metres, and with a unique look resembling a billowing sail you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a way of covering up insufficiencies elsewhere. Yet amazingly, the service, style and 'feel' of the famous luxury hotel in Dubai is echoed throughout, and has been recognised as the 'best of the world' by both the Institutional Investor Magazine and the World Travel Awards. This is one of the friendliest, stunning and comfortable hotels in the world, let alone Dubai - if you can afford it, this is THE place to stay.

Frankly, any one of these luxury hotels in Dubai will offer an unforgettable experience, which puts many European 5 star hotels to shame in terms of service, aesthetics and old fashioned pampering. Spoil yourself this summer with a luxury holiday to Dubai beyond decadence!

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best caribbean honeymoon spots

best caribbean honeymoon spots

When considering honeymoon vacation destinations, the main factor is what the two of you want the most. Which location best reflects who you are as a couple, including your interests, passions, and desires? Is there a certain place you've both always wanted to see? Have you dreamed of having your honeymoon in a certain location? Which destination has the best reputation as a romantic honeymoon location?

Cost will be the second most important consideration. You want to take the honeymoon vacation of a lifetime without breaking the bank. It's important for your trip to be a time to remember, but you also need to make sure you have enough money to start your lives together. Fortunately, there are plenty of honeymoon vacation deals out there, including luxury packages, spa trips, and cruises. Here are the top 4 destinations for your honeymoon!


The Hawaiian Islands are a genuine tropical paradise, with beautiful weather nearly every day of the year. It's also a top destination for honeymooners from around the world. As such, you'll find plenty of hotel honeymoon deals, as well as special rates on sightseeing tours and cruises throughout the island chain. If you're looking for affordable luxury on your trip, this is it.

The Caribbean

If you're planning a honeymoon in January or February, then the Caribbean is the perfect place for you to go. The weather is at its best in this area then, without the danger of hurricanes that comes in the summer. There are many small islands dotting the ocean in this area, and they're close together, so you'll have time to see as many as you like. While not as lush as Hawaii, the Caribbean has a deserved reputation as THE place to go to party, so if you're both up for a rousing good time, the Caribbean can give it to you.

The Mediterranean

The summer is the perfect time to visit the Mediterranean. The weather is warm and inviting, and all the shops are open. You'll find plenty of opportunities for dining outdoors and enjoying the historic and natural sites of the region. If you're wine lovers, you'll also find an array of vineyards to visit. Many hotels in the area run specials during this time of year, so be sure to check it out for good deals.


Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on the North American continent, and the perfect place to go for your honeymoon vacation if you're looking for a wild and rugged time in some spectacular natural scenery. Whether you take an Alaskan cruise or traverse the interior of the state, there are plenty of photographic opportunities awaiting you, and many good deals to be had during the summer tourist season.

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What is the best, most undiscovered, non-fancy but non-rustic, and not uber-expensive Caribbean honeymoon spot

Just go to any of the OTHER Bahamian islands. There's 29 "Family Islands". Eleuthera is beautiful, it has pink sand and very few people outside of the cities on either end (they're moderate size towns). But oustide of New Providence and Grand Bahama islands they are all nice, the people are friendly, and you'll have a good relaxing time without a bunch of tourists all around.

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Honeymoon in Bora Bora { Tahiti } Best honeymoon destinations.

caribbean resort disney world reviews

caribbean resort disney world reviews

First and Foremost-Always deal with a professional Cruise Specialist who has access to the latest and greatest Disney Cruise Deals. While this may be logical to most, people like to ask their friends and family, who have been on a cruise. Sometimes that kind of advice can end up costing you more. What is a deal to some, may become an unhappy experience to others.

Shop around. It helps if you have an idea of pricing before you speak or think about booking online. After you find your best pricing, then contact a professional and ask questions to see if they can beat or at least match the price you have found.

Location-Location-Location!!! While this is true enough for real estate, we are talking about Cruises. And yes, your cabin can be considered real estate for the time you rent it out. If your cabin is right next to a noisy public place, it does not make for your best option. Not only does the location of your cabin count in cruise deals, but the size of your home away from home also counts. Inside cabins will always be less expensive. Most experienced cruisers already know this. But here is how that plays out. A cabin with a porthole (Ocean view) will come at a bit higher cost than the Inside, and a Verandah (balcony) cabin will be more. Also, there are several cabins on board that have an obstructive view and these would be offered at a considerable savings. A suite is a much larger cabin that offers amenities that may be important to you but not to your kids. It's all about personal taste.

Magical Rates during off peak times. Yes, you can get a deal on Disney cruises but you must be flexible and not travel when the most popular times to travel are to get the best deals. Of course we are talking about Disney Cruise Line and with that most of you will be taking along the kids. And most kids are in school and tend to get holidays off. Well then my advice to you is, expect to pay top dollar and book as early as possible. But for those of you with little ones not yet in school and can travel during off peak times such as January, early February, May, late August-October, and even parts of November and December, excluding holiday weeks and can book your cruise at least 3-6 months in advance can get yourself a good deal on a Disney cruise.

Shipboard credits-this can give you money to spend anywhere on the ship and is definitely a good value perk. At times there may be a special on certain sailings that offers a $50 per cabin ship board credit. These are subject to availability and must be booked within a given time frame. So take advantage of shipboard credits when they are available.

Florida resident and military discounts can be a great savings for you. Be sure to ask your Cruise Agent about this as these discounts are subject to availability.

For those of you who are considering a Land and Sea Package- This means that you will spend part of your time on the Disney Cruise and the other part at Disney World. Sometimes it ends up costing less to book these as two separate vacations. Have your Cruise Specialist figure out the cost both ways to see which would work out to be the better deal. Most times it is actually less expensive to book these separately.

For a family of 5, there is a special cost saving tip for you. You have an option of booking into a more expensive Category 4 which is a Deluxe Family Stateroom or you could get two connecting Category 9 (Ocean view) or Category 10 (Inside). You'd be saving money by booking 2 connecting cabins in the lower category, while enjoying two full bathrooms and more privacy.

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caribbean honeymoon hotels

caribbean honeymoon hotels

The word cheap need not mean poor quality, and it doesn't mean there has to be a lack of anything particularly romance on a honeymoon vacation. You can, if you look and do your research, find low priced honeymoon options, although it will take a little time.

The real problem has been the general rise in hotel prices in the recent past, partly due to global costs, but also because demand has far exceeded supply. Nevertheless it is still very possible to make big savings with a few sensible strategies.

The first is so simple that you may never have thought of it, and that is to book your honeymoon, at what is low season time. Obviously that probably means booking your wedding in a month like May or September when places like Hawaii can cost half what it costs in peak season time. By the way the same thing applies to airfares as well at this time. Incidentally the weather in Hawaii at this time is quite superb, not too hot, and not too wet.

Another potentially cheap honeymoon destination is Mexico, again providing you go in the low season. Try Cancun between the end of April and the beginning of June. To be true you'll get a great deal throughout the summer and into the autumn, just beware of hurricanes at the end of the summer.

It may well be that you haven't considered getting married in Mexico as well, and there might be some point in making this a consideration, especially when you discover that some hotels in Cancun and also along the fantastic Riviera Maya have free wedding packages when you also honeymoon at the resort. Think about it, if a number of your friends also stay, what a great deal that is for the resort, especially in the low season.

As a final point, perhaps you have never even considered a cruise for a honeymoon. The thought of the blue rinse brigade has perhaps put you off, after all being surrounded by oldies may not be your idea of a romantic honeymoon. Well perhaps you should think again.

Think on this, there are great last minute deals if you are prepared to organise your honeymoon late, and there is no reason not to do that especially in the summer when the best deals on Caribbean cruises can be found. Equally if you book over a year in advance you will find some huge price reductions.

A cruise gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Think on this, a cruise gives you accommodation, meals, entertainment, and if you book it right a huge spending money bonus often offered by cruise line companies.

Hopefully this article has given you something to think about when planning a cheap honeymoon.

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Good Package for honeymoon?

Is $4300 to much for air, hotel, transportation, and a 7 day cruise to Caribbean to much for 2?

Not at all. You should be able to even have a balcony cabin for that. However, it will be on Carnival or Royal Caribbean.........and it won't be Christmas week either.

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Bermuda Honeymoons, Hotels, Resorts,Cruises Vacations

caribbean hotels resorts

caribbean hotels resorts

One thing nice about a Sandals Caribbean vacation is that many of the resorts are all inclusive. This means that your meals and accommodations are all included in the fee. The fee usually includes entertainment as well.

Many people hesitate to travel outside of the United States because they are not accustomed to tipping as well as how much meals will cost. They worry about trying to find a restaurant and that they will wind up eating Pizza Hut every night. An all inclusive Caribbean travel vacation takes away that worry.

The following is a list of some of the very best Caribbean all inclusive vacation resorts brought to you by Sandals, a leader in first class service and accommodations.

Sandals Royal Bahamian

The Sandals Royal Bahamian is probably the most noted of all of the vacation resorts in the Caribbean. It is a long time winner of the five star diamond winner when it comes to service and accommodations. Here you will stay at a beachfront room in a private villa. There are also some suites that you may choose in the main hotel for a lesser cost. The entire resort is one of the most elegant spots on earth and you will feel as though you do not want to leave this exclusive Sandals Caribbean resort in the Bahamas.

Sandals Antigua

In the Dickenson Bay is the Sandals Antigua, located in Antigua which is another elegant Sandals all inclusive resort. You will be pampered by having your own cottage on a white sand beach and hear the beauty of the waves as they delicately hit the shore. This Caribbean resort also has private pools for each guest so that you can truly enjoy your seclusion. This is a perfect resort for a honeymoon couple or if you just want to get away from it all.

Sandals Dunn's River

Located in Jamaica, the Sandals Dunn's River is noted for the waterfall that is only a few minutes from the resort. This Caribbean resort combines old world charm with the local atmosphere making it truly something unique. You will wonder whether you are in Italy during the Renaissance or in Jamaica at times as the lobby of this fabulous resort will remind you of an Italian plaza. This is one of the more famous of the Jamaican Caribbean all inclusive resorts and the service as well as the accommodations are superb.

When vacationing in the Caribbean, take a look at the Sandals all inclusive resorts for the best deals as well as first class accommodations, amenities and service. While Caribbean travel can be very romantic for a newly-wed couple, it is also a great place to take the entire family.Sandals all inclusive resorts make sure that they accommodate the need of even the most discerning of guests.

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Which 1 of 3 Resorts should we stay at for Honeymoon?

Neither of us has ever been to the Caribbean and we have decided to go to Jamaica. Which 1 out of these 3 hotels would you recommend and why?

1) Jake's in Treasure Beach
2) Rockhouse Hotel in Negril
3) Tensing Pen in Negril


tensing pen! check out the reviews and pictures on

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luxury caribbean hotels

luxury caribbean hotels

Tobago apartments are a great choice for families or couples who enjoy the option of self-catering. There are lovely Tobago apartment hotels that are owned and managed by local families. The services in these hotels tend to be more personalized and by the end of your visit you begin to feel like you are part of the family.

Tobago offers visitors a return to traditional family and social values, while you are reminded that friendly service can accompany excellent cuisine at an affordable price. Visitors can feel welcome and interact with locals on the beach, in the shopping areas or while exploring the island.

There are still deserted beaches, beautiful coral reefs where you can snorkel or scuba dive, rainforests with great bird-watching opportunities and white sand beaches where you can relax and watch a glorious sun-set.

If you're looking for a holiday destination where you will be able relax, kick back and contemplate the finer points of life in style and in sunshine, why not choose Tobago. Take the opportunity to escape the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life for a few weeks on a Caribbean island where life slows to a pace that you can really enjoy nature, like a sun-set that you will not soon forget. Then have dinner outdoors and watch the moon come over the hills and cast a shimmering glow on the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In Tobago the local people are friendly and welcoming towards overseas visitors because their island still depends primarily on tourism but they have also been able to remain unspoiled. They are proud of their island and there is a distinct difference between them and their sister islanders in Trinidad, where the pace is hectic. The people are friendlier and they seem to have found a balance between work and family life that keeps the family unit together.

Experience A Family Friendly Self-catering Tobago Apartment

There are a few medium-sized hotel resorts but the majority of Tobago hotels are small apartment hotels built along the sea-shore or on sloping hill sides, which offer beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. Many Tobago Apartment Hotels are located on tropical hill-side property overlooking the scenic Store Bay Beach on the west coast of Tobago. This is a very central part of the west coast but the tropical garden environment makes you feel that you are away from the hustle.

Despite the pace of life being incredibly laid back, there are many adventures to be had. On your Tobago vacation you can plan various Tours to enjoy a host of activities that appeal to everyone. You can stroll on beautiful white sand Tobago beaches, enjoy great snorkelling and Scuba Diving, play a round of golf on two World Class Golf Courses, hike in the Tobago Rain Forest or spend a day deep-sea Fishing.

Tobago is still being very careful about the type of developments that are allowed so that the environment is not damaged by large-scale real estate projects. There are no high-rise hotels spoiling the skyline and I hope that this policy is maintained.

If you want to experience the ultimate tropical escape you can book a Tobago apartment where you and your family can enjoy the convenience of a beach resort with the option of self-catering. See below for my Tobago Apartment recommendation.

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Looking for alternative luxury holiday destination?

Currently trying to book 10 days away in a 5 Star Hotel for me and my partner, we were considering one of the Caribbean islands but seems a lot of money to pay for 10 days away. Anyone know any other places that offer the same as the Caribbean but without the heavily inflated prices.


Try Turkey or Egypt - all inclusive holidays are good value and you get excellent facilities and good weather.

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Caribbean Luxury Investments