caribbean hotel in myrtle beach

caribbean hotel in myrtle beach

Over the past 5 years, my family has been blessed enough to take a vacation every year. And every year I am faced with the challenge of putting together a fun, memorable vacation that everyone will love and that is affordable.

When our family was smaller, this process was a little easier because it seems like the whole world is based on your family size not exceeding FOUR! Well, we are now a family of 6 and the standard hotel room with 2 double beds is just not an option; at least not for stays longer than 2 nights. Airfare would eat up more than 1/2 of our budget, food would take up the other ½, and I will not even start on the theme park tickets. So what is a family to do?

Step 1- Choose the theme of your vacation: adventure, relaxation, beaches and sun, theme parks, or history and culture. Adventure vacations and sandy beach vacations are by far the most cost-friendly vacation themes.

Adventure vacations include low-cost outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, bike riding, and camping. This vacation theme is perfect for older children.

Top Adventurous Destinations

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

New Paltz, New York

Mount Hood, Oregon

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Park City, Utah

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Yosemite National Park, California

Moab, Utah

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, California

Glacier National Park, Montana

Olympic National Park, Washington,

Hood River, Oregon

Acadia National Park, Maine

Sandy beach vacations are also extremely affordable and include surfable waves, sandcastle building, great dining, and mile long boardwalks. This vacation theme is great for all ages especially babies and toddlers.

Best Family Beaches in US

Coronado Beach, Calif.

Nantucket Island, Mass.

Newport Beach, Calif.

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Panama City Beach, Fla.

Siesta Key, Fla.

Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Duck, N.C.

Hilton Head, S.C.

Kiawah Island, S.C.

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

South Padre Island, Texas

Waikiki, Hawaii

Wailea Beach, Hawaii

* If you decide to take a theme park vacation, find out if your bank or employer offers discounted tickets. Avoid purchasing tickets on eBay or Craigslist, unless it is from a reliable seller or broker. Also, many theme parks now offer the convenience of child swap. With child swap, one parent can wait in line with the older children while the other parent goes up the handicap ramp with the smaller children. When the other parent gets off the ride, you swap and get right on the ride without waiting in line again. GENIUS!

Step 2 - Choose your means of transportation: fly, ride the train, or load up the car.

Your most affordable option would be to drive. Even if you find a great deal on air fare, chances are you will still need to rent a car once you land, so cut out the middle man and drive. However, if you do decide the fly and rent a car, go to where you can 'Name your Price' on airfare and car rentals and save money, many times more than 1/2 the regular price.

Step 3 - Choose when to travel: peak or off peak

Of course you will get the best deals off peak. Orlando's busy season begins around May/June and ends August 10th. I use that as a guide to plan may vacations. Avoid holiday weekends; take the day off the following week and keep that extra money in your pocket.

Step 4 - Accommodations: vacation home, hotel, or condo

Vacation home are perfect when traveling with a large group. Not only do you get a huge home to hang out in for a week, but you also have the company of other adults and hopefully other children to keep your children busy. Vacation homes, generally, need to be book several months in advance and you have to clean up after yourselves daily. Standard hotel rooms are more readily available and perfect for smaller families. However, parents don't have any privacy and you have to eat out every night, which can quickly total up to over $500 just for food. If you are looking for a standard room, Hotwire or Priceline (Name your Price) are your best options. Some people are leery of using these sites because you don't know where you will stay until you have purchased the room. I have used Priceline many, many times and have never been disappointed. With a condo you have the best of both worlds. Parents have a room and the children have a room. Most condos have a full kitchen and you can prepare simple meals for breakfast and dinner saving you hundreds of dollars. Condos also have a washer and dryer in the unit, perfect for when little Katie or Kevin make and big mess. You can also use the washer and dryer to wash all your clothes before leaving making it much easier to unpack when you get home. Icing on the cake, housekeeping is available!

Another option is to take a time share tour; I know it sucks spending 2-3 hours of your day on the tour because it never only takes 90 minutes. But you can get a great 1 or 2 bedroom condo at an unbelievable rate.

Every family is different and must decide what is most important for them, location, transportation, entertainment or accommodations. Whatever you choose, spend the most money on what is most important and skimp on everything else. So if you want to go to Hawaii, you will spend the most money on airfare and you will have to skimp on entertainment and accommodations, but at least you made it to Hawaii. Happy Travels!

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Otis Traction Elevators at the Caribbean Resort in Myrtle Beach -- Dominican Tower

western caribbean cruise ports

western caribbean cruise ports

What could be more perfect that spending your first days and nights together on a romantic Caribbean honeymoon cruise? Feel the cool breezes as you stand by the rail, admiring the sunset. Smell the sea air as you bask in the sun and enjoy cocktails by the pool. Sway to the sounds of lilting music as you dance with your arms around the one you love. What could be better?

Choosing a Cruise Line

When considering a Caribbean honeymoon cruise, you will want to take time to do a little bit of research to see what cruise line is best for you. They are all a little different and one may fit your personality better than another.

Your definition of what your honeymoon should be will help determine with which cruise company you should book. If you are seeking a quiet cruise offering the finest in food and amenities, where alone time is easy to achieve and it's not hard to escape the crowd, you might want to consider one of the luxury cruise lines. Though they tend to be pricey, onboard their ships you will be treated to the best life has to offer, from gourmet food and fine champagne to unique shore excursions to first-class spa treatments you can enjoy together. Luxury cruise lines include Cunard, Seabourn, Crystal, and Regent Seven Seas.

If you prefer sharing your fun with others and enjoy a high-energy atmosphere that keeps you moving all the time, you should probably choose something other than the luxury lines. Carnival, for example, is known for their "Fun Ships," where the activity is non-stop and the overall atmosphere exudes youth and liveliness. Despite the energy, however, you can still grab plenty of private moments.

If something in between seems like a good compromise, you will have a number of cruise lines from which to choose. These more low-key lines still offer a variety of activities, but the general atmosphere is calmer. Check out Norwegian, with its "freestyle cruising" that allows for a more laid-back cruise; Royal Caribbean, where you'll feel pampered but at an affordable price; or Celebrity, where you'll be treated like, well...a celebrity.

Choosing a Destination

Any Caribbean honeymoon cruise will be romantic because you will be with your new spouse. However, you can make it even more special by choosing ports of call that reflect your interests. For example, the islands of the Southern Caribbean, like Dominica, are perfect for diving enthusiasts. If you like ancient history and want to include some sightseeing opportunities in your cruise itinerary, consider a Western Caribbean cruise, where you can visit such sites as the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Head east and you can go shopping in St. Thomas, explore Old San Juan, or gamble in Nassau, Bahamas.

When You Book Your Cruise

When you're ready to book your Caribbean cruise, be sure to mention to your travel agent or online customer service representative that the occasion of your cruise is your honeymoon. After all, nearly every one is a hopeless romantic and if the crew is tipped off as to your special occasion, you're likely to receive some special perks, like free spa treatments or in-room champagne, chocolates, or flowers.

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First time cruiser- Cruising the western caribbean next month. Need advice on shore excursions. Thanks!?

I have heard not to use Carnival's excursions because they are overpriced. However, I feel more comfortable doing so because its my first cruise. I picked one excursion per port, just wondering if anyone has done these or has better suggestions:
Grand Cayman Islands- Cayman Parasail & Beach Escape
Cozumel- Beach Buggy & Snorkel Combo
Belize- Cave Tubing
Costa Maya- Jungle Beach Bread

Correction: Jungle Beach Break!!!

I have been to Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Costa Maya. It seems that you have made up your mind already on tours. Grand Cayman is best for going to the beach and you can get there easily by taxi or mini-bus right from the pier for about $5. each way to the 7-mile beach. The beach has a changing room, rest rooms, and a small snack bar. Unless you just want to para sail just get a taxi instead of booking a tour on-ship.

Cozumel is not an island for touring, there are no sights to see; we took a tour once and didn't see anything we would want to go back and see again. It is a great place for snorkel and scuba, which you are planning to book. If you make a cruise stop in Cozumel your best activity will be a tour that goes to the main land for the tours to Chichen Itza, Xcarat, or other places.

In Costa Maya we did the beach too, not much we wanted to see there and it was stinking hot too.

The advice I always give for tours is this. Review the listing of tours offered on your cruise and decide whether you want to pay for a tour or go on your own. On most Caribbean islands you can get a taxi or tour in port for much less than the cruise ship tours. HOWEVER, the one big advantage of going on ship sponsored tours is THE SHIP WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU if your ship sponsored tour is late getting back to the ship. If you will be in a port for 12 to 16 hours you are probably safe to go on your own for most anything. But if you are only there for six to eight hours you may want to stay close to the ship or go on the ship tours.

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Western Caribbean Cruise Port's

caribbean resorts huts

caribbean resorts huts

If you're looking at spending your vacation in fantastic slopes, Switzerland ski resorts and ski holidays may be the one for you. Many people will agree that Switzerland doesn't only have fabulous heights and slopes, it also has other wonderful places, particularly shopping attractions and night spots. Probably, the only reason why many are afraid to go to this country is that they believe that everything is expensive in Switzerland. In reality, however, there are many winter holiday rentals near the best ski resorts in the country that are both amazing and affordable.

In Moritz-Dorf, you will find not only one of the oldest ski resorts in the world, but also the one that offers the most popular venue for Switzerland ski resorts and holidays. This place is also home to the oldest ski school in the world.

So if you're the kind of person who doesn't only visit a place for its slope but also for its history, then resorts near Saint Moritz are ideal for you. Saint Moritz is considered a good venue for cross-country skiing not only because it contains five ski complexes, but also over 161 kilometers of uninterrupted tracks. What's more, there are also many old and interesting chalets and lodges that are available for winter vacation rentals in the area so you don't have to worry about where you will stay.

If you think that this country is only good for its banks and watches, you can never be more mistaken. Remember that the fantastic Swiss Alps, the world-renowned snow-covered mountainous region, actually hosts the most famous Switzerland ski resorts and holidays that can rival the best in the world. If what you want is awesome mountain villages, rickety old trains, breathtaking scenery and fantastic cheese fondues, then you should go to the Adelboden-Lenk. Aside from skiing, you'll also enjoy bobsleighing and other winter activities that are available all around the region. Lastly, you can also visit small huts in Adelboden that are famous producers of Swiss cheese. In fact, some of these old huts and lodges may be available for vacation rental if you want to truly have a taste of the local culture.

Switzerland ski resorts and holidays can not be more expensive that your winter vacations in other parts of the world. All you need to do is find ways to save money. Holiday rentals are actually the most affordable accommodation for a family or a large group of tourists. For more information about ski chalets and lodges that are available for vacation rental for your family or friends, just visit our website.

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Is there any place in the Caribbean that is comparable to this resort in Bora Bora?

I'm looking at all of these gorgeous, on-the water hut resorts in Bora Bora, but they're soooo expensive and I don't want to travel that far.

Is there an area or certain resorts in the Caribbean that are comparable to things like this place:

Clear blue water, rooms built atop the water with stairs going right down to the water, etc.....

PLEASE help me out!
EDIT - HERE is the link, I don't know why the one up top didn't work:

Thanks for the suggestions kate, but those are a little more posh than I am hoping for, and pretty expensive too. The most important thing is crystal clear, blue waters and white sandy beaches. Not crowded, and not too expensive.

Well, the St. Regis it's fantastic and this one in Bora Bora is incredible.
Anyway the Caribbean is incredible too, i was there many times and i love, there is white sand,blue water, no fish in the water (that's important at last for me!!!).
Why you don't look the Guanahani hotel in St. Barth?. That must be something like you're looking for, or there is other very nice island called Mustique but i don't remember hotels, but it's super eexclusive,must be very good ones.
Good luck!!!

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Royal Decameron Club Caribbean All Inclusive Runaway Bay Traveler Photos - TripAdvisor TripWow

caribbean resort hotel myrtle beach

caribbean resort hotel myrtle beach

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Myrtle Beach Hotels and Resorts

caribbean island barbados

caribbean island barbados

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each caribbean accent, which is the most difficult to understand?

alright each caribbean island has a unique accent, for those who have traveled to the diffent islands which ones you find most difficult to understand( i say bim or barbados, jamaica,and guyana)

If you stay somewhere for about 2 weeks, and you stay with the people of the area, you will find that you can understand them, what ever their accent is.

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caribbean islands st kitts

caribbean islands st kitts

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Which southern caribbean cruise should i choose?

Both are on serenade of the seas price doesnt matter
Cruise 1
st thomas
St Maarten*
St Kitts
Barbados *
My dad is taking me and my 2 brothers
which is best as far as excursions go
I have been to the islands with * next to them
OOPs the first one is on Adventure of the seas

I would pick #2. That is personal preference. As you know--all ports of call will offer different things to do and see. The fun will be in being with your family and enjoying the time together. You are making memories that will last a lifetime.

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caribbean hotel in myrtle beach sc

caribbean hotel in myrtle beach sc

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top 10 caribbean resorts travel channel

top 10 caribbean resorts travel channel

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caribbean resort in myrtle beach sc

caribbean resort in myrtle beach sc

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caribbean villas all inclusive

caribbean villas all inclusive

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Cheap Caribbean Deals?

Hey, my family was wanting to go on a Caribbean vacation. and im looking for some really good deals for anywhere in the caribbean. all inclusive or villas are fine..... just any good, cheaper places would be great! Thanks!

My family has a beautiful villa in st kitts. Its a lovely island. here our

This classically Caribbean Villa overlooks the shimmering turquoise blue Atlantic Ocean on the windward side of St. Kitts, and the manicured back nine of the new Royal St. Kitts Golf Course below, with spectacular views of Frigate Bay, and the Southeast Peninsula.

This new Villa, on the idyllic island of St. Kitts offers panoramic views of the ocean, the Southeastern Peninsula, and the nearby, strikingly beautiful, mountain island of Nevis.

Half Moon Villa has a warm, Caribbean feel with three large bedrooms (recently painted) each with attached private bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms feature queen size beds while the third has two twin size beds.

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