caribbean resort pictures

caribbean resort pictures

People will always find a unique place to relax and unwind at some point in their lives. Some people opt a very silent place while others opt to go to the busy and crowded malls to shop. Personally, I find going to the beach relaxing but exciting at the same time.

There is just something about the beach that captivates my heart. Perhaps it's because our city is abundant in beautiful beach spots. But what are really found in these beach resorts? Here are just some of them:

1. The Sea Itself - Breathtaking. It is in itself naturally amazing as it not only refreshes our body but also brings fun. Being able to float on water will always feel wonderful.

2 The Sand - This will always make you remember something. It can be your childhood when you have attempted or successfully made sand castles. It can also be your recent get-away with your honey when you wrote your names on the sand and took pictures of it.

3. Free Souvenirs - Souvenirs are found everywhere the beach. It can be that nearby unique seashell, or that hermit crab walking past your feet. You can even take home some sand if you like!

4. Happy People - It is almost rare to see someone sad at the beach. Everyone is happy! That is because everyone has a common goal --- that is to relax! The beach will always be a great place to read magazines, write poems or watch the sunset.

5. Sports - While others prefer quiet and calm activities at the beach, some find doing sports more relaxing. The beach is suitable for playing games such as Frisbee, flying a kite, playing catch and surfing!

People may have different ways of relaxing but for me, the beach is the best place. There will always be an exciting, fun-filled, memorable experience at the beach for everyone!

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Does the pirate themed room at Caribbean Beaches Resort in Disney have a bathroom door?

I've been looking at some pictures of the pirate themed rooms at the Caribbean Beaches Resort in Disney, and I know there is a curtain separating the bathroom and bedroom, but is there an actual door?

The curtain separates the bedroom from the double sink area. Once standing in the sink area, there is a door to the side that separates the sink area from the toilet/shower.

This website will show you the floorplan:

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Disney's Caribbean Resort Tour - Florida

caribbean resorts employment

caribbean resorts employment

Thinking about having an extended stay in a tropical paradise? Maybe you're looking for a Caribbean investment property or real estate in Turks and Caicos? The Island of Providenciales (Provo) in the Turks and Caicos is very safe and welcoming and a great place for an extended sabbatical.

Despite having modern amenities and being one safest countries in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos is still relatively "untrampled" and there are still vast deserted beaches just waiting to be explored. There are also better known beaches like Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales which has been declared at times the "world's best beach."

There are also a lot of options in terms of Turks and Caicos real estate and rentals, including hotels, resorts, condos and private homes available for long term rental or purchase.

Let's dig into a couple of the things you need to know in terms of entry requirements for your stay.

Shorter Visits

If you're going to check out the Turks and Caicos prior to making a decision about a longer term stay, you don't need a visa for stays under 30 days, but must show a Passport and proof of departure (your return air ticket) to be granted temporary residency.

Longer Visits

If you are staying longer than 30 days, you must apply to the immigration department for an extension up to 6 months at a time. Turks and Caicos is very welcoming to travelers and is generally very amenable to extending your stay. You can get full details through the Turks and Caicos immigration site at

Permanent Residence Status

Permanent Residency Certificates are granted to applicants who have made a $250,000+ investment in real estate in Turks and Caicos. These certificates come in categories with and without the right to work. To accommodate those wishing to retire to the islands, the "without the right to work" certificates are very straightforward to obtain, while the "right to work" option typically requires the applicant to have had a work permit for at least five years. Full details are available at the immigration board site.

Work Permits

Work permits are also issued by the immigration department and are typically issued on a year to year basis, although 3 year permits are also available and self employed individuals may apply for a 5 year work permit. Work permits are typically arranged by the employer or through and employment agency.

All in all, the Turks and Caicos is one of the comfortable and accessible places to settle in for a long stay in the Caribbean.

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Time to fly south - Cancun Mexico

western caribbean cruise ports

western caribbean cruise ports

What could be more perfect that spending your first days and nights together on a romantic Caribbean honeymoon cruise? Feel the cool breezes as you stand by the rail, admiring the sunset. Smell the sea air as you bask in the sun and enjoy cocktails by the pool. Sway to the sounds of lilting music as you dance with your arms around the one you love. What could be better?

Choosing a Cruise Line

When considering a Caribbean honeymoon cruise, you will want to take time to do a little bit of research to see what cruise line is best for you. They are all a little different and one may fit your personality better than another.

Your definition of what your honeymoon should be will help determine with which cruise company you should book. If you are seeking a quiet cruise offering the finest in food and amenities, where alone time is easy to achieve and it's not hard to escape the crowd, you might want to consider one of the luxury cruise lines. Though they tend to be pricey, onboard their ships you will be treated to the best life has to offer, from gourmet food and fine champagne to unique shore excursions to first-class spa treatments you can enjoy together. Luxury cruise lines include Cunard, Seabourn, Crystal, and Regent Seven Seas.

If you prefer sharing your fun with others and enjoy a high-energy atmosphere that keeps you moving all the time, you should probably choose something other than the luxury lines. Carnival, for example, is known for their "Fun Ships," where the activity is non-stop and the overall atmosphere exudes youth and liveliness. Despite the energy, however, you can still grab plenty of private moments.

If something in between seems like a good compromise, you will have a number of cruise lines from which to choose. These more low-key lines still offer a variety of activities, but the general atmosphere is calmer. Check out Norwegian, with its "freestyle cruising" that allows for a more laid-back cruise; Royal Caribbean, where you'll feel pampered but at an affordable price; or Celebrity, where you'll be treated like, well...a celebrity.

Choosing a Destination

Any Caribbean honeymoon cruise will be romantic because you will be with your new spouse. However, you can make it even more special by choosing ports of call that reflect your interests. For example, the islands of the Southern Caribbean, like Dominica, are perfect for diving enthusiasts. If you like ancient history and want to include some sightseeing opportunities in your cruise itinerary, consider a Western Caribbean cruise, where you can visit such sites as the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Head east and you can go shopping in St. Thomas, explore Old San Juan, or gamble in Nassau, Bahamas.

When You Book Your Cruise

When you're ready to book your Caribbean cruise, be sure to mention to your travel agent or online customer service representative that the occasion of your cruise is your honeymoon. After all, nearly every one is a hopeless romantic and if the crew is tipped off as to your special occasion, you're likely to receive some special perks, like free spa treatments or in-room champagne, chocolates, or flowers.

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First time cruiser- Cruising the western caribbean next month. Need advice on shore excursions. Thanks!?

I have heard not to use Carnival's excursions because they are overpriced. However, I feel more comfortable doing so because its my first cruise. I picked one excursion per port, just wondering if anyone has done these or has better suggestions:
Grand Cayman Islands- Cayman Parasail & Beach Escape
Cozumel- Beach Buggy & Snorkel Combo
Belize- Cave Tubing
Costa Maya- Jungle Beach Bread

Correction: Jungle Beach Break!!!

I have been to Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Costa Maya. It seems that you have made up your mind already on tours. Grand Cayman is best for going to the beach and you can get there easily by taxi or mini-bus right from the pier for about $5. each way to the 7-mile beach. The beach has a changing room, rest rooms, and a small snack bar. Unless you just want to para sail just get a taxi instead of booking a tour on-ship.

Cozumel is not an island for touring, there are no sights to see; we took a tour once and didn't see anything we would want to go back and see again. It is a great place for snorkel and scuba, which you are planning to book. If you make a cruise stop in Cozumel your best activity will be a tour that goes to the main land for the tours to Chichen Itza, Xcarat, or other places.

In Costa Maya we did the beach too, not much we wanted to see there and it was stinking hot too.

The advice I always give for tours is this. Review the listing of tours offered on your cruise and decide whether you want to pay for a tour or go on your own. On most Caribbean islands you can get a taxi or tour in port for much less than the cruise ship tours. HOWEVER, the one big advantage of going on ship sponsored tours is THE SHIP WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU if your ship sponsored tour is late getting back to the ship. If you will be in a port for 12 to 16 hours you are probably safe to go on your own for most anything. But if you are only there for six to eight hours you may want to stay close to the ship or go on the ship tours.

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Western Caribbean Cruise Port's

caribbean holiday advice

caribbean holiday advice

Washington DC lies in the middle of the eastern seaboard of America and is nearly 90 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It sits on the northern banks of the Potomac River and the city spreads across the side of the river up to the hills in the north.

Washington DC's highest point is 390 feet above sea level in the Northwest of the city. Rock Creek is a tributary of the Potomac and it flows through the middle of the city running from north to south.

Spring is the most popular season for tourists to visit Washington DC as it has mild temperatures. The cherry trees also blossom at this time of the year and many tourists come especially to see this spectacular site. It is estimated that over twenty million visitors a year visit this world famous city.

Due to the ever growing number of tourists, there has been a growth in the number of holiday homes available for rental direct from their owners. Many visitors now find that the concept of renting a holiday home is far more appealing than staying in an impersonal hotel. These holiday lets are ideal for families and enable them to sample the true culture of the local area.

In the summer it is hot and humid and can be quite tiring for the first time visitor who has a long list of attractions that they want to visit. In order to help overcome the hot weather, many attractions now operate for longer hours during the summer months.

In recent years Fall has become a popular time to visit the city. Temperatures are far more agreeable and there are not as many crowds as during the summer. Many visitors are stunned by the elegant beauty of the foliage dropping of the trees.

Winter months can be very unpredictable weather wise. Temperatures can fluctuate from the high 40s and then drop well below freezing. However sever snow storms do not occur very often.

The city itself is shaped like a diamond and is separated from Virginia by the Potomac. It covers an area of 67 square miles and is divided into four areas.

Most tourists come to Washington DC to visit the White House. It has been home to America's First Families for over two centuries. Every year in the first week of December, the president carries out the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Tourists flock to Washington DC for this event and during the rest of the month of December gather on the Ellipse.

The White House organises a series of public annual events which draw huge crowds each year. A popular event is the annual Easter Egg Roll which is held on the Monday after Easter on the White House lawn.

There are also guided tours of the famous gardens in April and October. Probably the most popular event is the Christmas candlelight tours that are held over three evenings in late December. All of these events are free and as a result are extremely popular. It is advisable to get there well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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going on first holiday with baby.............?

going on first holiday with baby, tomorrow! she's 4 months (i've asked this a while ago) any advice .......?? on what i cant forget????

i'm going to caribbean!!

* Plenty of diapers, wipes, formula (if you use it), bottles, nipples for the bottles, juice, blankets, changes of clothes, stuff for bath time, sunscreen, stroller, and any toys he/she likes. Make sure you have access to any/all of that while traveling.

If you'll be flying, either have bottles already made or bring bottled water so you can make a bottle during the flight (if you're using formula). Having the baby either feed or suck on a pacifier during take off and landing will help with their ears popping.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and well-fed, as well. Travel can be crazy on your body even without a baby with you.

Most importantly, have fun!

Edit: We have never had a problem bringing already-made bottles onto the plane. As long as you have the baby with you and put the bottles in the plastic, see-through, ziplock bags like you do for all other liquids/gels, and they see that it's formula, you'll be fine.

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caribbean vacations best deals

caribbean vacations best deals

If you've been to the Caribbean, you know it can be one of the most relaxing places on the planet. That laid-back atmosphere just seems to rub off and by day two, you're already dreaming about never going back home again. Sunshine, buffets, sandy beaches, and romantic evenings are enough to make anyone think twice about where they live.

What I am going to show you is how I save money every time that I want to book a resort in the Caribbean, and how I have never been disappointed at any place I've ever stayed.

Now, I admit, I'm not very picky, but I do know bad from good. I can sympathize with resort owners to a certain extent. I don't know about you, but when I go on vacation, I want to know that I have the best I can afford. We all work hard for our money and like Mom said, getting a good deal is a good thing.

First, like me, you probably know where you want to go. I started going to Aruba and later branched out to some of the other Caribbean islands. Some places were better when tourism wasn't big, and some places I've found, actually got better when tourism came in. If it helps the local economy in a good way, I'm all for it.

With your destination in mind, the first place I head for is This is a website I recommend for everyone I know, for everything from hotels to rental homes to vacation destinations and everything in between. The thing that makes Tripadvisor so powerful is that people like you and I make comments on the trips we've made and we rate each place. Now you don't have to do this, but if you contribute, it just makes it better for everyone. The rating system is tallied up, and each place receives a score. The lower the score, the better - because it's like a ranking - you want to be in first place.

So using Tripadvisor you can easily find the city, pick a resort from the list, and read comments from actual guests who stayed there. Many people offer information on how they saved money, so this is very useful. Two other websites have helped me a lot for saving money are and You can find them from the Tripadvisor website in the columns, or just go directly. Here, spend some time to work with the dates of your trip to see if the resort is offering any specials.

Finally, the bigger resorts have Twitter accounts. You can find these online by Googling their name and the word Twitter. For example, Aruba Marriott twitter will show you the Twitter feed from the Marriott in Aruba, and a glance at the feed will show you some great bargains. For hotels and resorts without Twitter accounts, simply go to their website (you can Google that, too) and using the Contact button, ask about any discounts or specials that may be running during the week you want to vacation there. Just ask. You'll be surprised at the response.

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Which Caribbean Island is the least expensive for a fantastic vacation?

I want a Tropical Paradise Vacation-gorgeous beach, nature, forests,lagoons, etc. Where can I go and get the BEST deal. Money is limited. Thanks in advance! : )


I spent a week on the island and it is absolutely wonderful! brought $200 (american) and still had money left over afterwards. Lots to do - email me if you want details or photos!

happy traveling!

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Vacation Days are Made for Cruise Vacations: Find Stress Relief & Wellness with Royal Caribbean

caribbean cruise wiki

caribbean cruise wiki

Salmonsdam Nature Reserve, run by Cape Nature, is a small nature reserve not far from Stanford in the Western Cape in South Africa. There are three hiking trails available.

The longest is a Mountain Trail from the foot of the Perdeberg mountain and at the top they say that there's a view over Walker Bay (thats for sure, as you can see Walker Bay from virtually any point in the reserve), and the country towns of Caledon and Bredasdorp. The second trail is the 4km Ravine Trail through Keeromskloof and through small patches of indigenous forest. The final trail is the Waterfall Trail of about 3km through thick fynbos down to the falls and back. All three trails have short links so experienced and fit hikers could tackle all three in a day.

As a far too heavy 62 year old on a severe diet that includes at least an hours walking or biokinetics a day, the logical thing to do after 10 weeks of the regime was to do a bit of hiking, so we set off one beautiful Saturday morning to Salmonsdam.

We did part of the ravine trail but turned back where it joins the mountain trail. The piece we did do was fairly easy but the next stage seemed fairly difficult, although probably not difficult at all for experienced hikers. The fact that Salmonsdam hiking routes don't feature strongly on hiking and related sites confirms that assumption. I think if I'd had a walking stick I would have gone further. So we'll have to back at some stage.

There are very basic facilities at Salmonsdam Nature Reserve for overnight camping including a few small chalets. There is an ablution block and 10 camping sites.

Around the South east edge of the reserve is a "mountain drive": which leads far up into the Perdeberg and meets up with the Mountain trail. I was expecting to be able to drive to the top in an ordinary motor vehicle (a Mercedes C- class) but it seems that only 4X4 vehicles or perhaps even 4X2 LUV's will be able to reach the summit with any ease.

Flora and Fauna is varied and the reserve is a good example of a mountain catchment area. We spent an entire morning in the reserve and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It's often used as a training site for school children because of the catchment area is so easily visible. Baboons and other small mammals are often seen in the reserve. We saw signs of the baboons feasting on freshly open Protea flowers and also flowers from a Protea that flowers just below the surface.

Salmonsdam was named after Captain Robert Salmond of HMS Birkenhead which sank just a few short miles from Salmonsdam on 26th February 1852 when around 450 sailors and soldiers lost their lives. from that tragic event came the now famous call of "Women and Children First' and the "Birkenhed Drill"

Getting There.

From Cape Town go to Hermanus on the N2 and R43 and then to Stanford on the R43. As you enter Stanford turn left onto the Caledon Road (R326). From the intersection go 4.4km until you reach the "Papiesvlei, Elim" turnoff to your right. From here on the roads are gravel. the road condition is not good and caution should be exercised.Travel approx 6km on this gravel road and then turn left at the Salmonsdam turnoff. Travel for approx 3.5 kms. You will pass the entrance to a property called Beloftebos and 1.5 km from there you will reach Salmonsdam Nature Reserve.

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WIG - Wing in Ground Effect

caribbean cruise comparisons

caribbean cruise comparisons

Along with the development of high-tech, online shopping as an overwhelming fashion is enjoying a big boom nowadays.

To tell the truth, I used to be suspicious of online shopping. As far as I can see, it is unwise to make up your mind to buy things just by looking over the colorful pictures and tedious words. However, I become to set foot in online shopping with the persuasion of my friend to enjoy the convenience of high-tech. Moreover, as time goes by, one breathtaking shopping experience is always fresh in my mind.

Once, a lovely bag drew my great attention. I was going to choose the surface mail. But when buying it, I made a mistake and clicked" FedEx". Considering that I did not have the urgent need for the bag, I told the seller to correct it. Ten days passed, I did not receive the bag. But as for me, it did not matter. However, one day when I was surfing the Internet, I noticed that Deal Status became" completed". At first, I thought maybe someone helped me to click the button to make sure to pay for the bag. But other people had no idea about my password. Later, I found the reason when reading the trading details. In fact, the mistake I made before led to the problem. The payment period of Express is shorter than the surface mail. Although I bought the bag on the surface ship way, the PayPal charged me the delivery time by Express. To that night, because of date extended, the PayPal had paid the money by default. Worse more, owing to the limited condition that time, I did not know whether the seller had delivered the bag. If he knew it at first, it was useless for me to complain to the PayPal. That just meant my money was gone forever.

Fortunately, the high credibility of the seller contributed to a happy ending. So the unforgettable experience in fact was still not that bad.

Therefore, when you enjoy the convenience of online shipping, just remember that caution is parent of safety.

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Princess cruise lines?

1) In your opinion, Better, the same, or worse than Carnival?

2) What is this I hear about having to pay for ice cream?!!

3) What is there to do for a 15 year old girl?

The more details the better! Any other info would be great. Especially a lot of comparisons. I've been on 4 Carnival, 1 Royal Caribbean, and 1 Disney, so please compare only to those.

:) Ayelle

Carnival owns Princess and cunnard lines. Carnival is the party boat, Princess is classier such as better food, nicer rooms, and more beautiful ships and cunnard like the QE2 is top of the line. Yes you have to pay for ice cream on princess unless you go at 3pm every day for the free ice cream. For 15 year olds, I think I already answered that on your other question.

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Carinval Cruise Ship vs. Royal Caribbean

caribbean vacations new york

caribbean vacations new york

One of these days, I will definitely go to my favorite top ten vacation destinations in the Caribbean. It is about time for me to relax and take a little time off. I guess working for long hours really did pay off. I saved enough money to cover my expenses for my vacation to the islands of dreams. In a week, I will be off in a cruise ship to the Caribbean. I can't wait to visit my favorite top vacation islands in the Caribbean.

On the first place of my list of top ten vacation destinations in the Caribbean would be the Cayman Islands. I will be thrilled to explore its underwater scenery and see the various exotic fishes like the stingray and many more. The next would be snorkeling in one of the world's largest coral reef in the island of Turks and Caicos. Afterwards, go diving in the Bahamas and marvel at the abundance of marine species.

After my underwater escapades, my next adventure will be to explore the Bermuda islands. To be able walk on its creamy white beaches and marvel at the sight of lush green trees and limestone walls tumbled with vines, is wonderful. It is a marvelous to see the green colored waves as they splash on the seashore.

Next stop would be an island of St. Lucia which most calls "simply beautiful". Exploring its lush mountains and sulfur volcano is a landscape truly breathtaking. It has vast hectares of rain forest which provides a habitat for many exotic animals which is truly amazing.

Afterwards, I will visit Jamaica the land of the reggae music. Not only that, it has a beautiful scenery like the rain forest and rivers. Next on my list would be Islands with historical and architectural appeal and the first place to go to is definitely San Juan in Puerto Rico. The Spanish colonial influence could be best seen in design of their buildings and the cobblestoned streets add a complimentary effect, which makes the place even more appealing.

I surely would also visit the island of Curacao which is famous for its Dutch colonial buildings. Looking at them, I can't help but compare it to Amsterdam. After Curacao I need to visit one more colonially influenced culture and that is the island of Barbados. Their culture is greatly influenced by the British. Their monuments, streets, buildings and even their sports have a British influence.

Last stop of my tour to top ten vacation destinations in the Caribbean would end at the Dominican Republic. It is considered one of the oldest Caribbean Cities. It also has the regions tallest mountains and it has a white sand beach that could stretch on for miles.

The Caribbean is a very spectacular place. It offers not only stunning sceneries but it also adds a sense of adventure when go on exploring its vast regions. The place has a rich and diverse culture. It has history as well as architecture. The people are very cordial and hospitable and they have marvelous resorts and amenities. There are many Islands to choose from and so far I have mentioned only ten of those. Maybe the others have something different to offer.

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What's it like to live in the US?

I was born in New York and lived there untill I was about 3 years old, then me and my family moved to the caribbean, I've been in the US quite a few times since then for vacation and I really love it. But of Course it's different when u live somewhere. Now I live in Holland for a few years, and I am really considering moving to the US in about 2 years.I still have my american passport so I don't think moving there would be difficult. What is it like to live there? What's the lifestyle really like?

its cool in my oppinion.. you really can become anything you want to be, but it depends how much sacrifice you're willing to make. white people seem to have an advantage here, but there are also plenty of minorities who are sucessful. the only things i dislike in america is A) the racism (especially in the south, everyone judges everyone before they even meet). and B) the government. the government is like a passive-aggressive dictatorship. if you dont have money, they dont care about you.. and once you're in the system (whether its for a traffic violation, a misdemeanor or a felony), forget it! they will suck your wallets dry and make it nearly impossible to start fresh. one thing about america is that money talks.

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Hot Summer Vacation Deals as seen on NBC Weekend Today in New York

top caribbean holiday destinations

top caribbean holiday destinations

Generally when considering cruise popularity you will find that it is determined by a number of things, which can include how convenient it is to reach the cruise liner from your home, whether you have a young family, your age, whether it your first time or if you are single or married.

It is therefore wise to ask yourself what you expect from a cruise before making a decision. Are you looking for black tie glamour, informal luxury, to travel only with people your own age, plenty of entertainment, beautiful surroundings and nature, a good deal or activity and are you traveling on a shoestring?

That is why the top ten cruise destinations are based on previous experience and include cruise holidays in a variety of temperate zones. In effect, there is something here for everyone:


The Hawaiian Islands are a tropical paradise everyday of the year with its green clad volcanic cliffs and awe-inspiring tropical fauna and flora. Visit the magical Dolphin Cove, the fascinating Sealife Park and of course the Polynesian Cultural Centre.

The Caribbean

The best time to cruise the Caribbean is in January and February as the weather is perfect most days, but there is often threat of hurricanes from Mid June to the beginning of December. You can visit all the Caribbean islands as there is only a short distance between each of them, but the Caribbean is not as tropically lush as Hawaii.


Cruises to Antarctica are usually expensive so not suited to those on a low budget and cruise ships do not operate in the Antarctic winter, from March to September. These cruises combine a unique blend of comfort and adventure with soaring glacier cliffs, icebergs and penguin colonies.

The Mediterranean

The warmest months and the best time for sun seekers to visit the mediterrannean is from May to September. It should be noted that many of the

ports are often very busy during the summer, but there are certainly a large amount of destinations worth visiting, including the Greek Islands, Costa del Sol, Liguria Coast and the French Riviera.

Fjords of Norway

The best time to visit the Fjords of Norway is from June to August when it is not so cold. Cruises around these natural wonders are breathtakingly beautiful and humbling, as you sail inside enormous, yet narrow fjords surrounded by high cliffs.


The best time to cruise to Alaska is in the warmest months of June to August, as daylight is longer for sightseeing and taking photographs. It's a special place to cruise by glaciers and snow caped jagged peaks on your way to numerous photogenic ports.


November to April is the best time to cruise to Mexico, as they are cooler, dryer and less humid than the summer months. This is not the destination for those looking to relax, as Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and the other ports of call on the Mexican Riviera are full of life and music.

South Pacific

The South Pacific covers a broad area and its destinations include the fertile tropical paradises such as Fiji and Tahiti.


The Galapagos Island are home to giant tortoises, seal lions, penguins, fur seals, marine iguanas and are a place that Charles Darwin visited to observe the unique wildlife.

The Baltic Sea

A cruise to the Baltic Sea is not for the faint hearted in the colder months, but June to august is ideal for visiting Tallinn, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Copyright (c) 2008

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Honeymoon in Tahiti { Bora Bora } Best honeymoon destinations.

caribbean travel list

caribbean travel list

There are a couple important things to consider when you're packing for your Caribbean cruise. I remember when I went on a Caribbean cruise and discovered halfway out the sea that I had forgot some important things. That sucks. If you forget some of the crucial important things you won't even get on board the ship. I mean things like passport and such. So when you are packing for your Caribbean cruise make sure that you check everything twice and then recheck everything once again. Don't make a stupid mistake that will cost you your trip. In this article we will discuss what you need to remember when packing for these cheap Caribbean cruises.

Let's start with the most important thing of all; your passport. Without a passport you won't get anywhere. Passports are necessary to visit most of the ports in the Caribbean and you probably won't even get on board the ship without one. So if you want to have an unforgettable and fun trip out in the Caribbean make sure that you have your passport ready. Also, check if there are any visa requirements for the destinations that you plan to visit. The travel agency can help you with this so don't be afraid to ask them.

Most people like lists when they pack so we have prepared a list for you. You can follow this when you're packing your stuff and check off everything that you have put in your suitcase.

Passport, your visa, the tickets and your cash plus credit cards. This is crucial so don't forget it. Make sure that you have the local currency for shore excursions and such. Bring some thin cotton clothes with you as you can expect some really hot weather. You can also pack some more formal clothing in case you were going to a classy restaurant where you need to tidy up a bit. Bring some nice shoes for walking so you don't get sore feet while exploring the different ports of call. Also, remember to buy good travel guide with all the local sights to visit while in port.

This should get you started when it comes to packing stuff for your trip. There are also some rules you should follow regarding the size restrictions of the stuff you carry with you on board. Make sure that you check with the travel agency how much you can take with you so that you don't over pack and have to leave some of the stuff in the terminal. Needless to say you can't bring any illegal items with you so don't even try.

This article should get you started with the basics that you need to know when packing for your dream Caribbean cruise. We have discussed the most important thing to remember and also the gave you the list of the most important things to bring with you. Remember to follow the rules and you will have no problems with the customs. Have fun!

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What movie should i watch tonight?

Here's a list of what i have. sorry it's a long list.
the notebook
pursuit of happyness
little miss sunshine
forrest gump
catch me if you can
mean girls
the proposal
27 dresses
bruce almighty
sisterhood of traveling pants
rush hour 1 and 2
ace ventura 1 and 2
alice in wonderland (old one)
emperors new groove
finding nemo
once upon a time in mexico
pirates of the Caribbean 1 2 and 3
finding neverland
nightmare on elm street oldest one
ed wood
sweeney todd
secret window
benny and joon
edward scissorhands
from hell
don juan demarco
the ninth gate
charlie and the chocolate factory new one
what's eating gilbert grape
public enemies
sleepy hollow
the imaginarium of doctor parnassus
corpse bride
the bucket list
and possibly every old disney movie you could imagine

ya ya i know, no life :P
and i know i have a lot of johnny depp movies too :)
favorite actor, hes brilliant.

benny and joon
edward scissorhands
from hell
what's eating gilbert grape
nightmare on elm street

in that order :) another Johnny Depp fan =)

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