caribbean holiday bargains

caribbean holiday bargains

What type of cruise vacation just are you looking for to end the best part of this year? Is it a Christmas cruise vacation you have been eagerly anticipating for a while now? Or, is it that family thanksgiving getaway on the fabulous cruise deal, watching others carve the turkey as they serve you for a change is what you really desire? Which one is for you and your family, or do you want it all?

Lets just see shall we? I'll show you the best family cruise vacations to go on this year with very attractive itineraries you must know about.

Thanksgiving Cruise: it's not too late to jump onboard this "7 Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise," fabulous itinerary. Unlike thanksgivings in your past, you will experience this holiday unlike any other. This Cruise sails from Puerto Rico, where you'll find a cosmopolitan city of wide boulevards, lively cafes, highly regarded galleries and designer boutiques to keep you thrilled with excitement.

Then it gets better! St. Thomas, the land of buried treasures has just been dugged up for you to enjoy! No one ever complains about St, Thomas's wealth of attraction, jewelry and history; in fact, their only problem is that they couldn't stay longer. With another destination for this thanksgiving cruise, Dominican Republic, tops it off. White sandy beaches and plenty of golf courses to relax your ever spinning mind is the remedy. Plus, it's more than meets the eye adventures once you see everything this trip offers you.

Christmas cruise vacation: What better way to spend the Christmas Holidays, still under a tree, but at multiple islands, different countries, and still enjoying the holidays relaxing. This Christmas cruise vacation itinerary, starts at Key West: a festive island of colorful bars and equally colorful characters in what may as well be the tropics.

Then it gets really exciting sailing to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, where you can snorkel with stingrays, go scuba diving, sail a catamaran, take in some sport fishing, or just mellow out along the powder-soft sand of the magnificent Seven Mile Beach. And just when you thought it couldn't get even better during this Christmas cruise vacation, The ship's final destination takes you to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where partying is your 9 to 5. However, if you're burnt out from Cayman Islands, then Dunn's River Falls, a 600-foot natural staircase of cascading water, which is the most famous attraction in Ocho Rios, just might be the scenery of guaranteed relaxation for you.

Wow, it just doesn't get any better than this. Fall's best cruise vacations deals for 2008, is just a mouse click away for you to have. These affordable cruise ship vacations are bargains you can never negotiate. And it's even more destinations listed inside for this Fall.

If you want to find the best cheap cruise vacations, fun family vacations for the remainder of this year, then do yourself a huge favor and read the next paragraph now.

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Is there a site where you can get a great bargain for all inclusive holidays to the caribbean? was were we found the best price. I didnt like cheapcaribbean, their flights were lousy and there were extra fees. It looked cheaper at first but when we started to make the purchase it changed. tavelzoo searches all sites and lists the best deals.

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caribbean hotel villas

caribbean hotel villas

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Best non-tourist place to travel in Caribbean/Mexico?

My girlfriend and I, and possibly some other couples too, are looking to travel some where in the Caribbean for spring break.

We are looking for somewhere with the true Caribbean waters and feel around it.

We are also hoping for a place less known for tourists and partying, and more known for the great adventures to be had: snorkeling/scuba diving, beautiful hiking, maybe zip lining, etc.

We are also trying to do this on a budget-ish... essentially we are looking for the best value.

I've heard that renting out villas on beaches can be cheaper and more authentic, but I've also heard great things about inclusive hotels.. so I'm not sure which is the better route

A friend of mine recommended St. Johns Island off the coast of Mexico, but I would like some more input.

I'm an off the beaten path type of guy and am looking for a great vacation, can you help me?

I know of an awesome deal going on right now in Jamaica. If you bring two other couple's you room is FREE at the all-inclusive resort! It's a brand new resort on a private beach just down the road from Dunn's River Falls, a very famous water fall and park in Jamaica. There is ziplining and ATVing near by and snorkeling and diving are included in the all-inclusive resort price. There is SO much to do in Jamaica you'll run out of time before you run out of things to do!

Plus, you can also take a private tour of some famous spots in Jamaica that most tourists don't visit. I know an AWESOME guy who runs a tour company down there. I always use him when I go to Jamaica, and I always send my clients to him. His name is Dudley and he is from Big Ship Tours (http:// His prices are very reasonable for groups.

Anyway, if you would like more information on the resort with the FREE room deal, let me know. They are running the special until for travel until July 2011 but it must be booked by Oct. 31st (this weekend) so let me know.

I'd be happy to help you find other options too. I am a travel agent and get great deals all the time for plenty of places. My services are FREE as long as you book with me. :)

Owner of My Paradise Planner travel agency

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caribbean vacation rental properties

caribbean vacation rental properties

Guest Ranch Accommodations

Almost everyone is concerned about accommodations when we go on a vacation. First you have to decide which guest ranch accommodations will suit you the best. If privacy is a major concern it would be better for you to choose a that has private cabins. Be sure to book early if you require a private cabin as these are often booked far in advance at. If you don't need a private cabin, you can opt for a lodge option. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa has both private cabins and lodge accommodations available at our guest ranch.


Make a list of activities you want to do on your upcoming vacation. There are often many activities offered outside of horseback riding.. If you want to ski, river raft, skeet shoot or many other activities apart from horseback riding, you can find some that provide these types of activities. Also, how delightful would a massage or facial be at the end of the day? Some even have spas. There are some s that provide nightly entertainment where you can dance, play games, watch a movie, read a book or magazine etc.

Family Guest Ranch Vacations

If you are going to enjoy your next vacation with your children, then search for a that welcomes children and has an established kids program. Many are available to accommodate whole families but not always at all times of the year. Call the you are interested in to find out.

Weather Considerations

Some are only open during summer months and some are open year round. The that are open year round have activities that will vary from season to season. So, you can schedule your vacation depending on the activities you want.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the core activity at most. Perhaps you are not an experienced rider. No worries if you are a novice. You will just need some lessons and many will offer horseback riding lessons. Call the guest ranch to see if there are any additional costs.


Now it comes to the point of choosing foods that you would like to eat on your next vacation. Do not worry if you are on a special diet. Most will be able to accommodate special diets if they are notified in advance. Cuisine at a can vary widely from Western fare to gourmet plates. Also, there are often theme nights where there may be a BBQ or theme food.

Vacation Budget

Make sure of your budget you want to spend on your next vacation. It may cost you $900 to $3500 per person/ per week for a vacation. Within this budget you can cover most activities and usually all meal costs. You will find basic rooms as well as luxurious accommodations in some. You may also have the option for an additional charge to have a private cabin for larger groups. Other hidden costs will depend on what extra activities you are going because some may not be included.


Not all the will satisfy everyone. You will find in almost every state and province in the US and Canada. Based on your vacation budget and the climate you prefer, you can make your decision for a.

To make your vacation the most memorable, you have to consider all the above points before selecting a guest ranch. You have to make sure whether the can fulfill all of your vacation expectations and fit within your budget.

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caribbean holiday rentals

caribbean holiday rentals

The Caribbean contains islands which are many and varied. Each one has its own music, culture, cuisine, style, landscapes and more. One thing of course that all of them have in common is that they are all vibrant, happy places surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean where the sun shines down and there is plenty of fun to be had.

For anyone choosing to cruise the Caribbean, there is the chance to experience a taste of some of these various cultures, and indulge in the beauty, wonder, and warmth of places where visitors are welcomed daily. Most cruises sailing here will opt to either travel the east or the west of the Caribbean, and in both directions you will find plenty of interesting places to visit. In the west you'll find the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, where as in the east lie Barbados, Martinique, and the British and American Virgin islands. Each island has it's own unique something to offer visitors, and with a cruise there are always interesting excursions to be taken offering opportunities, and experiences that make cruising here in the Caribbean one of the most popular of all the cruise destinations.


This is quite a prosperous island which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it would be easy to laze on one of them drinking rum and eating wonderful spicy local food. Alternatively you could enjoy a trip to the Dunns River falls, or take a tour round the famous 'Rose Hall Great House', former home of Jamaica's white witch Annie Palmer.

The Bahamas

This is one of the most popular stops when cruising, and it's not surprising when you consider just how much is on offer here. You could swim with dolphins in Nassau, spend the day snorkelling to see some of the amazing and vivid colours the ocean life here has to offer, or take a trip birding to see some of the many birds the Bahamas has. Common sightings include the Caribbean Dove, Bahama Woodstar, Loggerhead Kingbird and the Bahama Mockingbird.

Puerto Rico

When visiting Puerto Rico most ships dock at San Juan port. It's one of the busiest and most exciting ports in the Caribbean and here the city is on your doorstep and is awash with people, colour, sights and sounds. Alternatively if you prefer to veer away from the crowds, the El Junque rainforest is close enough that a trip into the edge of it is possible, and the contrast to the city is amazing. Trees, orchids and giant ferns are among the 240 different species of plants and wildlife that you might encounter and the place is so peaceful and being on the edge of the island, you can also enjoy some spectacular views out over the north east coast too.

Across the whole of the Caribbean, there are so many islands it would be impossible to cruise them all in one trip. However, the chance to experience a taste of just a few of them on a cruise is one of the many things which has visitors to this region coming back again and again wanting to experience more of what the Caribbean can offer them.

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cheap caribbean breaks

cheap caribbean breaks

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Cheap Spring Break ideas?

Hey so I have spring break starting it a week and a half, and I'm trying to find a cheap place for me and my friends to go to get out of the crappy Pacific Northwest. What are some cheap locations that you'd recommend? Also, this isn't required, but we'd like to go somewhere with a more lenient drinking age, maybe somewhere in Mexico or Caribbean or whatever. I really don't know, but any tips would be awesome thanks

South Padre, Texas is the place i would recommend when it comes to price, its in the US, Rowdy college kids are there during spring break. MTV sets up there at times. PLUS the good thing is that its really close to Mexico, i think you can take a bus there pay 3$ to get inside mexico, drinking age i think is 18 or 16 i forgot. So awesome place to go

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best caribbean resorts for kids

best caribbean resorts for kids

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Which Caribbean resort?

I'm 18/f going on vacation alone, trying to figure out which Caribbean resort would be safest for me. PS: I don't want it to have kids under 10. 18+ is best. I also do NOT want it to be all-inclusive.

There are some good adults only hotels in the Dominican Republic. Try Punta Cana or Puerto Plata. You might also try the capital Santo Domingo for some great nightlife.

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cheap caribbean cabo

cheap caribbean cabo

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Where is a good all-inclusive vacation destination from Seattle?

I used to live on the east coast where it was easy to travel to the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, DR, Jamaica etc) for cheap, all-inclusive vacation bundles. Now in Seattle, I'm trying to figure out where are good destinations in the Pacific. Hawaii is nice, but I'm looking for all-inclusive places. I've heard there are some resorts in Mexico, like Cabo. Can you help with more suggestions/details?


What about an Alaskan cruise? Usually cruises are all-inclusive.

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Dreams Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

caribbean resort disney world map

caribbean resort disney world map

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cheap caribbean property

cheap caribbean property

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cheap caribbean hotel deals

cheap caribbean hotel deals

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