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caribbean hotel villas

caribbean hotel villas

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Best non-tourist place to travel in Caribbean/Mexico?

My girlfriend and I, and possibly some other couples too, are looking to travel some where in the Caribbean for spring break.

We are looking for somewhere with the true Caribbean waters and feel around it.

We are also hoping for a place less known for tourists and partying, and more known for the great adventures to be had: snorkeling/scuba diving, beautiful hiking, maybe zip lining, etc.

We are also trying to do this on a budget-ish... essentially we are looking for the best value.

I've heard that renting out villas on beaches can be cheaper and more authentic, but I've also heard great things about inclusive hotels.. so I'm not sure which is the better route

A friend of mine recommended St. Johns Island off the coast of Mexico, but I would like some more input.

I'm an off the beaten path type of guy and am looking for a great vacation, can you help me?

I know of an awesome deal going on right now in Jamaica. If you bring two other couple's you room is FREE at the all-inclusive resort! It's a brand new resort on a private beach just down the road from Dunn's River Falls, a very famous water fall and park in Jamaica. There is ziplining and ATVing near by and snorkeling and diving are included in the all-inclusive resort price. There is SO much to do in Jamaica you'll run out of time before you run out of things to do!

Plus, you can also take a private tour of some famous spots in Jamaica that most tourists don't visit. I know an AWESOME guy who runs a tour company down there. I always use him when I go to Jamaica, and I always send my clients to him. His name is Dudley and he is from Big Ship Tours (http:// His prices are very reasonable for groups.

Anyway, if you would like more information on the resort with the FREE room deal, let me know. They are running the special until for travel until July 2011 but it must be booked by Oct. 31st (this weekend) so let me know.

I'd be happy to help you find other options too. I am a travel agent and get great deals all the time for plenty of places. My services are FREE as long as you book with me. :)

Owner of My Paradise Planner travel agency

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Hotel Villas HM Paraíso Del Mar in Holbox, Mexico

caribbean hotels with waterslides

caribbean hotels with waterslides

Las Vegas Top 10 Pools

What do you do in Las Vegas during the daytime after an evening in the Casino? Enjoy a buffet breakfast in your favorite restaurant, take a walk, see some attractions, then...

a must do...relax, take a Swim and get a tan.

Here are the TOP TEN POOLS in Las Vegas with a brief description of their offerings and themes. Did you know many visitors to Las Vegas book their Hotel based on their favorite pool? Seems like most first time visitors to Las Vegas have the impression that it is at least 100 degrees here year round. Well, it isn't. Most outdoor pools are open from March/April to October/November! We've listed Hotels that have year round indoor pools or heated outdoor pools.


10. The Palms Night Time Fun! Be Cool! Hang out! 75,000 square feet of pool, 21 Cabanas, The "Skin Pool Lounge", music, dance by the pool, enjoy "Wet N Wild" after dark!

9. Luxor - The Luxor has created a 7 acre, Egyptian theme complex that is nothing short of spectacular! Outstanding poolside service, open year round! Be treated like King Tut!

8. Venetian - Known to be the ultimate romantic destination for couples. 5 full acres of pools, fountains, flower gardens and statues. Relax, get a tan, be in love. Even get married. That's AMORE'!

7. Bellagio - What can we say? Prestige, Ritzy, Swanky just what you would expect from

a Billion Dollar setting! 85,000 square feet of 6 pools, beautiful fountains, colors, flowers and Premier service. Be pampered in an elegant refuge for the rich!

6. MGM Grand - A longtime favorite of Hollywood Movie Stars, a 27,000 square foot complex of beautiful pools, spas and "Backlot River" where you can have a drink and take a leisurely 3 MPH float around the complex! Get a tan where the stars of "Le Femme" hang out!

5. Flamingo - From the dreams of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel in 1947 to the posh pool fun of today. Enjoy the lush Hawaiian theme with water slides, stone water falls, even shade! Luxury at it's finest. Try their specialty drinks!

4. Caesar's Palace - Roman decadence in the Garden of the Gods! 3 pools covering 5 acres of Italian opulance! Have a drink by stone pediments and be served frozen grapes by Goddesses (weekends only). Or, have your photo taken by the pool with Caesar and Cleopatra! Very cool!

3. The Mirage - A Polynesian tropical jungle lagoon. Amazingly beautiful foliage amidst waterfalls, 3 waterslides, hidden alcoves covering 5 full acres of jungle. An afternoon of sunshine and cool fun you will remember for years to come.

2. Hard Rock - Want to party? This is the place you want to be! Vegas' party central. The Pool Party runs from 10:00 AM to Midnight 7 days a week! Hang out with Rock Stars, Movie Stars and the "Beautiful People" or play Las Vegas' only blackjack tables in the water! Pools, hot tubs, 37 cabanas, a float river and Party, Party, Party!

1. Mandolay Bay - Mandolay Bay went all out in creating an 11 acre lagoon of lush greens. They hauled in 1,700 tons of sand to create Vegas' only Wave Pool with 6' waves of bodysurfer paradise. 4 pools, waterfalls surrounded by a jungle atmosphere where you can take a ¼ mile RiverRide or relax the day away and come away with a Las Vegas tan!

We give full credit for the Pool Rankings to the kind folks at The Travel Channel. The comments are from the editor of Las Vegas $Discount$.

Hotels with Pools Open Year Round

Bellagio (1)                    Wynn (5)                        Venetian (1)
Las Vegas Hilton (1)            Monte Carlo (1)                 Paris/Bally's (1)
Rio (1)                         Mandolay Bay (1)                Luxor (1)
Flamingo (1)                    Caesar's Palace (1)             Red Rock (1)
Green Valley Ranch (1)          Tropicana (1)                   Ritz Carlton (1)
Stratosphere (1)                MGM Grand (1)                   Hyatt Lake Las Vegas (1)

During the winter months all of these pools are maintained at 74 to 82 degrees and nearly all offer one or more Jacuzzi's.

This article may be re-printed in its entirety as long as this active link is displayed.

Copyright 2002-2007 DEN Publishing Co. Las

all rights reserved

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bikini jacuzzi water-slide and reef snorkeling - Jamaica

caribbean hotel in myrtle beach

caribbean hotel in myrtle beach

Over the past 5 years, my family has been blessed enough to take a vacation every year. And every year I am faced with the challenge of putting together a fun, memorable vacation that everyone will love and that is affordable.

When our family was smaller, this process was a little easier because it seems like the whole world is based on your family size not exceeding FOUR! Well, we are now a family of 6 and the standard hotel room with 2 double beds is just not an option; at least not for stays longer than 2 nights. Airfare would eat up more than 1/2 of our budget, food would take up the other ½, and I will not even start on the theme park tickets. So what is a family to do?

Step 1- Choose the theme of your vacation: adventure, relaxation, beaches and sun, theme parks, or history and culture. Adventure vacations and sandy beach vacations are by far the most cost-friendly vacation themes.

Adventure vacations include low-cost outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, bike riding, and camping. This vacation theme is perfect for older children.

Top Adventurous Destinations

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

New Paltz, New York

Mount Hood, Oregon

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Park City, Utah

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Yosemite National Park, California

Moab, Utah

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, California

Glacier National Park, Montana

Olympic National Park, Washington,

Hood River, Oregon

Acadia National Park, Maine

Sandy beach vacations are also extremely affordable and include surfable waves, sandcastle building, great dining, and mile long boardwalks. This vacation theme is great for all ages especially babies and toddlers.

Best Family Beaches in US

Coronado Beach, Calif.

Nantucket Island, Mass.

Newport Beach, Calif.

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Panama City Beach, Fla.

Siesta Key, Fla.

Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Duck, N.C.

Hilton Head, S.C.

Kiawah Island, S.C.

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

South Padre Island, Texas

Waikiki, Hawaii

Wailea Beach, Hawaii

* If you decide to take a theme park vacation, find out if your bank or employer offers discounted tickets. Avoid purchasing tickets on eBay or Craigslist, unless it is from a reliable seller or broker. Also, many theme parks now offer the convenience of child swap. With child swap, one parent can wait in line with the older children while the other parent goes up the handicap ramp with the smaller children. When the other parent gets off the ride, you swap and get right on the ride without waiting in line again. GENIUS!

Step 2 - Choose your means of transportation: fly, ride the train, or load up the car.

Your most affordable option would be to drive. Even if you find a great deal on air fare, chances are you will still need to rent a car once you land, so cut out the middle man and drive. However, if you do decide the fly and rent a car, go to where you can 'Name your Price' on airfare and car rentals and save money, many times more than 1/2 the regular price.

Step 3 - Choose when to travel: peak or off peak

Of course you will get the best deals off peak. Orlando's busy season begins around May/June and ends August 10th. I use that as a guide to plan may vacations. Avoid holiday weekends; take the day off the following week and keep that extra money in your pocket.

Step 4 - Accommodations: vacation home, hotel, or condo

Vacation home are perfect when traveling with a large group. Not only do you get a huge home to hang out in for a week, but you also have the company of other adults and hopefully other children to keep your children busy. Vacation homes, generally, need to be book several months in advance and you have to clean up after yourselves daily. Standard hotel rooms are more readily available and perfect for smaller families. However, parents don't have any privacy and you have to eat out every night, which can quickly total up to over $500 just for food. If you are looking for a standard room, Hotwire or Priceline (Name your Price) are your best options. Some people are leery of using these sites because you don't know where you will stay until you have purchased the room. I have used Priceline many, many times and have never been disappointed. With a condo you have the best of both worlds. Parents have a room and the children have a room. Most condos have a full kitchen and you can prepare simple meals for breakfast and dinner saving you hundreds of dollars. Condos also have a washer and dryer in the unit, perfect for when little Katie or Kevin make and big mess. You can also use the washer and dryer to wash all your clothes before leaving making it much easier to unpack when you get home. Icing on the cake, housekeeping is available!

Another option is to take a time share tour; I know it sucks spending 2-3 hours of your day on the tour because it never only takes 90 minutes. But you can get a great 1 or 2 bedroom condo at an unbelievable rate.

Every family is different and must decide what is most important for them, location, transportation, entertainment or accommodations. Whatever you choose, spend the most money on what is most important and skimp on everything else. So if you want to go to Hawaii, you will spend the most money on airfare and you will have to skimp on entertainment and accommodations, but at least you made it to Hawaii. Happy Travels!

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Otis Traction Elevators at the Caribbean Resort in Myrtle Beach -- Dominican Tower

caribbean hotel disney

caribbean hotel disney

As a hotel or resort owner you are aware of the things that matter to your guests and what types of efforts have to be put in. Based on the quality of services and hotel amenities, people calculate the quality of services you provide and the type of treatment and facility they are given. Many things contribute towards the impression that is created about any hotel and level of comfort it offers to its guests. Every small service that is provided to the guests affects their opinions, ultimately the level of comfort or satisfaction they get during their stay influences their views.

So as a hotel owner you must be thinking, what are the main things that have to be combined to bring in optimal guest reactions. The living conditions that you provide and the quality of hotel supplies is the main thing. Maintain clean, hygienic and a healthy environment inside your hotel for guests' comfort. You can consider having hotel supplies of higher quality and strong supply carts for the housekeeping department. Good customer service is reflected when providing guests with clean, hygienic rooms with all required supplies of toiletries and amenities.

You can customize the in-house products like the bedsheets, soft and fluffy towels, bedspreads, pillows, etc with your hotel logo or name. The hangers that you provide should be user-friendly, good quality and heavy duty. Quality guest amenities and facilities are always appreciated.

Many guests calculate even the smallest of details about their stay like the supply of toiletries, the bed comfort, room cleanliness, etc. People even express their views on the hotel room and hotel fragrances within the establishment. Thus, vital hotel amenities such as scent or room fresheners are always essential. Check out the quality of the hotel supplies available to hotels and check out the guest supply manufacturers responsible for producing them.

The complimentary toiletries that are provided by the hotel housekeeping affect the staying experience of the guests. Depending upon the hotel budget and type try to provide as much basic toiletries as possible like toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, toilet paper, shaving cream, moisturizer and much more. Whenever guests are asked for their comments or suggestions at the end of their stay they tend to comment on such small issues more. So don't forget to make the stay of your guests comfortable and memorable with your hotel by taking care of vital things.

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Please Answer - Disney World?

Ok. Here goes.
I am 12, me and my 8 yr old sister and my mom and dad are going to Disney World for 10 days this spring. We want to stay at the Moderate Caribbean Resort. For those of you who have stayed at this particular resort/hotel, which "village" in the resort did you like the most. Note : The main pool at the resort is closed down, and they are putting slides in the Barbadoes and Jamacia "villages".
So tell me your favourite, and why, and maybe some pros and cons to that particular "village".
Next Question : We are going to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon (parks in Disney World) in ONE DAY. Is this enough time? Pro's and Cons and maybe some past experiences here?
Final Question : Are there anymore cool and fun tips on disney world and such. Please answer in paragraph form, you may get chosen as best answer...

So please answer seriously and with USEFUL tips and answers. Your input is EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!


In my experience, one day is NOT enough for both water parks.
Both of them have plenty of rides and things to do that can fill almost an entire day. Plus, with waiting in lines, doing both in a day will affect which rides you go on.

For example, at Typhoon Lagoon there is Crush n' Gusher, which is an amazing water slide, but there are three different paths to take, and you're going to want to try all three...and even re-ride them. When I was there my friend and I spent at least an hour riding them (not including waiting in line).
They also have to snorkeling experience where you get to swim with tropical fish, sharks, and rays.
Their wave pool is simply amazing, and you can spend hours in there.
There are also a lot more water slides that are just a ton of fun, and little paths up and around the mountain that are nice to walk along and take everything in.

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Disney Suites - Disneyland Hotel

caribbean hotel ocean city md

caribbean hotel ocean city md

Baracoa, meaning "high land", comes from the Taínos natives living in the surrounding mountains at the time Christopher Columbus discovered the island. The first village of the island, Baracoa was founded on August 15, 1511 by Diego Velázquez, the first Spanish governor of the island. In 1518 it was nominated a city, and it was also the first capital and bishopric in the island.

Baracoa is not a big colonial city. Its charm stems from having preserved, throughout so many years, the essences of a provincial one-horse town, tied to the land and to some very pristine habits, not to mention the magnificence of its surrounding nature.

Also present are more than 60 Taino archeological sites; the Tainos were the most advanced tribes living on the island by the time the Spaniards came. Located at the foot of a clean bay, Baracoa is a city of sinuous streets, and an animated and very Caribbean life. Its people make their living by exploiting forest resources, producing cacao and chocolate, coconut, and coffee.

La Cruz de la Parra (Parra Cross), one out of 29 planted by Christopher Columbus in the land of America, is exhibited in the Iglesia Mayor (Main Church). Its authenticity has been scientifically proven and it's the only one that has survived.

Accessing the city by land is in itself an adventure since you have to do it along a certainly peculiar path winding among mountains and which is named La Farola. This road has 11 hanging bridges and its highest point is the "Altos de Cotilla", more than 600 meters over sea level.

The sights from the Hotel Castillo or from the Ranchón are spectacular during the afternoons and evenings, and particularly lively in the "Rumbos", a corner devoted to either Cubans or foreigners. Every night, a different traditional music group plays. In "La Casa de la Trova", there are groups of local troubadours playing as well. In the mornings, the entrance is free.

The Main Dish in Baracoa are the excursions to its natural paradises. Maguana Beach, approximately 20 km from the city is one of white and fine sand. There is no heavy swell thanks to the coral reef. The trip to the Yumurí River on the way to Maisí (The easternmost stretch of Cuba) is another mandatory destination, a tranquil spot in the middle of nature. You can walk along the river, soak in it, or take a boat along it. The same is possible on the Toa River, the biggest and largest river in Cuba, 10 km from Baracoa on the way to Moa. In both rivers you can see locals washing their clothes in the river and hanging them out, under the sun, on the big stones of the rivers. From all points you can see the city's symbol or landmark: El Yunque de Baracoa (Baracoa's anvil), an ancient, already dormant volcano with a plateau shape.

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Ocean City Maryland - Francis Scott Key Family Resort

caribbean hotel egypt

caribbean hotel egypt

Dubai's luxury hotels really are beyond compare. But the trouble is that while usually the word luxury can separate the majority of accommodation in any given country fairly evenly, in Dubai top notch lodgings are so common that the term 'luxury' has been completely devalued. When it comes to luxury hotels in Dubai, you need a new category to separate the luxurious to those which are almost beyond words for their decadence.

Here's the five I would highlight for extra special treatment. Sure, they'll cost you, but for an extra special luxury holiday in Dubai they're worth their weight in gold.

One and Only Residence and Spa

You know you're in some brand of paradise when half the spacious rooms lead straight out onto the private beach, and that's just scratching the surface of what makes the One and Only Residence and Spa one of the finest luxury hotels in Dubai. The staff are attentive and nothing is too much trouble for them, but the thing that sets this one apart is just how relaxing it all is - the hotel is like a sanctuary away from the troubles of the modern world. Whether your idea of paradise is a full body massage or basking in the sun on a private beach, the One and Only Residence and Spa provides you with almost everything you could want without needing to leave your hotel!

Palace of the Royal Mirage

Any hotel that evokes a sensation similar to being royalty must be luxurious in my book, and it's actually a tradition of the hotel to bang a gong for new visitors. The service is unbelievable, and the staff will try to make you feel comfortable as best they can, doing anything from giving you a choice of rooms, to bringing round fruit kebabs and cleaning your sunglasses by the poolside. The executive rooms are splendidly furnished, and have free access to the gold lounge, where you can gorge on a seemingly endless supply of fruit, soft drinks, cakes and sandwiches. You can visit the hotel and never need to leave the grounds, such is the level of service, the facilities and the activities available to the guests who choose this as the base for their luxury holiday in Dubai.

Al Murooj Rotana

The Al Murooj Rotana hotel stands out from the first moment you see it, and you know upon entering the spacious, glamorous lobby that you are in for something special for the duration of your stay. The hotel is immaculately clean, with room cleanings at least twice a day, and nothing is too much trouble for the staff. Although this hotel feels more suited to business types, the facilities are welcoming to all comers, and the more focussed business clientele means there is less competition to the world class swimming pool - the perfect place to cool off from the heat of Dubai on your luxury holiday.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

As the name suggests, one of the biggest attractions of the luxury hotel in Dubai is the location. And the private beach is every bit as enticing as you'd expect from a hotel that names itself after it! Indeed, the theme of water and sands is extended to the shape of the hotel itself, which appears from the distance to mirror a giant breaking wave: this is one hotel that seems to hold the philosophy that if things can't be done amazingly, they should not be done at all. As is the norm for these luxury hotels in Dubai, service is outstanding, and the rooms are both comfortable, welcoming and an aesthetic delight. This is also one Dubai luxury hotel where children are not only welcomed, but seemingly encouraged by the unlimited free access to the neighbouring Wild Wadi Water Park - which opens exclusively to hotel residents an hour early.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab certainly is an unforgettable sight - towering above the Dubai coastline at a height of 321 metres, and with a unique look resembling a billowing sail you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a way of covering up insufficiencies elsewhere. Yet amazingly, the service, style and 'feel' of the famous luxury hotel in Dubai is echoed throughout, and has been recognised as the 'best of the world' by both the Institutional Investor Magazine and the World Travel Awards. This is one of the friendliest, stunning and comfortable hotels in the world, let alone Dubai - if you can afford it, this is THE place to stay.

Frankly, any one of these luxury hotels in Dubai will offer an unforgettable experience, which puts many European 5 star hotels to shame in terms of service, aesthetics and old fashioned pampering. Spoil yourself this summer with a luxury holiday to Dubai beyond decadence!

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Hotel Caribbean World Resort 1

sunset caribbean hotel negril

sunset caribbean hotel negril

The Caribbean is an incredible destination for a holiday. The climate is wonderful. There is brilliant sunshine, cooling trade winds, fantastic white sand beaches, beautiful blue waters, amazing coral reefs and so much more. The Caribbean has a wide variety of islands in different sizes and with different natural formations making Caribbean holidays on each island unique.

Jamaica is one of the best known of the Caribbean islands. It is a wonderful vacation destination. Jamaica has beautiful villas, beach houses and luxury hotels with private beaches, large comfortable beds, scenic views of the ocean, modern amenities, great entertainment and delicious Caribbean dishes. You can choose a beach-house in Montego Bay, a villa in Negril, or a luxury hotel outside of Kingston with a stunning view of the Blue Mountains, a private pool, turn down service, feather beds and complimentary meals. Jamaica hotels are 'ire mom!'

Another great Caribbean holiday location with great hotel accommodations is Barbados. The most easterly of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is known for exquisite hotels. You can stay at a five-star hotel set atop coral stone cliffs, with rooms featuring handmade ironwood tables, ceiling fans, Ralph Lauren furnishings, a secluded beach, half-moon shaped pool, massages, large balconies with sofas, overstuffed armchairs, a private cinema, manicured tropical gardens and butler and maid service. The island has several fantastic hotels waiting to pamper and please you.

The Caribbean hotels on the island of St. Lucia are fantastic. There are resorts where the rooms have only three walls allowing an unobstructed view of the marvellous Pitons, twin volcanic mountain peaks, and the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea against a majestic sky. The well-lit spacious rooms feature huge, comfortable beds, large private patios, 15 foot ceilings, hardwood floors made with 20 types of local wood, coral tile flooring on the balconies, open-bath designs with raised Jacuzzis, overstuffed couches, hand-made wooden furniture and private pools that allow you to swim up to your door. If you ever leave your room you can roam the soft, white-sand beach, take a romantic sunset cruise or a short hike for a close-up view of the volcanoes and the waterfall nearby.

Caribbean holidays refresh your spirit, relax your mind and rejuvenate your body. Staying at the right Caribbean hotels can transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. The Caribbean is full of fabulous hotels so take the time to explore them, you deserve it!

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Has anyone ever stayed at the caribbean sunset resort negril jamacia?

I am going to negril in april and we are staying at the caribbean sunset resort i was wondering if this is a nice hotel it doesnt coast much but hey it is jamacia right?

Well im sure its clean but how much are u paying?
is it on the beach... do you get breakfast?

here are some other links to compare because i have never really seen this hotel in negril... so i dont think it is on the cliff or beach

beach side

cliff side

the diffrence between cliff side and beach side in my opinion is that beachside is more trendy bohemian club party vibe and cliff side is more easy hippie rocksteady vibe. beach is lounging and suntans... cliff is diving and sunset

I think you hotel is in the square with neither beach nor cliff... ask them if there is a shuttle.

I like kayaba for beach side... its basic trendy and comfi

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Sunset at the Palms Resort & Spa - Negril, Jamaica - Video Profile on

caribbean hotels in costa rica

caribbean hotels in costa rica

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Is 2 weeks in costa rica enough for both coasts?

Pacific and Caribbean. Pros and cons for each? Also good bed & breakfastss and lodges/ hotels that aren't too pricey

Susan A., please don't blame "American yuppies" for ruining it for you. I don't think you meant to generalize--you just saw a lot of ugly Americans there, yes?

I'm afraid those are business people who decide to put Denny's, McDonald's, etc. in Costa Rica, China, Russia, and anywhere else they can make some money. The McDonald's in Alajuela was full of Ticos when I walked by. Most Americans I know would rather *not* eat non-nutritious fast food when travelling.

I've seen icky tourists from the USA all over the world, but have also seen many German and Australian tourists mishaving and wrecking a perfectly lovely environment. It just that there's a higher population of Americans, so you're more likely to notice them than the rich tourists from other countries who might ruin a place's beauty by supporting the exclusive resorts, gated communities, etc.

As for the original question, I'd say that it's impossible to enjoy the best of both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts in only two weeks, without spending a lot of time travelling. If you want to save money, you can ride the national buses to your destinations and not bother renting a car--driving in CR is scary for many.

You should be able to find nice accomodations for under $50/night. I loved the Casa 69 in San Jose and the Hotel Villa Bonita in Alajuela, which is a five-minute drive from the airport. Both are excellent B&Bs for when you have to spend
a night or two in the big city.

On our last trip we focused on the Carribean, and it was incredible. Loved our jungle house (at $50/night) at Coco Loco Lodge in Puerto Viejo. The southern Carribean coast has been slow to accept crazy development schemes like the proposed $40 million marina, which would just be a haven from hurricanes for rich yacht owners all over the Carribean--apparently they are always looking for hurricane-free places to store their expensive boats when they're not using them.

Anyhow, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca has just the right balance of tourists and Ticos, plus a healthy number of Afro-Caribbeans (esp. Jamaicans) to keep the place hopping! I didn't see any fancy resorts there; it's pretty down-to-earth in the area. You can easily hire guides to take you on rain forest hikes, snorkeling, horseback riding, and more. Some tourists stay in Cahuita, too.

Others can write about the pros and cons of various volcanos, and about the rain forests and beaches on the Pacific, etc. There is way too much to do--I'd recommend focusing on one area, then returning another time to go elsewhere in CR.

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Costa Rica Yoga with Amazing Yoga Travel

caribbean hotels resorts

caribbean hotels resorts

One thing nice about a Sandals Caribbean vacation is that many of the resorts are all inclusive. This means that your meals and accommodations are all included in the fee. The fee usually includes entertainment as well.

Many people hesitate to travel outside of the United States because they are not accustomed to tipping as well as how much meals will cost. They worry about trying to find a restaurant and that they will wind up eating Pizza Hut every night. An all inclusive Caribbean travel vacation takes away that worry.

The following is a list of some of the very best Caribbean all inclusive vacation resorts brought to you by Sandals, a leader in first class service and accommodations.

Sandals Royal Bahamian

The Sandals Royal Bahamian is probably the most noted of all of the vacation resorts in the Caribbean. It is a long time winner of the five star diamond winner when it comes to service and accommodations. Here you will stay at a beachfront room in a private villa. There are also some suites that you may choose in the main hotel for a lesser cost. The entire resort is one of the most elegant spots on earth and you will feel as though you do not want to leave this exclusive Sandals Caribbean resort in the Bahamas.

Sandals Antigua

In the Dickenson Bay is the Sandals Antigua, located in Antigua which is another elegant Sandals all inclusive resort. You will be pampered by having your own cottage on a white sand beach and hear the beauty of the waves as they delicately hit the shore. This Caribbean resort also has private pools for each guest so that you can truly enjoy your seclusion. This is a perfect resort for a honeymoon couple or if you just want to get away from it all.

Sandals Dunn's River

Located in Jamaica, the Sandals Dunn's River is noted for the waterfall that is only a few minutes from the resort. This Caribbean resort combines old world charm with the local atmosphere making it truly something unique. You will wonder whether you are in Italy during the Renaissance or in Jamaica at times as the lobby of this fabulous resort will remind you of an Italian plaza. This is one of the more famous of the Jamaican Caribbean all inclusive resorts and the service as well as the accommodations are superb.

When vacationing in the Caribbean, take a look at the Sandals all inclusive resorts for the best deals as well as first class accommodations, amenities and service. While Caribbean travel can be very romantic for a newly-wed couple, it is also a great place to take the entire family.Sandals all inclusive resorts make sure that they accommodate the need of even the most discerning of guests.

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Which 1 of 3 Resorts should we stay at for Honeymoon?

Neither of us has ever been to the Caribbean and we have decided to go to Jamaica. Which 1 out of these 3 hotels would you recommend and why?

1) Jake's in Treasure Beach
2) Rockhouse Hotel in Negril
3) Tensing Pen in Negril


tensing pen! check out the reviews and pictures on

Here's a Video about caribbean hotels resorts:

Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa video

caribbean hotels with private plunge pools

caribbean hotels with private plunge pools

Trying to select the right vacation for your family can be a daunting task. Some want the sun, sand and sea while others want the dramatic scenery and history. How do you decide where to go that will satisfy the entire family with the least amount of conflict?

1. Make a list of the destinations that interest you. Keep the list to a maximum of four selections and to practical destinations. Most of us would love to travel to the wilds of Africa but logistically it might not be that practical. Keep in mind that small children and the elderly could be very uncomfortable traveling to destinations that have long travel times.

2. Ask family, friends, and co-workers if they have traveled to any of the choices you have selected. If not, ask where they have traveled to and what they enjoyed about it. Write down the locations that sound most interesting.

3. Make a list of the families must haves and nice to haves. Must haves could include such things as an all inclusive plan, good beach, and water sports. Nice to haves could include, private plunge pools, golf courses and hiking trails. Keep the locations that contain most of your must haves.

4. Cross off the choices that are almost impossible to have on one combined vacation. For example, if one family member wants go white water rafting and most destinations don't offer it then eliminate that choice, maybe you can do that next year.

5. Do your research. The Internet provides a wealth of information about almost every destination imaginable. Type in your destination choices and read up on what they have to offer. Also research the traditions and safety aspects of your selected destinations.

6. Research the hotel choices available. Remember that a foreign hotel's star rating may be different from yours at home. Sometimes a 5 star hotel in North America could be the equivalent to a 3 star hotel in South America.

7. Gather brochures from a travel agent and combine the information with what you found on the internet. The more knowledge you have the better off you will be.

8. Narrow your choices down to two destinations and two hotels in each destination. Discuss these options with your travel agent. They can usually give you first hand information on your selections.

9. Keep your price points in mind. Don't select a particular destination just because it seems to have a low price. Sometimes a low price is there for a reason that you will only find out about once you arrive in that destination. These could include a beach located across from a major roadway, a three hour drive to your hotel from the airport or limited running water during your stay.

10. Make your final choice by seeing how you feel about these destinations throughout the week. Which one keeps coming back into your mind? If one keeps appearing more than the others then that's your choice. Enjoy your vacation!!!

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