caribbean cruise february 2010

caribbean cruise february 2010

How safe are balconies on cruise ships? If you're traveling with your children, it's very important to get a solid answer to this question. You can never be too concerned when it comes to the safety of your own family right?

I remembered this conversation with a friend of mine regarding the safety of balconies on cruise ships. Basically she's going on a cruise with her children (aged 8 and 12) and booked the connecting cabins. She's a bit worried because she might not notice her kids going in the balcony.

Pay close attention because I have something very important to say first. You haven't got the slightest clue how the cruise industry works and how the cruise lines are taking advantage of you. I'll show you a way on how you can outsmart them at the end of this article but first let's take a look at some of the things you need to consider when it comes to balcony safety.

Typically, the first thing that comes to your mind is the locks on the sliding doors. Well the locks on the sliding doors aren't really that complicated and your children can easily unlock it if they're old enough. What you can do is turn one cabin to an inside cabin or you can let one parent stay in the other balcony cabin with one of your kids.

Another simple thing that you can do is to just set some strict rules. Tell your children not to go on the balcony if they're not being watched by an adult. You can also buy some alarms that would ring if a balcony door is being opened.

Basically everything will all depend on your situation. Will the children ever be alone inside the rooms without you? If that's the case then you have every reason to be worried about. But if you're going to be looking after them all the time then you can just relax a little.

One thing that I would suggest is to choose cabins that have a divider in between and just keep it open all the time so you can keep an eye on your children.

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caribbean travel message boards

caribbean travel message boards

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Azin shabhaye nabavar

caribbean cruise pack list

caribbean cruise pack list

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I need a simple packing list for a cruise to the Caribbean?

I'm going on a cruise on the NCL cruise line in December. I need to pack "light". I can only have a backpack and a carryon.

I took an NCL cruise this year to the Bahamas on the 'Gem' and I packed wayyyy too much. From experience I can tell you the only things you will need are:

Underwear and Swim Suit..of course
***NO TOWELS***- they give them to you and you can even take them off the ship
Flip Flops
Comfortable Sneakers and maybe 2 pair of socks
a couple of tank tops
a couple of skirts or shorts Make sure one of your skirts are semi dressy maybe a flowy nylon/spandex blend so you can dress up if you have dinner at one of the dressy restaurants
a pair of sweat pants for the gym or port days
your toiletries- dont pack shampoo/conditioner or a blow dryer cause they have it in the cabins
and maybe a sarong or cover-up for walking on the decks
and a light sweater or jacket to wear.

Believe me, thats all you need. I came back with sooo many clothes that I didnt wear cause what I named above was all I wore.

Have Fun!

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Atlantis Resort Paradise Island Bahamas with Carnival Glory pulling into port.

caribbean cruise st thomas

caribbean cruise st thomas

Choosing where to sail is one of the first decisions made when planning a cruise vacation. Most cruise travelers select a 7-day Caribbean cruise for their first experience at sea. When you search the Internet or read cruise brochures, the most common itineraries offered are Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean. Which is better? The answer is either! It all depends on what your interests are, so in addition to selecting the right ship, you need to research the ports of call before you book. Both itineraries will provide cruisers with opportunities to sail, swim, snorkel, and shop. But there are differences. Let's take a quick look at the two most popular Caribbean cruise itineraries.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises

Most cruise ships sailing to the eastern Caribbean on 7-day itineraries board from Florida. Ports of call on an Eastern Caribbean schedule regularly comprise the Bahamas, St. Thomas, St. John (USVI), Puerto Rico, and perhaps St. Marten/St. Martin. If you want minus sailing (i.e. time at sea) and more shopping and opdocksunities to go to fantastic seaside's, then an Eastern Caribbean schedule might grab more to you. The islands are relatively close together, slighter, and seashore detours lean to be more geared to seaside or water activities.

Western Caribbean Cruises

Cruise ships sailing to the western Caribbean board from Florida, New Orleans or Texas. Ports of call on a Western Caribbean schedule regularly comprise Costume or Playa del Carmen, Mexico; excellent Cayman; Key West, FL; the Dominican state; Jamaica; Belize; or Costa Rica. If you look at a map, you will see that while the docks of call are foster distant, more sailing is regularly intricate on a western Caribbean cruise. So you may have more time at sea and minus time in docks or on the seaside. The docks of call in the western Caribbean are sometimes on the mainland (Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica) or at superior islands (Jamaica, Dominican state). Thus, the seashore detour options are more various. You can explore obsolete Mayan ruins, tramp the shower forests, or go snorkeling or SCUBA diving in some unforgettable locations.

If you are now thoroughly perplexed, that's approve! The Caribbean Sea is a cruise lover's heaven--sapphire seas, sunny seasides, and interesting docks of call. You will get all of these whichever path you cruise. East and West are both great--and then there's the Southern Caribbean and Northern Caribbean, but that's for another day!

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royal caribbean cruise line drinking age?

i know that if you are traveling in south america or europe you are allowed to drink if you are over 18 and have a consent for signed by a parent. i was wondering if st. martin and st. thomas are considered south america and where i would find the consent form?

St Martin & St Thomas are not considered part of South America, they are considered part of the Caribbean. St Johns is part of the US Virgin Islands and St Martin I think is French (but don't quote me on that). The drinking age on any major cruise line going to these islands will be 21. I believe that the drinking age is 18 on both of these islands but you won't be able to bring alcohol back to the cruise ship (unless you sneak it in water bottles or something).

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Oct 2010 - Southern Caribbean Cruise

caribbean cruises visa

caribbean cruises visa

A holiday is definitely a period to loosen up and slow down. For that reason, planning intended for your cruise getaway into the Caribbean mustn't leave you stressed. Your trip should never offer you whatever basis to fret relating to any extra charges received. All inclusive Caribbean cruises will definitely be the best way to go when it comes to offering the a large percentage of handiness along with reassurance concerning vacation. Nevertheless, all inclusive Caribbean cruises differ from each other. Deluxe cruise lines may well feature various inclusions than regular cruise ships. All inclusive Caribbean cruises may well feature both pros and cons.

The Good Points of All Inclusive Caribbean Cruises

* In case you go with an all inclusive Caribbean package deal, almost certainly, you will be checking out numerous remarkable ports of call. With an all inclusive offer, it is possible to pick out plus pay for the particular shore expeditions you only desire. Because you pay for them before you even begin your trip, you acquire your tickets early and so you would not have to worry when you get on the vessel.

* All inclusive Caribbean cruises often include additional perks which can include totally free entry to on-line casinos as well as video theaters, in addition to spa treatments. In case you choose one of these cruise package, you possibly can make a reservation for the flicks you like to view or the treatments you want to take advantage of and pay for these types of services earlier. It will be easy to deal with your time and energy better using this method.

* Last but not least, all inclusive Caribbean cruises allows you to choose the room accommodation of your choice together with the features within it. It's possible loosen up much more in a relaxed manner with the actual bedroom of your choice and can include privacy depending on class and placement of the stateroom you have chosen. You might like to look at a well equipped cabin that has full bathroom, a 24-hour room service as well as a place which has a amazing scene of the sea.

The Bad Points of All Inclusive Caribbean Cruises

* Occasionally, you do not end up with anything you bought to have an all inclusive Caribbean cruise. There are times when they do not feature alcohol-based drinks within the arrangement. Almost always seek out each inclusions prior to travel. Be geared up if your deal couldn't come with alcoholic beverages. Liquor often have mega expensive fees.

* Although all inclusive deals offer flight ticket travelling to the particular point of departure, companies remain notoriously widely known for consistently running tardy. Sadly, travel insurance won't pay for a missed departure of a cruise liner caused by late arrival of aircraft.

To avoid almost any disappointments, guarantee your current reservation an evening before. Whenever possible, purchase a trip schedule where you are going to turn up in the point of departure perhaps the day earlier in order to avoid virtually any untoward situations as a result of a delayed airline flight.

* Clearly, an all inclusive Caribbean cruise will mean a lot of island-hopping and almost certainly, a bit of window shopping. Disembarking on your ship would require you to carry your passport with visa and some other travel documents readily available. Keeping these documents someplace not readily available may well eat up some precious time down the road when you would like to have them. Subsequently, always keep these somewhere where you'll be able to take out together with return.

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I'm a Ukrainian citizen and planning on taking the caribbean cruise.Do I need to obtain visa for all ports?

Ports of call are Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Barbados, St Vincent, St Kitts, St Thomas, Santo Domingo, Grand Turk.
And where can I apply for visa for Bahamas?

First, call the cruise line and ask them.They will probably tell you it is your responsibility to find out, but you can try. Ok, here goes:
1. Aruba...yes, Ukrainian citizens need a visa , BUT there are many exceptions. If you have a current U.S. visa or other circumstances read 1st site below carefully.
2. visa needed. See 2nd site.
3. visa needed. See 3rd site and look under "COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES."
4. St. visa required...see 4th site.
5. St. visa required for cruise ship passengers in St. Kitts for less than 24 hours. see 5th site.
6. St. U.S. territory. If you have a valid U.S. are fine. I do not believe there is any waiver for any citizen form a country not on the visa waiver ist...and Ukraine is not. If you do not already have a U.S. visa, you need to get one ( a real pain) or not go onshore in St. Thomas. .
7. Dominican Republic visa needed.
8. Grand Turk belongs to the UK...same problem as with the U.S.... looks like you must have a British visa..through the British embassy.
8. do need a visa...see last site to download application.

You did not say you are a legal permanent resident in Canada or the U.. , so I presume you ae not...because that would change many things.

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Serving Our Military Families - Same Day US Passport & Visa Services - Call Today! 202-390-3071

caribbean sailing vacations

caribbean sailing vacations

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Will my Cruise room have TV? Will the ship have internet?

I am going on my first ever cruise. I am sailing with Royal Caribbean, on the monarch of the seas. I couldn't seem to find any info on tv's or internet. That is fine with me, the whole point of the vacation is to get away from that stuff. But I am just curious if the ship does have this. Like maybe they have satellite tv or wireless internet or something...

Like, I said. I don't need it. But I am just curious. I like to fall asleep with a tv. lol

Please answer, I always vote for best answer.
Thanks a lot

yes they will have a tv. the number of channels? depends on the ship. they will almost always have a movie playing on at least one channel. on our cruise on the enchantment of the seas they played the bee movie over and over again because there were 3 movies on a loop. i do remember we got stations like fox news and espn but it depended where we were.

as for the internet, you can go to their internet cafe. you have to pay per minute or you can set up a plan where you have so many minutes and it will tell you when you're about to go over. if you just want to email friends and family back at home, the plan would be cheapest. the only bad things about the whole internet thing is the computers are kind of slow at loading things. but besides that, its great to have the privilege of being able to keep in touch with people back home and telling them how much fun you're having (:

i hope i helped. if you have any other questions let me know. we cruise on royal caribbean all the time! (:

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caribbean cruise new orleans

caribbean cruise new orleans

River cruising has become a very popular form of recreation today. Whether it is just for a few hours, or a few days or even a month, a river cruise can be a very exciting as well as relaxing vacation.

River cruises are of many kinds, depending upon the style, the size of the ship, the number of travelers, the various options, the price and the duration. The most common distinctions are the luxury cruises, budget cruises, expedition cruises, niche cruises, sailing cruise lines, wilderness cruises, adventure cruises, small cruises, romantic cruises, single cruises and so on.

There are many river cruising options in the United States. The most popular one is the Mississippi River cruise. This river, which runs from Minnesota to Louisiana, is the fifth longest in the world. Mississippi River cruising can be in an old fashioned steamboat that reminds you of Mark Twain, or it can be in a luxury cruise ship that offers state-of-the-art indulgence.

There can be several activities in the Mississippi River cruise, including: swimming pools, spas, casinos, recreation centers, fitness centers and gymnasiums, gourmet dining, restaurants, bars, salons, game rooms, night clubs and others. They are ideal for all kinds of activities ranging from a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles' party, a pajama party, a business reception, or even a wedding!

Mississippi River cruises are also designed according to creative themes, like: Relaxation On The River, Spring Pilgrimage, Gardens Of The River, Legends Of The 50's, Riverventures, Veterans Reunion, Thanksgiving Holidays, Golfing On The River, World War Ii, Big Band, Great Steamboat Race, History Of Steamboating etc. The main source and destination points are: New Orleans, Memphis, Chattanooga, St. Louis, Galveston and Pittsburgh. The cruise can be either round-trip or from one location to another.

Mississippi River cruises come at various prices, depending on the kind of the cruise (luxury/economy), the duration of the cruise, the facilities provided and other discounts or packages offered. Discounts are generally off-season discounts or group discounts. Packages can be for families, very large groups, two-way bookings, hotel bookings or more. Prices range from $1,100 to $3,250.

Information about Mississippi River cruises can be obtained from travel agencies, offices of the cruise lines, and from advertisements. The Internet is a very good source of information as it contains the latest info about most river cruises, along with their options, prices and dates. These can be compared, chosen and even booked online.

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What are the best cruise lines for honeymoons?

My fiance and I will be going on a cruise when we get married for our honeymoon and I would like to know what are a few good cruise lines for honeymooners? We are in our early 20's, would prefer no children, not too many older people(no offense), not too loud or way too much going on but still with many different activities and different types of shore excursions and locations to relax and enjoy the excitement. Also, not too expensive(less than $1000 for a balcony per person). Top notch staff service and GREAT FOOD. Haha it seems like I am thinking of a cruise that does not exist. :) We do not really care about the locations....just not a western Caribbean because my fiance does not want to go to Mexico. And we are coming from either Galveston, New Orleans, or any of the embarkation ports in Florida. We were thinking of Princess, Celebrity, RCL, Norwegian or possible Carnival...but we are not really sure. I know it is a lot but thanks in advance.

Rule of thumb:
The more the trip costs, the less likely you'll see many families with kids.

Consider Princess, Celebrity, & Costa first.
Personally, I love Carnival... they're cheaper and plenty of fun.
Carnival does have an "adult-only" Serenity area on most of their ships;
so, perhaps that'll work for you.

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8-Night Western Caribbean Cruise & New Orleans Combo - $469/person.

western caribbean cruise ports

western caribbean cruise ports

What could be more perfect that spending your first days and nights together on a romantic Caribbean honeymoon cruise? Feel the cool breezes as you stand by the rail, admiring the sunset. Smell the sea air as you bask in the sun and enjoy cocktails by the pool. Sway to the sounds of lilting music as you dance with your arms around the one you love. What could be better?

Choosing a Cruise Line

When considering a Caribbean honeymoon cruise, you will want to take time to do a little bit of research to see what cruise line is best for you. They are all a little different and one may fit your personality better than another.

Your definition of what your honeymoon should be will help determine with which cruise company you should book. If you are seeking a quiet cruise offering the finest in food and amenities, where alone time is easy to achieve and it's not hard to escape the crowd, you might want to consider one of the luxury cruise lines. Though they tend to be pricey, onboard their ships you will be treated to the best life has to offer, from gourmet food and fine champagne to unique shore excursions to first-class spa treatments you can enjoy together. Luxury cruise lines include Cunard, Seabourn, Crystal, and Regent Seven Seas.

If you prefer sharing your fun with others and enjoy a high-energy atmosphere that keeps you moving all the time, you should probably choose something other than the luxury lines. Carnival, for example, is known for their "Fun Ships," where the activity is non-stop and the overall atmosphere exudes youth and liveliness. Despite the energy, however, you can still grab plenty of private moments.

If something in between seems like a good compromise, you will have a number of cruise lines from which to choose. These more low-key lines still offer a variety of activities, but the general atmosphere is calmer. Check out Norwegian, with its "freestyle cruising" that allows for a more laid-back cruise; Royal Caribbean, where you'll feel pampered but at an affordable price; or Celebrity, where you'll be treated like, well...a celebrity.

Choosing a Destination

Any Caribbean honeymoon cruise will be romantic because you will be with your new spouse. However, you can make it even more special by choosing ports of call that reflect your interests. For example, the islands of the Southern Caribbean, like Dominica, are perfect for diving enthusiasts. If you like ancient history and want to include some sightseeing opportunities in your cruise itinerary, consider a Western Caribbean cruise, where you can visit such sites as the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Head east and you can go shopping in St. Thomas, explore Old San Juan, or gamble in Nassau, Bahamas.

When You Book Your Cruise

When you're ready to book your Caribbean cruise, be sure to mention to your travel agent or online customer service representative that the occasion of your cruise is your honeymoon. After all, nearly every one is a hopeless romantic and if the crew is tipped off as to your special occasion, you're likely to receive some special perks, like free spa treatments or in-room champagne, chocolates, or flowers.

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First time cruiser- Cruising the western caribbean next month. Need advice on shore excursions. Thanks!?

I have heard not to use Carnival's excursions because they are overpriced. However, I feel more comfortable doing so because its my first cruise. I picked one excursion per port, just wondering if anyone has done these or has better suggestions:
Grand Cayman Islands- Cayman Parasail & Beach Escape
Cozumel- Beach Buggy & Snorkel Combo
Belize- Cave Tubing
Costa Maya- Jungle Beach Bread

Correction: Jungle Beach Break!!!

I have been to Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Costa Maya. It seems that you have made up your mind already on tours. Grand Cayman is best for going to the beach and you can get there easily by taxi or mini-bus right from the pier for about $5. each way to the 7-mile beach. The beach has a changing room, rest rooms, and a small snack bar. Unless you just want to para sail just get a taxi instead of booking a tour on-ship.

Cozumel is not an island for touring, there are no sights to see; we took a tour once and didn't see anything we would want to go back and see again. It is a great place for snorkel and scuba, which you are planning to book. If you make a cruise stop in Cozumel your best activity will be a tour that goes to the main land for the tours to Chichen Itza, Xcarat, or other places.

In Costa Maya we did the beach too, not much we wanted to see there and it was stinking hot too.

The advice I always give for tours is this. Review the listing of tours offered on your cruise and decide whether you want to pay for a tour or go on your own. On most Caribbean islands you can get a taxi or tour in port for much less than the cruise ship tours. HOWEVER, the one big advantage of going on ship sponsored tours is THE SHIP WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU if your ship sponsored tour is late getting back to the ship. If you will be in a port for 12 to 16 hours you are probably safe to go on your own for most anything. But if you are only there for six to eight hours you may want to stay close to the ship or go on the ship tours.

Here's a Video about western caribbean cruise ports:

Western Caribbean Cruise Port's

caribbean cruises for free

caribbean cruises for free

It's not just the size and opulence of their sleek and stylish fleet that attracts passengers to Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line boasts the largest ratio of staff to passengers of any cruise company and this extra service shows from stem to stern. Every inch of every ship gleams and on any trip through the corridors you always meet friendly and courteous staff in perfectly appointed uniforms.

A particular cruise feature that Norwegian Cruise Lines introduced is free-style dining. Historically, shipboard dining has been a structured affair, with meals served at preset hours, usually with assigned seating in the dining room and a dress code. Free-style dining changes all of that to match the contemporary American lifestyle. Passengers may choose from eight to a dozen dining areas on board and eat when they wish. Some dining areas serve cafeteria-style, with food already prepared and jean-clad passengers taking a tray and selecting their food items. The main dining areas serve menu-based meals with full service wait staff and where jeans and shorts are prohibited at the evening meal. All food in the dining rooms and cafeteria is included in the price of the cruise.

And you get more than your money's worth in the quality and presentation of all food items. The average passenger gains seven pounds on a week-long cruise! In addition, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a selection of specialty or upscale restaurants on each ship and meals in these restaurants are offered at additional cost. For example, Asian, French, Japanese or Italian cuisine may be featured in a suitably decorated small restaurant. But know full well, the upscale restaurants excel in service and cuisine and provide value for the dollar for the more discriminating.

Food service is a major attraction on any cruise, but Norwegian Cruise Line also provides a full range of on-board activities 24 hours a day. A fully equipped fitness center attracts those who want to stay in shape on their vacation. The pool area is the hub of live entertainment day and evening. Ships have a number of bar, lounge and disco areas that come to life with talented performers every night. Also included in the price of the cruise is theatre entertainment that ranges from stand-up comedy to full show revues that rival those found in Las Vegas. And speaking of Las Vegas, while in international waters, passengers can enjoy all the amenities of a sparkling casino, including slots and gaming.

Norwegian Cruise Line, a premier cruise line, currently has ten large and modern ships in its fleet. The most luxurious ship in the fleet, the Norwegian Star, seasonally alternates on trips to Alaska during the summer season and cruises to the Mexican Riviera in the colder months. One of the newest ships, Norwegian Spirit, also sails to Alaska in the summer but crosses the Panama Canal to sail the Caribbean in the winter. The Norwegian Wind follows the whim of the wind and sails to many major destinations: Alaska, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean while Norwegian Sun and Dream quietly cruise the Caribbean.

The brand new Pride of Aloha, as its name implies, is dedicated to custom cruises hopping between the islands of Hawaii. There is no better way to thoroughly tour Hawaii than on a cruise ship. Also brand new, Norwegian Dawn is dedicated to sailing from New York to ports in Florida and the Caribbean.

The newly renovated Norwegian Sea routinely sails from Houston, Texas through the Caribbean. A ship fit for royalty, the Norwegian Majesty, also sails through the Caribbean to ports of call in Mexico and the Bahamas.

The Norwegian Crown is nearly 20 years old but, with only 527 staterooms, provides a much more intimate atmosphere than the newer ships that accommodate nearly 2,000 passengers. Two more luxury ships will be added to the ever-expanding fleet in 2005. The soon to be introduced Norwegian Jewel will expand ports of call to Scandinavia, the French Riviera, and Italy.

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What are cruises like?

Me and my sister want to something amazing for spring break! We were thinking of going to another country or do a cruise. I have been trying to google but I thought I might ask someone who has actually experienced it.
So I have a couple of questions. (please keep in mind that we're thinking of a Caribbean cruise)
Do you stay on the boat the whole time and if not how long do we get off?
Once we pay for the cruise does that mean we paid for our meals for the week?
What kind of things are on cruises?
Is it exciting?

Please any information is appreciated!! :)
And feel free to add any other experiences or great things I did not ask about!!!

Cruises are awesome!
You don't stay on the boat the whole time, but depending on which cruise ship you go on, it depends on how much time you stay somewhere some places you stay a day or two while others only a few hours.
When you pay for the cruise you pay for your meals, but specialty restraunts cost extra.
It always depends on your cruise ship, usually cruise ships have bars, restraunts, pools, shops and casinos. But nowadays most cruise ships spruce things up a little and add water parks, ice rinks, sports areas and movie theaters.
Yes! Cruise ships are defiently exciting! Everything about cruise ships is exciting, the going to different places, going to shows and events on the ship and most of all just the experience, the experience of cruising is something that will be with you forever!

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Caribbean Cruise on the Valor: Carnival Ship Valor Theme; Heroes and Heroism

caribbean cruises barbados

caribbean cruises barbados

Taking a winter cruise can be a fun adventure for college students on break. This is a good time to get away from cold, snowy weather and thaw out with time in the warm sun. A cruise can not only be the answer to a much-needed vacation, but a chance to experience other cultures. A college cruise with friends is a chance to visit several ports of call, make new friends and become closer with travel mates. Winter destinations include Mexico and the many Caribbean islands.

Mexican Riviera

For those on the Pacific Coast, try a cruise from Los Angeles, California down the coast to Mexico. Several cities are stretched along the coast in what has been dubbed the Mexican Riviera for its popularity among cruisers and tourists. Twenty cities and lagoons steeped in tradition and filled with celebrations make up this region known for its beautiful beaches, with a backdrop of cliffs, caves and rugged jungle-like terrain. Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas are three popular ports of call.

Western Caribbean

For those at school in the chilly Northeast, the Western Caribbean Islands make for a relaxing and enchanting vacation. Week-long cruises in the warm, tropical climate of the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas, with perhaps a stop in Cozumel, Mexico, will make frost, snow and school books seem a world away. There is plenty of fresh sea air, lots of entertainment, fine food and beverages, and a festive atmosphere on board the cruise ships. When stopping in port, travelers can enjoy the sights of palm trees and beautiful beaches. Guests can dine locally or go shopping while experiencing the Caribbean culture.

Eastern Caribbean

Winter break from classes means returning from trip with a sun-baked tan and a sunny disposition. With many islands to choose from, the Eastern Caribbean is a popular choice for a college student cruise. Ships leave from a number of different ports in the Southeastern United States that are easily accessible by plane or by road trip. One fun way to start off vacation is a visit to southern cities of Charleston, South Carolina; Mobile Alabama; or a number of ports in Florida where the cruise will begin. Depending on the cruise line, sailing dates and traveler's preference, the possibilities for Eastern Caribbean ports of call are many. They include St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles; Guadeloupe; Barbados; Fort-de-France, Martinique; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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do hurricanes form in the caribbean in early november?

i'm going on a cruise from san juan to barbados, st. thomas, antigua, etc. what are the chances that a hurricane would form in early november in that area? nov 8th to nov 15th to be exact. thanks for any info.

Unlikely - that would be at the very end of the season.

Have a look at - with modern forecasting you can usually get 7-15 days advance warning of hurricanes, and that site should have statistics for your destination areas.

I wouldn't worry about it. If you are concerned, book with cancellation insurance and check for hurricane forecasting a week before you go, then make a decision.

Don't worry, be happy! Have fun!

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Caribbean Cruise - Catamaran in Barbados