caribbean vacation in august

caribbean vacation in august

 I've visited Grand Cayman twice. Today is the fourth day of my second visit and I have yet to meet anyone actually from this small Caribbean country. The woman who gave me a pedicure this morning is from northern England; the hairdresser, from Georgia (I admit to a fair amount of pampering); our hired driver, from Jamaica; waiters from Tunisia and other distant lands, but none from Cayman, most not even from the Caribbean.

I live in Barbados, where Barbadians hold the majority of jobs at all levels of society. I've always felt that locals give a country a sense of place. If not for locals, I figure I may as well be in an airport, easily the most place-less places on earth. 

However, after snorkeling the pristine Caribbean waters of Cayman, I really couldn't hold this place-less-ness against Grand Cayman. Each Caribbean island holds a certain magic, including Grand Cayman.

After two visits spent snorkeling, dining on delicious seafood, and walking the gorgeous and famed Seven Mile Beach, I take away the following knowledge and impressions of this small, English-speaking island:

About Grand Cayman

1. Grand Cayman offers some of the world's premier snorkeling and SCUBA locations. The draw? The graceful stingrays, sunken ships from its pirate days, and beautiful coral. The beaches are pristine and the Caribbean Sea are a pretty light blue, warm, very gentle, and as clear as a glass of water. 

2. Grand Cayman is a fantastic place to do absolutely nothing. Hotels line the soft white sand of Seven Mile Beach. Five minutes on this beach and I enter lazy mode; on one day of my holiday, my greatest exertion was holding my hand out to take my next iced beverage from the waiter.

3. Grand Cayman is about 22 miles long and 4 to 8 miles wide and at sea level; like Barbados it is a coral island, not volcanic. My first impression was that it's a sandbar, so different from the varied geography of my home country of Barbados. The highest point on the island is the landfill.

4. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands comprising the Cayman Islands. The other two are Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

5. Cayman is located in the Western Caribbean Sea, about 400 miles south of Miami.  (In contrast, Barbados is in the Eastern Caribbean, about 1600 miles south and east of Miami.)

6. Cayman was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1503. He named the three islands Las Tortugas after the sea turtles. The name of Cayman, a Carib Indian word, came later, after a local species of crocodile.

7. Cayman never had slaves (unlike Barbados, which after 1650, imported thousands of African slaves to work the sugar cane fields).

8. Cayman and Jamaica were governed as a single British colony until 1962 when Cayman became designated a "British overseas territory," one of 14 territories under the sovereignty of the UK but not part of the UK and Jamaica became independent.  (Barbados, also once a British colony, is one of the 53 member states belonging to the British Commonwealth.)

9. The Cayman Islands have more registered businesses than people (population is around 60,000). The government's primary source of income is indirect taxation: there is no income tax or capital gains tax or corporation tax. Based on income, the Caymanians enjoy the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. Locals complain there's not much to do on the island; they tell me it's a more enjoyable place for tourists (and corporations!) than people who live there.

10. The Cayman Islands have the dubious honor of having experienced the most hurricane strikes in history. Hurricane Ivan almost completely destroyed the unprotected island in 2004; within two years, the Caymanians had rebuilt their country.

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Where would be a nice destination for a late July/Early August honeymoon in the Eastern Mexico/Caribbean area?

I've heard the usual vacation destinations like Jamaica, South Florida etc. are unbearably humid at this time. This is the only time we can go - where do you suggest?

You're right about it be unbearably hot and humid in July and August. We went to Cozmel in August one year and swore never again. We were constantly outside with outdoor resturants and bars. An island may be a little cooler being surrounded by water. I always sugest Jamaica if you can stand upper 80's each day.

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Caribbean Vacation

caribbean island for sale

caribbean island for sale

Beautiful beaches and lavish accommodations aside, St. Thomas is widely regarded as the Caribbean's premier shopping destination. With over one million cruise ship passengers and overnight Caribbean resort guests visiting St. Thomas each year, the island's ports have long been bustling centers of commerce and trade. Much of the finest duty-free shopping is concentrated near the waterfront of the island's historic capital, Charlotte Amalie. At discounts of 40-60% off American mainland prices on goods such as jewelry, fine china, crystal, electronics, perfume, clothing and liquor, the bargains are seemingly endless. Adding to the allure is the fact that U.S. citizens are allowed a duty-free shopping allowance of $1,600, twice the amount of any other island in the Caribbean and three times that of European nations.

Visitors to St. Thomas should begin their shopping tour in Charlotte Amalie's downtown and waterfront areas. The historic Dutch provincial warehouses along Main, Back and Waterfront Streets, beautifully restored to host a plethora of unique shops, allow visitors to shop and sightsee simultaneously. In the alleys surrounding the Main Street area (Royal Dane Mall, Palm Passage, Riise Alley and many others), shoppers will find smaller boutiques specializing in unique local products and Caribbean oddities. Inviting restaurants and entertaining bars are located amongst these stores, ideal for lunch or an island cocktail. Most shops in this exclusive shopping district are open Monday through Saturday; including holidays from 9am to 5pm. Shops in the downtown and waterfront areas are typically closed on Sundays, unless a cruise ship is in port. The shops at larger St. Thomas hotels usually remain open on Sundays, however. The Havensight district is another concentrated collection of shops catering to St. Thomas' visitors. Located near the primary cruise ship dock, this shopping area is comprised of The Havensight Shopping Center, The Buccaneer Mall and The Port of Sale. Featuring over 60 distinctive stores within the waterfront warehouses, the Havensight district is another great option for cruise ship passengers with limited time and overnight tourists alike. Like the shops on and around Main Street, tourists will find great prices on jewelry, clothing, perfume, liquor, electronics, music, sunglasses and assorted souvenirs. Also, Havensight is another great location for lunch, featuring a number of friendly cafes. Shops in the Havensight district are generally open from 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week when cruise ships are in port. Yet, during high season some cruise ships stay in port later into the evening. On such days, the shops in the Havensight will remain open until 7pm.

Also in Charlotte Amalie, across from Emancipation Park and Fort Christian, is the Vendors' Plaza, an assortment of small booths, tables and tents displaying a vast assortment of souvenirs. Here, in addition to the luxury goods found in other shopping districts, you will also find many locally produced products and unique regional food items. Vendors' Plaza is generally open Monday through Saturday from about 7:30am, when the vendors start setting up, until 5:00pm. On Sundays, fewer vendors set up, though the Vendors' Plaza is still worth a visit when one or more cruise ships are in port.

Directly across the street from the Vendors' Plaza is The Native Arts and Crafts Cooperative. Run by local artists, the Cooperative features a plethora of Caribbean artwork not available in any mall or shopping center.

For the more adventurous tourist, smaller shopping areas catering principally to residents are located throughout the island. Such shopping centers as American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, Lockhart Gardens, Tutu Park Mall and Nisky Center offer visitors distinctive cultural opportunities in addition to essentials like grocery stores, pharmacies and clothing stores. Tillett Gardens is a charming local haven for pottery, silk-screened fabrics, candles, paintings and handcrafted jewelry. The Mountain Top and Paradise Point centers are also interesting options because shopping is accompanied by captivating, hilltop views. In Frenchtown, travelers can find some of the best cuisine the Caribbean has to offer.

As the heart of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas continues to astonish travelers with its refined pleasures. Combining a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere with the vibrancy of city streets, St. Thomas may just be the best of both worlds.

This article was written by Justin Burch. Justin writes select pieces about travel in St. Thomas and other Caribbean resort areas for Marriott Resorts.

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Anybody want to do business in Jamaica, Cayman islands, bahamas with me?

Ok, I need college money. So, I've invented a diesel generator that makes electricity for a lot less than the utilities in the Caribbean can sell it for. Like 80% less. I need 5k startup money to travel and make contacts with prospects and any other un-thought of costs to make a sale.

E-mail me the pictures and complete specifications of your idea. maybe i could buy it.i live too far from you that's why can't do business regularly otherwise i would have loved to do this.

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San Pedro Belize Caribbean Island for Sale ~ Eagle Ray Caye near Ambergris Caye

caribbean vacation properties

caribbean vacation properties

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extended family real estate?

I am thinking of organizing my family to buy some property in the Caribbean to use as a family vacation house or to possibly rent out. What are the perils in family businesses like this and does anyone have any experience in buying property in other countries (sorry two questions). Any info is appreciated ;-)

As long as you KNOW that you ALL will get along great and be able to coordinate the times that each will be there for vacation.
Seems that EVERYONE will want the same holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day?) But if your family has no problems getting along and are very compromising folks then you will probably be ok.
Renting that far away and not having the daily "hands on" is risky because you have to know that you can trust those managing it for you to keep good renters in there and not people that will trash it. Or you just have to have the money to do regular cosmetic maintainence year round.

Good Luck!

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cheap caribbean property

cheap caribbean property

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cheap caribbean living

cheap caribbean living

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cheapest and friendliest place to live in the caribbean?

It would depend on where you come from to say which would be cheaper but if you are from the USA you can try USVI or Cayman Islands, even Puerto Rico. If you are from England you can try BVI!

Hope this helps!

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Island Living Real Estate Sosua Dominican Apartments & Condos

caribbean islands sale

caribbean islands sale

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I am growing sick of life where I live and I'm considering moving to an island...any advice?

I understand this is a HUGE commitment and a lot of research has to be done. It's not as easy as they make it look in the movies. I'm in Boston, MA and I was thinking a Caribbean Island or Hawaii but I honestly have NO IDEA where to start. Also, money isn't something I have stacked (thanks recession) so I'll have to save a lot. I work in sales/finance now, but wouldn't mind just working at a resort or on a charter boat or whatever. Anyways, any advice good or bad is welcome. Thanks!
I messed up listing it sorry. I wouldn't rule Australia out either though haha.

Gosh I hear you..can I join you? Kidding..but I have heard New Zealand is great and friendly. Maybe you can look into that...good luck

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Sea Bridge Villa For Sale and under Construction St. Croix US Virgin Islands

caribbean island properties barbados

caribbean island properties barbados

When anyone is in need of a hotel, one of the first things noted on any website is the hotel name and the star rating. Star ratings can be confusing for some people as different countries often employ different criteria for the rating of hotels and resorts. A prime example of this is between North American properties and Caribbean resorts. Many people often think a 3 star hotel in Nassau is the same quality as a 3 star hotel in Toronto, however this is often not the case.

In order to fully understand the star rating system for any downtown hotel in North America, the following gives a brief explanation of the description of each, using downtown Toronto hotels as examples.

1 - 1 1/2 Star Level

These hotels/motels are often the most basic with no added amenities or services. Rooms are very basic and plain and do not offer guests much more than a place to sleep. In the case of Toronto there are no real properties of this level simply because persons coming to a large metropolitan area expect certain level of service and so there is no market for this level of hotel.

2 - 2 1/2 Star Level

These hotels offer guests basic rooms with limited services. Often these hotels will offer guests some amenities and services such as limited in room amenities, 24 hours front desk, and some many have an on-site restaurant or coffee shop. Rooms are clean, and housekeeping service is provided daily. An example of a property of this star rating in downtown Toronto would be the Econolodge or the Days Inn

3 - 3 1/2 Star Level

These hotels are offer guests rooms which are above the basic level and have more in terms of guest services and facilities. These hotels will have a restaurant on site, and will offer guests a wider array of services such as valet services, business services, conference facilities, gym, pool, and many other items. An example of a property of this star level in downtown Toronto would be the Best Western Primrose Hotel or Courtyard by Marriott

4 - 4 1/2 Star Level

These hotels offer guests superior rooms which often have enhanced in room amenities and a offer guests a far greater level of services and amenities. Additional services may include, personalized concierge services, a variety of fine dining restaurants, day spas, whirlpools, a variety of suites, and limousine services. Examples of this star level in downtown Toronto would be the Four Seasons or the Hyatt.

5 Star

These hotels are rare in any city, as the standard of services and facilities required to be ranked a 5 star hotel is almost unattainable. These hotels will arrange for their guests absolutely anything they wish. Personal butlers are assigned to ensure that the guest will want for nothing. Recently, downtown Toronto opened the first and only 5 star property in the city, the Hazelton Hotel, located in the trendy Yorkville district. 5 star properties are all about the best in service and luxury.

Book Smart!

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caribbean travel visa

caribbean travel visa

A Cruise of Disney. It's a once-in-a-lifetime traveling experience! It can give you unforgettable memories that you would cherish for many years afterward. However, if you're not well-prepared, it can also turn into a disastrous holiday. This is a vacation at the ocean, a long way from home. Even if cast members try to provide everything that you need, it's never really EVERYTHING that you need! Don't get trapped in a nightmare. Prepare ahead of time so that you can really enjoy your cruise.

Some important points to remember:

- If you have any ongoing medical condition, ask your doctor to write down your medical history. Don't forget to bring your medicines and your doctor's note along with you. The cruise provides general medicines, but it may not be suitable for you or your children. Also, consult your doctor as to how to treat any potential seasickness.

- Leave your detailed contact information and itinerary schedule with your family members at home or your friends. 

- Be prepared to arrive at the embarkation area at least two hours prior to sailing. This is to make sure that you have ample time to check in and to go through all of the security procedures. Especially if you travel by plane to the embarkation area, make sure that you leave enough time between your arrival time and the cruise boarding time.

What do you need to pack?

Comfortable clothes. Jeans, shorts, sports wears, T-shirts. You will need all of these comfortable clothes while enjoying your getaway on board.

A tuxedo (for men) and gown/dresses (for women). This optional cloth will be needed if you want to have a date or a romantic dinner at Palo restaurant (adult-only restaurant).

Swimsuit. There are 3 pools within Disney Cruise, so you'll regret it if you don't bring any swimwear.  

Sandals. This is a must-bring item.

Shoes for exclusive events, such as dining in Palo.

Sweater and Jacket. Most cruises have powerful air conditioning, and you probably need them.

Sun glasses and sunscreen. What else can I say? It's a nightmare if you don't bring this.

Camera, extra memory card, charger, etc.

Small back pack for visa, passport, medications, cruise documents, cash, credit/debit cards, business documents, health insurance information, laptops, license, cell phones, binoculars, CD, and Mp3 Players.

Finally, some tips for choosing your luggage: 

It is highly recommended that you bring a hard-sided luggage instead of garment bags with hanger hooks protruding from the top since the latter one may snag and become damaged. A hard-sided luggage is sturdier when they are accidentally dashed down. Be aware that finding your luggage can be a hard task if you own one of the more popular brands or models. Differentiate your luggage from other guests by attaching an obvious and unique mark, such as a colorful ribbon. Put a card name outside and inside luggage in case it becomes lost.

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Do you need a passport to take Caribbean cruise? (for a non-US citizen)?

My bf and I want to go on a Caribbean cruise. I'm American, but he's from another country. He lives and studies here on a VISA. my question is, can he come with on the cruise? Does he just need to bring his VISA papers or what? I'm concerned that he could possibly have troubles getting back into the country. I think he'd be fine, but I've never gone on a cruise before so I'm not sure how that works. Could he travel out of the country and back to USA easily? We also were thinking of going on a European vacation... would that be a problem? Anyone with experience please help. 10 points best answer!

I don't think it should be a problem. Just bring with his visa papers and whatever passport he has. Check with the cruise line if you're concerned, and they can help you out more.

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Moko Jumbies book

cheap caribbean jobs

cheap caribbean jobs

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I am moving to the Caribbeans for a year at max. How can I find a job and where should I live for cheap?

I have two plane tickets to the caribbeans and plan on moving for a year at most. I am hoping that someone can give me suggestions on where to live for cheap and any information on jobs that are available.I plan on leaving in mid may or early june of this year. Please help

Come to Barbados but you can not work unless you have a work permit in any of the islands.

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James Burke : The Day The Universe Changed: "Credit Where It's Due", 1 of 5 (CC)

caribbean island visa

caribbean island visa

A common so-called irony in life, is when a person finally gets around to taking a much needed vacation, and falls ill as soon as they are away from work.

The reason for this situation being common is easily explained. Most people, as they are preparing for a vacation, are in a hectic state; trying to tie up loose ends at work, getting packed, finding a house and or pet sitter, finding visas or passports, organizing and cleaning the house, getting the yard prepared, creating "to do" lists for people, the list goes on. When you finally set off on your vacation, your body needs a break. Your immune system has been suffering from lack of sleep and excess stress. It's an ideal time for a virus to attack and get a solid foothold.

There's another reason illness attacks during vacation. Often people choose a trip that is not relaxing for them.

Two years ago my wife and I went on a vacation with friends. We went cross-country skiing at a resort. The cabin we stayed in was beautiful, we were surrounded with close friends, and the weather was nice - Seemed like a recipe for a wonderful vacation. Unfortunately, our friends were far better skiers than us, and ran us so ragged we were painfully stiff for days. Also, we let loose in the evenings, and trying to keep up with our friends' drinking proved to be a big mistake. My wife and I returned from our vacation exhausted and ill.

The way to avoid a poor vacation is to plan ahead.

- Think about what the purpose of the vacation is. If your aim is to reduce tension after a busy time at work, make sure the destination will give you the peace and calm you need.

- Take a vacation before your vacation. Take three or four days off work before your vacation begins, so that you can get organized, and begin to slow down your pace gradually.

- Get prepared, well before your vacation. If you will need any documentation (visa/passport), prescriptions, reservations, tickets, etc... get them all in advance. Nothing is more comforting than a sense of preparedness.

- Lastly, do not feel like you have to do anything on your vacation. Often there is pressure to go site-seeing, or participate in social events. If you feel like staying in the room and reading a book, that's probably what you should do.

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One of my friend is an Israeli Citizen who's a US Permanent Resident Card Holder and another an Indian Citizen who's a US Permanent Resident Card Holder as well. I'm a US CITIZEN, we are planning to take a trip in the caribbeans,do my friends need Visa's to travel to the caribbean Islands or their country's passport along with the US Permanent Resident card sufficient?? ONLY ANSWER IF U KNOW, NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE!!! THANK YOU.

The best answer is to consult the airline you plan on traveling. They have information about what you both will need. I would guess, if it just for a vacation, no. Then again, if you are going to the bahamas, then you don't need anything, as they are american territories.

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