caribbean holidays online

caribbean holidays online

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Girls, would u wear such a skimpy bikini? Do u think my girlfriend would wear it if i were to buy it as a gift?

I would like my girlfriend to wear a skimpy g-string bikini like this when we go on holiday to the sunny Caribbean after Xmas.

Where do u think i can get something like this online?, as i don't think the swimwear shops in my town sells them.

Girls, would u wear something like this? (if your boyfriend bought for u). What do u think of this bikini?

probably but def not infront of my parents lol

answer mine plz::;_ylt=Aucfahh9XCYqqO.zl1Z.3Xrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081130052055AASQtTi

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caribbean holidays dominican republic

caribbean holidays dominican republic

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Which holiday destination is safer and more child friendly?

Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi)
Caribbean (Dominican Republic)
I still do want to emigrate to Australia BUT at the mo Hubby is doing an IT course of which is going to take a year. So at the mo we have not put in our visa applications.
John W

My children are regular fliers. We have flown to Australia via Thialand! They actually enjoyed the flights. nowadays with all the in flight entertainment etc they were not at all bored. And surely it's a good thing for children to experience travel and unique experiences?!!!
MY kids have visited malta, France, Lapland- twice, Australia extensively and Fiji. They are always asking where are we going for our next trip.
No offense meant but it's our choice as a family to travel.
Not being funny John but having re-read your comments you sound like a boring old fart!

Your suggestions are, to be honest , RIDICULOUS.

I am well and truly "psised" off after a flight of that length. - So how are your kids going to feel.

Never mind what YOU would like to tell your friends and colleagues about the exotic places you have been holidaying - go to places not much more than a couple of hours flying for the comfort of the kids.

Greece and/or the Canaries would be far enough for me.

Unless it is a special - (we flew to Brazill so that Grandma could see her grandkids a few years ago = about 11 hours flight - but our kids and grandkids do as they are told - and were quiet !!) - for your own comfort and and that of other passengers comfort, keep the flight short..

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exotic caribbean honeymoons

exotic caribbean honeymoons

By far one of the most memorable days of our lives is the Wedding day and it is not surprising that we seek for ways to make this day as unique and romantic as possible. That is why a Caribbean cruise wedding will meet your expectations and provide you and those that attend this wedding with the most wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime.

A Dream Wedding

What can be more romantic than getting married on a cruise ship while at sea or even at a port? Even before the ship leaves the port, usually most couples choose to marry on the first day on the cruise so they can have the family members attend and then, leave on the cruise for their honeymoon. If you want the captain of the ship to officiate your wedding, he has the power otherwise bring along your own minister.

Planning Of A Caribbean Cruise Wedding

If you want to hold it before the cruise starts, it is critical that you plan the Caribbean cruise wedding as you cannot bring on board anyone without prior permission from the captain and that cannot be obtained the same day in order to ensure the safety of all those onboard and be in concordance with the rules and regulations enforced by the US coast guard.

If they are advised in time for example, your wedding reception, drinks, food and even the wedding cake, everything can and will be catered for by the ship staff. You need to let them know the day you want your Caribbean cruise wedding to take place, how many people will be present at and when you want to it take place. If you obtain the approval of the cruise line, you are permitted to bring your own drinks and food.

Get Help To Get Organized your Caribbean Cruise Wedding

The ships personnel are familiar with procedures and can assist you in every aspect to have the Caribbean cruise wedding you want. If you are in doubt of something ask the ships staff for help and guidance and they will be only be happy to oblige.

Have the wedding of your dream in the exclusive surroundings of the most romantic place in the world and follow it by an equally romantic honeymoon to the beautiful beaches and ports of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise: Experience the Many Popular Idyllic Romantic Getaways

One can safely say that the Caribbean honeymoon cruise is a most romantic experience that allows couples to appreciate elegant sands, dip into warm waters as well as have gentle winds scream out inviting one to take a moonlight stroll as well as enjoy cool filled picnics. People generally flock to the Caribbean in search of exotic as well as wonderful islands that provide every amenity, and provide that unforgettable experience that one has always hoped for, where honeymoon couples are especially pampered and feasted. One can find the ideal romantic getaways in the isolation of stylish resorts that will satisfy every newly wed couple. There are also discount Caribbean honeymoon cruises that take the newly wed to every island as well as honeymoon spots that one may not find anywhere else in the world.

Caribbean honeymoon cruises are very popular as newly weds are given enough opportunity to retreat from the routine of life and find company in each other, without any distractions. The Caribbean honeymoon cruise will take newly weds to islands that provide a wide variety of outdoor activities like scuba diving and jumping out of a plane.

Exotic and magnificent Islands Beckon One

One can imagine how much lovers would appreciate a week or two together in these idyllic locations with the intimate settings, quiet spots as well as beaches and clubs to provide all the necessary ingredients to grow the romance. Most honeymooners settle towards Jamaica and the Dominican Republic because costs are lower and there is abundance on which they can splurge on. The Caribbean provides some of the best honeymoon resorts that are even superior to those found on some of the smaller European islands since getting married is a once in a lifetime occasion.

The Caribbean honeymoon cruises take honeymooners to Martinique, St. Lucia as well as Turks and Caicos Islands which are popular destinations that have romantic overload possibilities, and their reputation is well known throughout the world. The means to such wonderful honeymoons is, of course, being able to discover resorts that provide specifically for honeymooners, or going to out-of-the-way places which let honeymooners to do exactly as they please.

One can just click on a travel website and see the whole range of options available, and there are also sure to be some bargain basement prices as well since Caribbean honeymoon cruises specials are available everywhere. One can easily find resorts that are surrounded by nature in all of its luxury and places such as the Paradise Bay Resort offer clear blue water and are hidden amid thousands of acres of beautiful nature. It is places such as these that make the Caribbean honeymoon cruise worthwhile.

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Help pick the perfect honeymoon destination for a gay couple?

We're just looking for a few things:
1) warm/hot
2) not the Caribbean/Hawaii- want somewhere more exotic
3) where we can hug/kiss without too much negative attention (most important)

Thank! xoxo


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caribbean holidays uk

caribbean holidays uk

1. The Economy.

European holidaymakers have begun to realise that their yearly trip to the Caribbean for some winter sun is just not financially astute. If holidaymakers can still afford to go abroad they are looking closer to home.

Holidays in the UK have seen a massive increase alongside the Canary Islands, where they are possibly not as exotic as the Caribbean, many families are left with little choice.

2. Flight Costs.

An increase in the costs of fuel almost always leads to flight operators increasing their prices, many people have seen low budget airlines decrease baggage weight limits and charge for the most preposterous things. All in a vain attempt to recover lost costs.

As a result long haul flights are nowhere near as popular, with some providers actually closing down redundant flights instead of adding more.

3. Crime.

Now I'm not saying that the Caribbean is some crime hot-spot but there have been some high profile crimes committed recently which is always going to reflect badly on the area as a whole, with many U.S  developers using Mexican workers instead of Caribbean citizens for building work the gap between the rich and the poor has dramatically increased. This has resulted in a them and us scenario which breeds discontent in some areas.

The Result.

If you are based in Europe and wish for some winter sun you have probably already looked at Cape Verde.

Viewed by many as a European Caribbean, a creole culture, fantastic white sandy beaches and year round sun makes this collection of island s a must for the quintessential holidaymaker.

If you are after more than Irish Pubs and Mediocre beaches Cape Verde is worth a visit.

Investment Opportunities.

For investors looking for a base abroad along with a great yield and fantastic capital growth, Dunas Beach Resort offers all of this and much much more.

With property prices growing 15% per annum investors face the possibility of mortgaging their off-plan purchase in 2 years time and actually recouping your deposit leaving you with a property that not only pays for itself through rental but has actually cost you nothing!

For details of how this is possible please click on the link above or call 0800 043 69 56 for more details.

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currency exchange in the UK?

I need to get some pounds exchanged into dollars for a holiday to the caribbean next week, where is the best place to go to do this in the UK? or shall i wait until over in the Dominican Republic for a better exchange rate?

just bring a load of 10p and 5p coins, i do that all the time, i get away with just staying with random hotels there because i just charm them. make them laugh and give them one of your 5 p. its easy

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cheap caribbean breaks

cheap caribbean breaks

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Cheap Spring Break ideas?

Hey so I have spring break starting it a week and a half, and I'm trying to find a cheap place for me and my friends to go to get out of the crappy Pacific Northwest. What are some cheap locations that you'd recommend? Also, this isn't required, but we'd like to go somewhere with a more lenient drinking age, maybe somewhere in Mexico or Caribbean or whatever. I really don't know, but any tips would be awesome thanks

South Padre, Texas is the place i would recommend when it comes to price, its in the US, Rowdy college kids are there during spring break. MTV sets up there at times. PLUS the good thing is that its really close to Mexico, i think you can take a bus there pay 3$ to get inside mexico, drinking age i think is 18 or 16 i forgot. So awesome place to go

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caribbean holidays for families

caribbean holidays for families

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Barbados or St Lucia for a family holiday?

We are planning to go on a holiday this summer to hopefully somewhere in the caribbean. We think we want to go to either Barbados or St Lucia. We have been to Barbados before, but that was about 10 years ago, so i cant really remember anything about it. We have two 15 year olds, a 9 year old and mum and dad, so we need something for everyone so i was just wondering wether Barbados or St Lucia would be better to go to, and could you also name a few good places there as well.

If you went to Barbados already go to St.Lucia and experience the French Caribbean. St Lucia would be a lovely change and it is not as congested as Barbados.

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caribbean holidays for kids

caribbean holidays for kids

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Looking for a fun cruise to Bahamas?

We are a 32/32 couple looking to go on a fun 4-5 day cruise from Florida to any Bahamas/Caribbean cruise. I know there are a lot of options, and that is a reason for my confusion. We have a small baby. Another couple 38/32 will be joining us with kids 8 and 4.

We are looking for good cruise which has something for everyone. What would be a good cruise for us. Criteria we are looking for

1. Price is not an objective
2. Fun water activities for kids/adults
3. Good casino.
4. Great food.
5. Not too much day time on the sea...

Thanks a lot and happy holidays.

Royal carribian rocks! and trust me you want time on the sea :)

Seriously try royal carribian. And if you ever have someone age 12-17, they have an awesome teen program. Therefore they prob have a good kids program too. It's a really great cruise line, and has everything your looking for...

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late caribbean holiday deals

late caribbean holiday deals

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caribbean vacation with teenagers

caribbean vacation with teenagers

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Carnival or Royal Caribbean For Families With Teenagers?

My family is planning to go on a cruise this December (Christmas) and we don't know which cruise line is the best for us. We like all different age ranges and crowds but not where it's ALL young people just partying and drinking (since they're all on vacation break). We would like something in between but we are not sure if we should pick Carnival or Royal Caribbean. Please help if you have any knowledge or experience.

Carnival as many more activities for teens than Royal Caribbean..

We went on Carnival cruise to Mexican a few years ago.. very nice,, and the port Cozumel
had a beautiful (very tall) tree with Mexican decorations..IT was awesome!

Now Cruises over Dec and Jan cost appx 30% more than any other time of year.. While the ship will be decorated for the Holdays.. It isn't any different than cruises the rest of the year.. Have a GREAT Vacation..

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caribbean vacation packages for families

caribbean vacation packages for families

When thinking about the perfect vacation, what comes to mind? Do you want to explore beautiful beaches and gorgeous waterfalls, or perhaps try river rafting or horseback riding? If this is the kind of vacation you have been hoping for, then a Caribbean vacation is the right one for you. With all of its the luscious landscapes and enjoyable activities, the Caribbean attracts tourists from countries around the world. And it is easy to see what attracts such a diverse group of people to the Caribbean. The different islands, such as Jamaica, are tropical paradises that are sure to delight everyone! And there are many different ways to enjoy the country of Jamaica. Whether you wish to watch the sunset over the ocean while sipping a drink, or go hiking in the mountains, the country is full of wonderful opportunities that will fulfill all of the dreams you have had of the perfect vacation.

If you want to visit the west coast of the island, there are many beautiful spots in Negril Jamaica. You can head over to Rick's Café to watch divers as they plunge from high cliffs into the water below, all while enjoying terrific food and drinks at the bar. For a little more action, you can search out the local horseback riding locations. Horseback riding is available and very popular around the entire island. Perhaps instead of horseback riding you would rather ride your bike. There are plenty of bike paths around this part of the island; biking tours are available throughout the island. Some of these tours go through the villages around the local town and can lead to the many beaches for a quick swim. If you are looking to relax, then arrange a tour of the shopping centers!

Now, you are probably thinking that vacations tend to cost a lot of money. And in this current economy, it is not always easy to find that excess cash needed to plan that vacation you deserve. But vacations are supposed to be a fun occasion! So instead of worrying about not being able to afford that trip, look into the many different discount vacation packages that are offered for your upcoming getaway! There are many different deals at various locations that are readily available, which will make it much easier and cheaper when you are planning a vacation. These great packages will help relieve your stress without breaking the bank.

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I postponed my destination wedding, what do I do about the trip?

My Fiance and I were planning a destination wedding in the caribbean. It was going to be amazing! However, my family pushed for a wedding here and I caved. We are postponing the wedding by a little under a year (for planning reasons).
The thing is, while all the wedding costs have been returned to us, we cannot cancel our flight and hotel package without losing the total cost of the vacation.
I would really like to just take the vacation and count it as an engagement trip or something like that. However it is a tough decision for me. My fiance and I are waiting until marriage for sex. I think the trip would reflect poorly on this, and might tempt us into doing something we would regret later.
I want (and will value most ) opinions of Christian believers.
I can't sell the trip, the tickets are in our names. we either go or don't, but the money is lost either way.

I think you can control yourselves. As a little extra protection, maybe, try booking a second room for your fiance. That way you can enjoy the vacation, and only have to pay a little extra on a second room to prevent midnight temptations.

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